"Let's go."

These words are directed at Xue Qi. They say that the strength of the next three worlds is good, but they can face those who are supreme, but they are too small.

Only outsiders are there, Xue Qi, stone and Xue Lan can only be waiting at the side.

Now that everyone is gone, the stone first came up and punched Ye Zichen's shoulder.

"You kid, where have you been for so many years?"

It is like a rough man like a stone, and at this time there is some redness in his eyes. Yo Zichen still remembers that when he first arrived in their village, the stone looked like a big brother to take care of him.

In a blink of an eye, I have become a supreme, and the stone is still only a fairy. The gap between the two is like a divide, but the feelings will not be alienated because of the fineness of this detail.

"I am a god."

I don't know how to explain it. Ye Zichen can only answer with God.

The stone smells a glimpse, and even the ecstasy.

"Okay, being a god is a good thing!" Your kid really has a conscience, and God knows to come back and see a few of our oldest brothers. I havenโ€™t said it today, I must not be drunk! โ€

"no problem."Ye Zichen is also laughing at Lang. "But before that, these gatekeepers should have a good meal."

Xianyu Hongfeng Chengcheng leisurely residence door inside the door to grab the door, the door is inside the heart. But when Xue Qi returned to the martial art, the sects returned to calm.

Half a month.

The people inside the sect are silently mourning for those who have died. This is the rule of leisure and residence.

But after half a month, it was the carnival that welcomed Ye Zichen's return.

The news of Ye Zichen's return is not only known to those who live in leisure. Under the deliberate intention, Heavenly Court, the land, the fairyland and the endless animal domain, anyone who has an intersection with Ye Zichen can come.

"Brother, itโ€™s been a long time since I saw it."

At the banquet, Ye Zichen didn't have a break at this banquet. Just sent away from the side of the animal domain, the local government head with a wine glass, followed by the horse face and walked over to Ye Zichen toast.

They belong to the old acquaintance, and they can see Ye Zichen very happy.

"Long time no see, Xie Bi'an did not come over."

"The eight ghosts of the local government have folded four. My horse and I have arrived. If they thank them, they will come over. What should the local government do?"The bulls are joking.

"Is to say."Ye Zichen nodded.

"You look at the small gas of the land, the coach of Heavenly Court should not come. Ye Di, I am telling you that Lao Xie does not give you face. โ€Just then God of Thunder came over with a wine glass, and the bulls heard a smile. "You said so, I don't help Lao Xie." Ye Di, in fact, I also think that Lao Xie does not give you face. โ€

"Who said that I don't give Ye Di face? Stand out! โ€

Unexpectedly, Xie Bi'an actually laughed and walked over here, and followed him with a trainee who had a short story with Ye Zichen.

"How come you ran?"The bull's head raised an eyebrow.

"The Northern Emperor and the Great Emperor let me come."Xie Bi'an smiled and grabbed a glass of wine in his right hand. "Hey, this is not like the scent of this place."

"Ye Di brought back from the realm of God."Niutou laughed. "Fortunately, if you come, if you don't come to death, you will die."

"Ha ha ha, come cleverly come!"

After a bit of a pot of wine was dried, then Xie Bi'an smirked and smiled.

"Good wine."

"Ye Di, I am also a man of my immortal domain. Itโ€™s a bit too much for me to contact my fairyland for a hundred years. I have to take care of it."

He took a beard and laughed. The old man who dedicated his life to Xianyu is ready to stay here for a lifetime. With his strength, he can actually fly to the Protoss, but he prefers it here.

In his words, people are old, and there is no such heart.

He would rather watch the grown-ups of his descendants here, waiting until the big limit comes to the ground. I donโ€™t want to go to the gods, I really canโ€™t move.

"Good, my fault, I made three pills."

The atmosphere above the banquet is so happy that so many great energy can be said to be a grand event.

Many of the famous kings who wanted to enter the world wanted to enter this circle, but those who saw them, even if they were Xian Wang, some did not dare to rush forward.

It is really that the people who come and their status are too high.

After three rounds of wine, everyone drunk, and these old friends also found a place to gossip.

The most talked about is the horse's face. Don't look at him. He usually only says that "the big man said that he is right", and he always followed the head of the bull, but after drinking the wine, it became a voice.

From the devil of the land, he has been spit out to the tenth house of the king of the king. If it is not the head of the bull, he will be stunned. He may even sneak a wave of the gods.

"If you are drunk, you should listen to it."

Let the horse face lie next to it, the bull's head followed the fairy house and screamed.

"It's okay, people like us are really bitter, and it's good to be drunk and get out."God of Thunder chuckled.

"How long is this Ye Tiji ready to stay?"Asked the God of Wealth.

"I should go back soon."

Ye Zichen is not a one-of-a-kind person, there is still a force behind him. A few times, I was provoked to the Lei Di Xiao family, and those who returned to the mountain of God, in fact, are not credible. Now the chaos is still in its infancy, and if he doesn't stare at his heart, there is no bottom.

Moreover, he is now supreme, and the rules here are not likely to allow him to stay here for too long.

"God world."

I don't know who sighed, and everyone around me fell into a yearning look. They are different from the monks. They haven't reached the point where they have to go to bed at the end of their lives. They still want to take a step forward and see what the realm of God is.

"Ye, what is the realm of the gods?"

"What about the gods?"

Depicting the myths in my mind, the eyes of the surrounding immortals are beginning to change.

"Nine Mounts of God?"

โ€œThe gods and demons are friendly relations?โ€

"God Emperor, Emperor, Emperor?"

In short, everything is so novel to them, which also increases their desire for the realm of the gods.

"I really don't know when I can fly!"God of Thunder is also low on the side.

Nowadays, among the people who are more familiar with Ye Zichen in Heavenly Court, God of Thunder and God of Wealth are not in the mood.

A few years ago, Nezihaโ€™s three princes successfully sneaked up, and his father followed him to the Ascendant Protoss. The old man, Old Lord Taishang, did not know what was hit, but he also rose a few months ago. God of Thunder, God of Wealth.

Ye Zichen patted him on the shoulder, and it was not anxious.

Inexplicably, Ye Zichen suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but ask God of Wealth and God of Thunder.

"You Heavenly Court, the communicator, is the one who can have a lot of people in a group. Has he soared?"

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