Under the mountain of God, the path of the village outside the city to earn the cents is not a single. Hunting beasts for sale and mining, but these are dangerous, the most stable and most intuitive is the cultivation of herbs.

Therefore, in general, large, medium and small villages will open up a place suitable for the growth of herbs outside the village to supply the growth of herbs, which is also the main source of funds for the entire village to survive.

In the medicinal garden inside and outside a village outside Qinglin City, there are two women carrying medicines.

The sun-drenched poison under the mountain of the Wushen is daunting, but the two women in the cloth coat are holding the sun, sweating and picking a strain of herbs, just because these herbs are best picked at noon, when they are sold. Can sell a few more cents.

"Zuo Mojie, let's take a break, my waist is sore."

The opening is the girl who looks like a mature adult. The eyes are full of the ingenuity of the ancient spirits. A pair of small hands are black and black, and the face is exhausted.

Another woman raised her head and passed the hat to confirm that this person is the master of the treasure tower, Zuo Mo, who holds absolute power and financial resources in the lower bound.

She heard her hand reaching out to her forehead and looking into the distance.

Then she looked at the little girl around her, and a gentle smile appeared on her face.

"That Xiaoting goes to rest, and the rest of me will be fine."

"How can this be done?"The little girl frowned, and immediately the thief smiled and grabbed the honed arm. "Zuo Mojie and the two of them are resting together. Itโ€™s still early, itโ€™s not too late to pick it up again!"

The little girl pouted and spoiled her mouth, but she couldn't stand her coquettish skill. Zuo Mo had no choice but to help.

"Good, listen to you."

Sitting in the nearby shade of the tree, the little girl put down the medicine pot and lie on the ground facing the sky. Zuo Mo also removed the medicine, and took off his hat and wiped his face with sweat.

It is hard to imagine that Zuo Mo, who had been in the lower bounds to call for the rain, would fall to such a degree after the Protoss.

Fortunately, Zuo Mo is not as spoiled as other ladies, and can adapt to this environment from scratch.

"Zuo Mojie, are there no other friends here?"

After lying for a while, the little girl sat up on the ground and looked at Zuo Mo Dao with her big eyes.

"There should be, but the time we fly up is different. The place under the mountain is so big, I don't know where they are."

While talking about the left hair and stroking her long hair, the little girl snorted and licked her mouth, and the little hand touched it in her pocket.

She pocketed a hundred-faced fairy, which was when she came with her, and a big brother in the village gave her the price. She asked her to help me ask questions.

"Zuo Mojie?"

The tongue licked her lower lip and saw the left foam echoed. The little girl was a little nervous. The little hand rubbed the fairy coin in her pocket. She decided to open the door.

"Why don't you accept the pursuit of Nan Ge?"

Zuo Mo heard a word, and looked at the little girl with deep thoughts.

The little girl became more and more timid and shrinking under her gaze, until she did not dare to face up to her head.

"Itโ€™s Wang Nan asking you to ask."

"Yes."The little girl was a little discouraged, took the fairy coins in her pocket and put it on the ground. "Nan Ge gave me 100 cents when I came, let me ask my sister."

"You are a little fan."

The finger clicked on the little girl's forehead, and Zuo Mo put the fairy coin in her hand.

"You go back and tell him that he doesn't have to waste time with me. I already have someone I like."

"Like This."The little girl scratched her head and smiled. "Is he a Taoist in the lower bound?"

"No, he never accepted me."There was a bitter bitterness in the eyes of Zuo Mo.

"How can it be?"

The little girl exclaimed, and in her eyes, Zuo Mo is the most perfect person. Long good-looking, gentle personality, strength is the level of the fairy king.

When such people are put outside, there are absolutely countless people who will come up to pursue.

Can that person not accept it?

"There is nothing impossible about this. There are many people around him who are better than me. They love him more than I do, and they have more courage than me. Compared with them, I am really better than that. But no matter if he likes me or not, I can't like other people. โ€

Zuo Mo smirked at the lips, the little girl was crying and sullen, and she looked at her with some distress.

Feeling the sullenness of the left-momented emotions, she stood up from the ground and rubbed her hands and snarled.

"Zuo Mojie, you tell me who he is, if I let Guo Ting catch him, hehe…"

"heโ€ฆโ€ฆHe is Ye Zichen. โ€

I hesitated for a long while, and I didnโ€™t know why, but it was probably that no one here knew him, and she was able to say his name so frankly.

"leafโ€ฆโ€ฆChild morning? โ€

The little girl heard the words suddenly, as for the reason she was holding…

In the past few years, it seems that Ye Master, who is named Ye Zichen, has made a name for himself under the mountain of God. It is rumored that he was dominated by the first half of the Flame City War of the Protoss, and he retired.

It is rumored that the master of the leaf master is actually the super-beast of the Yaozu, and some people say that he is a dragon.

Some people even said that he is actually a super master of the Mozu. Xiao Jiaโ€™s master has complained with him in his early years, and the two sides will fight.

In short, Ye Zichen in the rumor is everything in the world.

"Zuo Mojie, you said Ye Zichen will not be the master Ye."

The little girl swallowed and smirked, and it was really the master of the leaf. Even if she gave her a thousand years, she would not be able to tell her.

"How could it be him, who is the master of Ye. I said Ye Zichen only flew to the mountain for five years, how could it reach the point of Master Ye, who is half-step dominated by the force. โ€

The rumors of Ye Zichen, although Qinglin Village is backward, have heard of some.

Zuo Mo certainly knows that there is a rumor in the middle, but it is undeniable that the master of the leaf is very extraordinary. She has never seen Ye Zichen, and it will take five years to let the half-master master retreat. The possibility is too low.

Focusing on the emotions in my heart, Zuo Mo looked at the sun in the sky, and returned the medicine to the body and buckled the hat.

"It's almost a break, but we still have to work hard."

"it is good."

The little girl was also well-behaved on her back. At this moment, a teenager who looked like a 12-year-old boy in a cloth rushed over and yelled as he ran.

"Zuo Mojie, you dare to go back to the village to see it. The people who are helping me are coming."


Zuo Mou heard a brow and locked the medicine in his hand to the ground. His toes were lightly emptied, and several of them disappeared from the medicine garden.

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