Because Qinglin Village is not bordered by major cities and towns, the village has a bit of a taste of Shenshan, but it is loved by people in the village who have a deep sense of the world.

There is no intrigue in the whole village, the villagers are simple and peaceful, and this village has been like this for thousands of years.



A huge roar resounded through the entire Qinglin Village, standing in front of the altar in the village with a group of people dressed in costumes that helped the members of the outer door.

In front of them, there was a young man lying on the floor with his blood lying on the floor, and many villagers were around him.

Many villagers stood up with their chests, and although they were not as good as half of the members, they were not afraid.

"Oh, what, you have to do it with us?"

A man with a slap in the face screamed and smirked. He reached out and took a photo to the group of villagers. The villagers felt a suction pulling them.

"What are you doing?"

A silk ribbon smashed the sound of the wind toward the man, and the man’s eyes slanted, and the dexterous direction turned over several times. The ribbon fell to the ground and blasted a large pit in the position where he stood before. The stone splashed into the ground.

The person who came from the drug garden was Zuo Mo, and behind her there was Xiao Ting and the teenager carrying the medicine and running to her.

"Left foam."

The villagers shouted the name of Zuo Mo, and the wounded man came over with the support of the crowd and made a look at her.

Zuo Mo gently nodded and the right hand pushed back.

"What do you want to do?"Zuo Mo Ning looked at the chaos and helped members open their way.

"What do you do, of course, is tax collection."Indiscriminately, the members of the outer door walked out of one person and blinked. "Don't you know that the village where you live now belongs to the site where we are arbitrarily helping. You live here to live in the city. Generally, you need to pay rent. Indiscriminately help pay taxes. We have already told you in advance that we are here to ask for money. ”

"How can I not know about this? At that time, you told me that I have been here."

Zuo Mo’s eyes sank and looked at an elder who was next to him. This old man is the most highly respected person in Qinglin Village and the village head of the village.

"At the time, the money village they wanted was still available, and they didn't tell you. But they came here, but they are long. ”

"Of course it will be long. It was half a year ago when I came last time. This time, shouldn't you give us the rent for the past six months? ”

The members of the outer door all laughed, and Zuo Mo licked his lips.

"Don't deceive too much."

She won't ask how much it will cost.

First, even if she asked herself, she did not have the funds to help the village solve the problem.

Second, the old village chief just said that it is clear that they want more money than the village can afford.

Third, these people are rogues, give them, and they will come here more unscrupulously.

In the eyes, it is a cold flash, and the soft satin in the hand is instantly harder than the steel knife. The force around the body is surging, forming a circumfluent around the left foam, and the breath of the fairy king is instantly released.

"Not bad, I haven't seen such a beautiful female fairy for a long time."

Indiscriminately, the members of the group walked out of the famous youth. This person had a phoenix eye, a prominent cheekbones, a deep eyelid, a purple lips, a silver ring in his mouth, and his costumes were completely worn by other members of the court. different.

"This is a preparatory inner disciple."

Some people in the village whispered, although Qinglin Village was isolated from the world, it was not completely isolated.

They also go out to trade every year. Although they don't stay in the town for a long time, they can't even understand it if they don't understand it.

Zuo Mo is also a brow, and the basic condition for preparing the inner disciple is the fairy king.

Although she is also a master of the immortal level, but the equipment and the Dafa are not as good as the other side, if it is really a fight, I am afraid that the odds are only 40%.

"This beauty, we are also in accordance with the rules and regulations. It is not what we think about asking you to pay taxes and rents. This is what the gang is asking us to do. If your village can now pay 300,000 sen, then I will leave now. If not, then we can only use some extraordinary means. ”

Preparing the inner disciple to rub his chin, his eyes on the sturdy body figure for two laps.

"Of course, if you are willing to follow me…Then I will help you with the money in your village. Just 300,000 cents, I still get this little money. ”

"You step on the horse and fart!"The man who was injured before was angry.

"Wang Nan retired, hand it over to me."Zuo Mo squinted at the members of the chaos. "Since it is in accordance with the rules and regulations, please show me your documents." As long as you can get it out, we will give you a lot of 300,000 cents, if not…So sorry, we have no money. ”

"It’s a bad mountain and a bad man!"

Prepare a glimpse of the inner disciple's haze, and suddenly, the violent fairy power is released like a spring.

"I have already given you the opportunity, or I will hand over the money to me now, or…People in your entire village don't want to live. Yes, Xiaomei, you can survive. ”


The other party just released Xianli, and Zuo Mo knew about his strength.

The basic condition for being able to fly from the lower bound to the Protoss is the peak of the king, the thunder, and the same.

Just after flying to the mountain of God, the power will be concentrated here. At this time, the left foam is only the strength of the early stage of Xian Wang. Moreover, she is not good at fighting. In the mid-term of the immortal king, her chances of winning are not 40%, but 10%.

The surrounding villagers also shook with anger, and many villagers were even more sorrowful.

"Is this really the famous teacher of righteousness outside?"

They have lived in Qinglin Village for generations, but they have broken their peaceful life.

Even Zuo Mo can't help but clench his fists.

This chaos…

It’s really bad.

"You guys are best to get out of the way and tell you that my left-sister sister is Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen You know, if you let him know that you are bullying us, the sisters of Zuo Mo’s sister will not let you go. ”

Xiaoting, carrying the medicine, stood behind the left foam and poked out the small head, angering the group of chaotic members.

Mention Ye Zichen, the chaos members are a bit stunned. Only in a flash, their eyes flashed madness and disdain.

"Master Ye, you dare to say. Then I also tell you that Master Ye is our great brother, how have we not heard that Ye Master has such a Taoist? ”

And just at this time…

In the middle of the village, a young man with a black robe appeared in abrupt manner. His handsome face was accompanied by indifference, and the dark eyes were deep and deep.

Everyone in the village, including the in-house disciple who was chaotic, felt a tremor.

It was a trepidation from the depths of the soul. Anyone felt awe, and almost did not dare to look at the black robe youth.

"Who is this?"

This kind of doubt arises in both the villagers and the chaotic member centers. The preparatory inner disciple is even more fierce.

At the moment when the black robe appeared, he actually felt that his own power had become disordered and uncontrollable.

"I believe this guy, but this disciple…I have never seen it before. ”

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