The chaos of the inner disciple was inconspicuous, and the spirit of his body was completely disordered.

Today's chaos competitiveness is increasing day by day. Any inner disciple is the most outstanding genius in the gang. He can become a preparatory inner disciple and a proof of his strength.

It can make his Xianli so confusing, afraid that it is difficult to do it in the ordinary land supreme, and only the genius master of the ninth section of the gang will make him feel this way.

What made him even more embarrassed was the remarks that the black man had just said…


When the person who was thinking about the night was really in front of Zuo Moโ€™s eyes, she did not dare to recognize it.

It is really a few years since Ye Zichen's changes have changed too much. He seems to be more restrained and more majestic than ever.

The black robe youth also looked at the left foam at this moment, his face smiled.

"Zuo Mo, I am coming."

"Zi Chen."

Inexplicable, Zuo Mo's lacrimal gland opens uncontrollably, and the eyelids become moist instantly. I resisted not letting the tears fall, looking straight at him.

The villagers in Qinglin Village did not dare to go to see Ye Zichen. The name of Master Ye is a fierce name under the mountain. They are ordinary ordinary people in the country, for fear of their own place to anger to this power.

Xiao Ting did not think so much, she was holding her medicine and squinting.

She has always been curious about the master of Ye and the Taoist of Zuo Mo, wondering if they have three heads and six arms. Now it seems that it is not an ordinary person?

Also, like those people, what kind of fire unicorn and dragons are evil!

Looking at the eyes of Zuo Motonghong, Ye Zichen reached out and rubbed her head. The other side did not have any dodge, let Ye Zichen's palms linger on her head, and Wang Nan, a villager, saw a groan in his heart, but thought that this person was Master Ye, but it was not so mad.

He always felt that he could match the left foam, and he could not be a mediocre one.

Before I pursued it, I didnโ€™t know that Zuo Mo had a relationship with the Tao. Now that I know it, the other party is Master Ye. He canโ€™t afford to chase after a little bit of chasing. What he can do is silent blessing.

"Okay, I am coming, everything is over."The soft voice passed to the ear of Zuo Mo, and Ye Zichen licked her head again and smirked. "The chaos is my power. They come to you and it is my misconduct. Please give it to me here. Itโ€™s hard.โ€


Zuo Mo slammed his lips and nodded a few steps back.

The eyes looked at her gently, but when he looked back at the chaos, his eyes showed unquestionable hegemony.

"What do you want to say?"

"Master Ye, we…"When the chaos members were about to speak, they heard Ye Zichen breaking them coldly. "If there is anything, go back and talk to the elders of the criminal court."

During the wave, several members of the chaos in the field let Ye Zichen get into the town demon tower.

The surrounding villagers all looked at it. What kind of means could actually erase several Tianxian and Xianwang from the wave?

The performance of Ye Zichen just now makes the villagers squat.

This Ye master is too overbearing.

"The chaos is the force that I set up. To the troubles of the folks, Yemou apologizes to you sincerely."

The villagers who are heading for Qinglin Village are owed to them, and the villagers are also rushing to pay tribute.

The village head in the village smiled even more: "You are a serious master of Ye. Although the gangs have come to our village several times, they have not caused too much harm to us."

"Who said no, Wang Nange him…"

A famous teenager among the villagers opened his mouth and the injured Wang Nan immediately glanced at the boy.

This kind of small movement naturally could not escape the attention of Ye Zichen. The gods swept a circle on it and found that Wang Nan was indeed injured from the degree of turmoil in the body. Fortunately, the bottom of the game was relatively solid, and the injury was not special. serious.

Take a bottle of remedy in the hand, and Ye Zichen lifts the bottle to the front of Wang Nan with divine power.

โ€œHere is a bottle of remedy to restore the injury.โ€

"Master Ye, this is absolutely impossible!"

Wang Nan extended his hand and resigned. Although he was injured, he deliberately avoided the key position when he was fighting, so that the injury was not particularly serious.

This kind of small injury is often encountered when hunting the monster, which is nothing to him.

"In any case, my person hurts you, take it."

"Wang Nan, you will accept it."Zuo Mo also helped the side.

After hesitating for a moment, Wang Nan held the medicinal medicine in his hand and immediately cocked his fist toward Ye Zichen.

"Thank you."

Faintly nodded, Ye Zichen fell his eyes to Zuo Mo's body, and Zuo Mo was looking at him straight.

Rarely, Ye Zichen did not hide his eyes.

A hundred years have made his mind grow too much. He knows that there are things he can hide, but he can't change the other's obsession.

"Zuo Mo, let me go."

"Where?"Zuo Mo asked.

"Go to the Flame City."Ye Zichen replied.

In an instant, Zuo Moโ€™s eyes flashed a faint hesitation, and his eyes glanced at the villagers behind him.

"Zuo Mo, go with Master Ye, your future road is not limited to our small place like Qinglin Village."The village chiefโ€™s charity smiled.

"Yes, Zuo Mojie, you are not always waiting for Master Ye. He is coming to you now, don't hesitate."Xiao Ting, who is carrying a drug, is also convinced.

Almost all the villagers in the village said similar words, but Zuo Mo is a person with a lot of feelings. After living with them for several years, how can she say that she put it down and put it down.

Just then, the old village chief came out again and was deeply embarrassed towards Ye Zichen.

"Master Ye, the old man has something to ask for."

"What are you doing for the elderly?"Quickly dragging the old village chief, the old village chief also said to Wang Nan at this time, "Little South is a very talented and hard-working child, with his talent enough to go to a bigger place. Development, but this child can not let us old guys. We don't want to delay his talent, and I also ask Master Ye to leave with the child. โ€

Wang Ziโ€™s qualification, Ye Zichen, saw that it was not amazing, but it was also good.

In particular, he was able to achieve the perfection of the fairy in the village where the fairy is so thin. It is obvious that he has suffered a lot in the middle and has not slacked off.

The Protoss is a genius, but there are too few people who can withstand the heart.


"Chairman, I don't want to go!"Wang Nan didn't want to go back and said, "I have to stay to protect you."

"Stupid child, the sky is high, the bird is flying, the sea is wide and the fish is swimming…Your stay here is too much delay for your future, and it is a waste of the good gift that God has given you. Going outside the world is a good thing for you. โ€

Master Ye agreed that Wang Nan did not agree, which made the old village chief could not help but comforted his lock.

Ye Zichen's eyes looked involuntarily toward Zuo Mo, and the two looked at each other and looked at Ye Zichen from her eyes.

Immediately, the gaze looked at the old village chief and Wang Nan who were still arguing.

"That's it."Ye Zichen suddenly spoke, and the people in the village stopped to comfort and looked over, and immediately heard him say, "That will follow me!"

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