The dozen or so informants behind Ye Zichen were not surprised when they felt the breath of this man.

The gatekeepers are all kings. This kind of power is afraid that the Heavenly Court will be destroyed.

Just looking at his look, it seems that he does not know Ye Di.

Before coming, did Ye Di tell them that the chaos was the power of his establishment?

Ye Zichen, who stepped back to the steps, couldn't help but smile, and let his men stop. This is a bit embarrassing.

"you guys……Don't know me? ”

Exploratory look at the few men, the man who watched the door was also shocked, can not help but ask carefully.

"you are?"

Hearing this man's answer, Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh and sigh. It seems that he was too low-key in the day, so that the members of the gang did not know him.

This atmosphere is a bit embarrassing, but what Ye Zichen can do, he can't blame them, they are doing things according to the rules.

"Forget it, you are busy with you."

Touching the nose and walking to the side of the tree, Ye Zichen passed Weijie to the tree trunk and it was not long before he walked out of the rudder to find a woman of all kinds.

"Yue elders."

The fairy kings who watched the door all nodded to it, and the woman stood in front of the door and looked around.


Seeing the visit, Ye Zichen walked out from the shade and raised his hand toward him.

The one who came here was one of the six great immortals who were established at the time.

Seeing Ye Zichen, her eyes were full of joy, and a few trots came to her front.

"Adult, you are back."

"Well, why aren't Wei outstanding, what's the matter, when there is a shelf for the helper?"Said Ye Zichen.

"You adults misunderstood, Wei Jie adults no longer in the flames of the city. After receiving your message, he hurriedly informed the genus to pick you up. Wei Daren was loyal to you for the gang, and asked the adults to understand. ”

In fact, Ye Zichen just said that it was just a joke. I didn't expect Yue Shulan to explain this on the line. In particular, her expression also revealed some anxiety.

has a problem!

Ye Zichen opened her mouth and smiled at her.

"Okay, Wei Jie's loyalty is clear to me, don't say it here, go in and talk."

"You please."

Yue Shulan stepped out of the back halfway, followed by Ye Zichen and walked into the chaos.

"Have you heard what you said to the elders of Yue?"Someone in the fairy king who was watching the door opened.

"She said that Wei Bangzhu was loyal to the grown-up person. Doesn't that mean that the adult just now is actually the one behind us?"

"That is that…Killing his disciples in the face of the angels, let the heavenly masters succumb to the feathers…"

"What the hell am I doing?"The man who had stopped Ye Zichen was also anxious about holding his head.

Yang Xin Dian.

Since Ye Zichen didn't want too many people to know his existence, Yue Zhilan brought it directly here.

In the midst of leisure, Wei Jie used to sit alone and watch the night scene.

Only people above the elders can enter here, quite secluded.

"Wei Jie enjoys it!"

In the past few years, Ye Zichen has let Chen Jiannan do not bully. I saw Ye Zichen, a temple of Yang Xin, who expressed some embarrassment.

"Adult, Wei Jie, he…"

Yue Zhilan had to help him to defend, Ye Zichen could not help but smile and smile.

"Oh, a little weird! As long as I say that Wei Jie is not, you are not eager to do it? You have a situation! ”

Inexplicable, Yue Shulan's face can not help but a red road.

"I was married to Wei Jie last year."


No wonder Wei Jia is so anxious, I can't think of them getting married.

Ye Zichen stared at the red-faced Yue Lan, and took a water-based spirit from the town demon tower after hesitating for a long while.

This bead grade is not high, but the fairy, but its effect is to be able to add water at any time, so that the skin is always hydrated and smooth. This is also the time that Ye Zichen got from the famous women's heavens when they robbed those heavenly supremes.

It is useless to keep him. He happened to borrow flowers to offer Buddha.

"I didn't participate in the price of the big wedding, this bead will be your gift."

"Adult, this…"

"Hold it."

The beads were stuffed into the hands of Yue Shulan. Although she had a resignation, her deduction was weak after she felt the strangeness of the beads.

Woman, no, I don’t like to make myself more beautiful.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but grin at some of her little tricks, and she immediately sat in the temple.

"I have been in the past three years, and the development of the chaos is quite good. I see the fairy king outside. There is also a red lion, that thing looks quite expensive, right? ”

The red lion is a monster, but it is not a demon.

However, its combat power is good, the young red lion is the strength of the human level, and the adult red lion is more likely to reach the supreme level.

This monster is a demon who agrees to the people to sell and sell, but it is worth a lot.

"Yes."It is mentioned that the gang's momentum has changed a bit. "Today, our chaos is the first force under the mountain of God. The sect of the sect of the sect is broken by 300,000. The fairy and the immortal are countless. In fact, the red lions belong to the second-level beasts in our gangs, and the gangs are equipped with one hand. There are still 6,000 ghost horses in our gang, which are used by people above the rudder. ”

"Isn't that financial aspect tight?"Ye Zichen is awkward.

β€œThe big man, the financial gang has no need to post it, and the net profit per quarter is conservatively estimated at 4 billion cents.”

"Four billion?"

Ye Zichen was really a bit shocked. When it was just a mess, it was a bottomless pit.

Thousands of dollars were thrown in and spent a few days, and Ye Zichen racked his brains in order to stabilize the daily consumption of the mess.

In just three years, there have been such changes in the sky.

"If we have gangs with business geniuses, our subordinates think that there are more than four billion." Although it is a big customer relationship with the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, we only draw 3 percent of the gross profit, but this is not a small fortune. In terms of trade, we are really too disadvantaged. Wei Jie told me more than once that I want to set up a chamber of commerce, but I have no way to go. If we can have a chamber of commerce, we can sell the trade to the Yaozu or the Mozu, instead of selling it to the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, and let them earn. ”

Tongtian Chamber of Commerce.

That is the industry of his little wife's family. Selling them to them is actually not a loss. Anyway, they are all family members. But Ye Zichen also feels that since the gang has developed to this point, the Chamber of Commerce really needs to buy one.

As for the candidate…

He already has a great choice in his heart!

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