For a long time, people thought that it was the gods under the mountain of God. The thunder of the king level was the Protoss.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

The true definition of the Protoss is that there is a sacred body that comes to the mountain of God to count on the gods.

Under the rest of the mountain, it is actually just a transit station.

The age of the gods is so vast, if it really takes more than a hundred years to exist in the realm of the gods. However, the history of the gods is from the beginning of the gods and wars, with the first god Emperor Ziwei Shendi to establish a complete structure of the gods.

The complete structure of the Divine Realm is divided into the nine great mountains, which are a long tradition.

The princes of these nine sacred mountains are also the nine emperors of the gods.

The nine emperors are the highest status of the realm of the gods. No one knows that their strength is weak and weak, and outsiders can only feel their strength between the two.

However, the nine emperors were led by Zhou Wu, the god of the central Shenshan, and shocked the people outside the realm of the gods.


The structure of the northern mountain is actually a vast and inexhaustible sea. The sea is an innocent sea, flowing from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain.

Of course, here is not exactly the sea, but also the existence of land.

The gods are extremely north of the Shenshan flying pool. There is an eight-person squad to guard the year round. The squad rotates once every 100 years and contacts the supreme who has just ascended.

At the moment, the eight people are gathering together for a chat.

"I’ve been hitting the evils recently. I’ve heard other gods and brothers say that the ascendants on their side are all in a big way, so we’ve been in the northern part of the mountain for a few years and haven’t come out yet.”

"The location of our extremely northern mountain is not particularly good, especially the large area is the sea. It is normal for the Supreme not to choose us here."The middle-aged man, who is a little older in the squad, said, "They can't just say that they are short-sighted. They really think that the Sifang Pavilion and the Emperor's Temple are so good."

"Oh."The people in the team quickly signaled him to ban, saying, "Now I want to say the Four Sides Hall, and still say the Sifang Pavilion there."

Quaternary Shenshan tens of thousands of years ago, Sifangge has not changed its name, but thousands of years ago, the Emperor changed his name into a square, which made his men commensurate with his majesty. Many people have seen it. The emperor is In the fight with Zhou Wu.

However, whether it is η‹΄ηŠ΄ or Zhou Wu, it is not the price that ordinary people can talk about.

The middle-aged man, who was a little older, also realized that he had lost his words and quickly shut up.

At this moment, the clouds in the ascending pool next to the squad simmered, and suddenly these people stopped chatting.

"There is a supreme up."

The women in the team raised their eyebrows, and the rest of them stared straight at them.

It is very boring to guard the flying pool. The only fun is now.

"You said that there are several people?"The people in the team looked at the transpiration of the mist, and the rest shrugged immediately. "There are still a few, and there is definitely no more than three."

Suddenly, the clouds in the flying pool vacated, and the clouds coiled around the flying pool expanded several times.

"This……I am afraid there are more than a dozen people. ”

Several people in the team looked at each other. Although it was not possible to give them long-term salary when they contacted more than a dozen of them, it was enough for them to enjoy their meal after dinner.

"How many people are in contact with Shenshan now?"

"It looks like the record of the Sifang Temple of the Extreme East Mountain, twelve people."

"We may have to break the record this time."

In their chats, the fog in the ascending pool became more and more heavy, and the eyes of the squad kept outside were getting brighter and brighter.

"This……So many people are soaring together, can they say that they know each other? If this is the case, the group of horses outside will suffer. ”

There is such a force in the mountains of the gods, that is, the horse.

The meaning of their existence is to plunder the wealth that has just risen to the supreme, knowing that the supreme power that has just ascended up belongs to the lowest strength in the mountain, and more than 40% of the ascenders actually die.

However, no one in the mountain has intervened in this matter. This group of horses is organized. There are even rumors inside the heavenly masters. If Shenshan wants to annihilate, the loss is enormous. Therefore, Shenshan has made a determination to eradicate this group of horses, but all parties have also come up with some countermeasures for this matter.

"It can't be said that the ascenders are only ascends. They have not yet received the systematic use of the power of teaching. The strength is only supreme. Even if they are more, they are not the opponents of the wolves."

The team held different opinions and immediately sighed.

"Fortunately, they are lucky. Next month is the time for the college to enroll students. If they can survive the last few days, then they will survive."

"Oh, how do you manage so much, all we have to do is to get in touch."

The rest of the people nod, it is true that these problems are not what they should consider, what they have to do is to smoothly take the ascendant out of the flying pool, and explain to them the situation in the mountain.

As for whether they are born or dead, these are not what they should consider.

Whoever comes over like this, if he dies in the hands of the horses outside, he can only say that his life is not hard enough.

Now the only thing they care about is how many ascenders are hidden in the fog.

"Is this the mountain of God?"

Ye Zichen stood alone in the soaring pool. He actually appeared in it for a while. When he first came here, he felt that there was infinite power to instill in his body, and his body was not pure. The power of God is perfectly matched to the pure power of God.

If he is not in the mountains, the level of power is one, then his power level may be ten.

"The beauty of the mountain is endless, and the level of the plane is also much higher than that of the mountain. With my strength and knowledge, it is impossible to detect the price of kilometers, and there is no way to go."

Ye Zichen looked at his fist and muttered, and the fog around him gradually dissipated.

"Dissipated, spread out, you said how many people are waiting for us inside."The shortest of the team, he was excited about the opening of a young man.

"There are almost twenty people."

"I don't think there are twenty people."

They were all stunned. They all stared at the fog that had already dissipated in the ascending pool, and disappeared a little from their eyes.

"It's a bit wrong!"

Just then, some people in the team squinted.

"It doesn't feel like there are dozens or twenty people."

The team outside the ascending pool gathered, until the clouds completely dispersed, and they saw Ye Zichen staring at them with big eyes and waving at them.

"Hello, you guys…Are you waiting for me? ”

Everyone is paralyzed.

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