Although the Protoss has a communication jade in communication, it seems that Ye Zichen is too backward.

After he ascended, he spoke more than once to the Protoss.

It happened that he is now returning to the next three realms, and he simply brings the advanced technology here to the Protoss.

"not yet."God of Thunder thought about it and replied, "Why did Ye Di ask this?"

"I want to bring them to the world of gods."

Then, Ye Zichen told his thoughts to Lei Di, and finally explained.

"This way, even if someone is flying up, we can communicate through group chats, and we won't be disconnected after flying."

"Then I will go back. Now our information network has been perfected. After I went back, I discussed with the Emperor and wanted to come to the emperor to answer."Lei Di said in a moment of hesitation.

"Then we will go back and talk to the emperor."At the same time, Niu Tau began. "When the information network was established, the land and Heavenly Court were built at the same time. Ye Di brought the two people together at the same time, and the chances of success were higher."

In the twinkling of an eye, it is the evening after three days.

Outside the Red Maple City, people familiar with Ye Zichen will be there.

The people around him were showing their disappointment, and when some people were looking at them, they looked at the dozens of people around Ye Zichen.

These people are program informants from the government and Heavenly Court and Ye Zichen back to the Protoss. These people are also top-notch in their own fields, and stand out among countless competitors.

Knowing that they can go to the Protoss, they are also excited to sleep without sleep.

"Is this going to go?"

Xue Qi sighed out of the crowd, and the relationship between them and Ye Zichen could be said to be really suffering. It is not the one that Ye Zichen knew in the world. He and the stone should go with Ye Zichen. The recent ones.

"I have to go, I can't always stay here."

In fact, what Ye Zichen said is a bit deep.

He can't stay here all the time. On the bright side, he says that the ruler will limit his existence and let him return to the Protoss. Secondly, he is also telling himself that the world is his last destination.

With his current identity, status, and wealth, he can live a lifetime.

But why is he still moving forward now, for…Isn't it just going back to the bustling metropolis?

"Hey, the ruler, I know you are definitely watching, hurry up and send me."

Shouting at the sky, not long after the sight of everyone in the eyes of a cow riding a blue cow.

The blue cow came to the crowd in a few steps. The cow looked at Ye Zichen and the surrounding informants for a few laps, but never said anything, the fingers flicked forward, and a squad from Ye Zichen their soles. appear.

The reluctance of the people around them is more prosperous, but they also know that they should not stay at this time.

"Oh, don't do this, you can't see you again."

Glanced at the immortals, Ye Zichen inexplicably pulled the phone out and shook it in front of their eyes.

"See you in the group."

Can the information network layout of the Upper Three Realms be successful?

No one can give an accurate answer in the end.

But when Ye Zichen had the initial idea of ​​this idea, it would represent a new milestone in the upper three worlds. Just like his chaos, the ash of the three realms of the demon and the devil is turned upside down.

The old trees are towering, and the rocks are strange.

As long as I can see the long, old trees of unknown age, Ye Zichen knows that they have returned to the Protoss.

Judging by the degree of violent aura here, it should not be near the city.

Under the mountain of God, the power outside the city is difficult to absorb refining, and only through the transformation of the city pool can absorb. Therefore, the city under the mountain of God, no matter which one will have a large number of people living in it, also need to pay enough money to enter the city.

In fact, this has also created a situation of serious polarization.

The strength of the village outside the Shenshan Mountain will make the people in the city pool fall farther and farther, but it is better for the practitioners to have a long time. If any village can produce a genius, it is also a person who can get a good way.

"It’s strange, this time I didn’t go through the time gallery.”

The experience of going through the time corridor was still vivid, and his demon body was robbed from the little wizard. But this time they came back but did not see the existence of the time corridor, which appeared directly under the mountain of God.

β€œIs it true that the time gallery is really random?”

Ye Zichen, who stopped in front of the ancient road, locked his eyebrows. If this is the case, he will grab a supreme body, which is not too bad.

The informants who came up with Ye Zichen were also curiously staring around, and many people took out tools to analyze the years around the stones and old trees.

"Okay, don't study it here. You have to study more time in the future."

By stopping these "scientists", Ye Zichen spreads out the knowledge and determines the location of the Flame City to directly roll up these people and disappear from the ancient road.

Flame City.

The establishment of the rudder of the chaos helped the city of the Protoss, which is famous for hundreds of thousands of years, to ushered in the second spring. Now no one dares to treat it as a city of ordinary ordinary goods.

It has the existence of chaos, and it has become the capital of hundreds of cities under the northern mountain.

The traffic inside and outside the city is endless, and the crowds are moving. As the settlers came here, the Flame City even began to expand the city. When Ye Zichen came back, they saw many craftsmen cutting the second wall outside the city.

In the center of the city, the general rudder also completely banned the position that should belong to the city government.

Although the chaos has just been established, it has not been long before, but the development of it has made many families on the mountain feel fear. Of course, the people on the mountain of the gods and the gods of the gods do not care. They are afraid that after thousands of years, the people who help the chaos break through the supreme…

Then what about the layout on Mount Kinabalu!

The momentum is like a rainbow, and the main rudder is at the main entrance. There are two scorpio in front of the door, and there are two dragon columns on both sides of the gate.

The dragon has not finished the eye, but the shackles are particularly attractive.

In front of the main entrance, he stood with four men who were burly strength in the early days of Xianwang. They were followed by a red lion.

When Ye Zichen was ready to go in, one of the men stopped him and said the formulated dialogue in a meticulous tone, and the red lion around him snorted at him.

"Stand up, here is the gang of help. If it is the gang, please show the waist card of the elite members of the inner door, or the waist card of the rudder master. If you are coming to see me, please show me a favor and I will go in and ask. ”

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