This definition is certainly not wrong. You can live in the realm of the gods with a crystal card. There is no black box.

This is not a resident ID card. What else can it be?

Ye Zichen also tried to destroy this crystal card, knowing that by his means, it is not difficult to break the mountain, but it does not work at all on this crystal card.

"I will keep it safe."

The crystal card was collected, and Ye Zichen opened the door again.

"What is the Tongtian College you just said?"

โ€œTongtian College is a college set up in the North Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Shenshan, for the purpose of…Reduce the mortality rate of the ascending. โ€Huang Yang replied.

"mortality rate?"Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow.

"Yes."Huang Yang gently nodded, "Ordinary ascendant came to the mountain of God is the realm of the early Supreme, this state can be said to be the strongest under the mountain, but in Shenshan is the weakest existence. The situation of the mountain of the mountain is not as beautiful as the outsiders think, and the death rate of the ascendant in the mountain is about 70%. โ€

Seventy percent.

This means that a hundred ascendants will die seventy, and the death rate is really not low.

"The ordinary ascendant's understanding of Shenshan is also one-sided, and the use of divine power is also ignorant. Therefore, in order to avoid reducing the mortality rate of the ascendant, and in order to systematically teach the use of its power, Shenshan established a college to teach. โ€

"This is quite human."Ye Zichen nodded.

Just like when he first came to the bottom of the mountain, he really didn't understand anything at that time. It was purely because he could crush the strength of anyone there.

But the top of the mountain is different, the heavens are everywhere, and the heavens and the masters are not in the minority.

There are too many people who can pinch him, and he has also provoked many people.

At that time, he thought about it when he was soaring. It was really impossible to find a little red and pledge to the Lord God on the face of the dead skin. Although it was a little shameful, at least he could save his life.

But now that there is the existence of Tongtian College, it will save him from being blind.

"Then can you tell me how to get to Tongtian College to study?"

"Next month is the birthday of Tongtian College. By the time, Ye Brother can enter school as long as he holds this crystal card. The general academic system is five years. Through the final exam, you can choose to extend the time in the college. Of course, you will have to pay a certain fee. โ€

Between the words, Huang Yang also took out a piece of jade Jane and handed it over to Ye Zichen.

Instilling the power into the jade, the map of the northern mountain is revealed from the jade, and the 86 cities of the mountain have clear marks. The location of the red dot in the center of countless cities should be the Tongtian College. .

There is also a land marked in the upper left corner of the map, where there is an innocent sea in the northern part of the mountain, red and red and pray that the Lord God will live there.

Keeping the general position clear, Ye Zichen returned Yu Jian back.

"Ye brother, this does not have to be returned to me. Anyone who is flying up the mountain will be equipped with this simple map of the mountain."Huang Yang faintly smiled and pushed Yu Jian back.

"such."Ye Zichen nodded and said, "Thank you, I am very grateful to you for being able to confuse me so much here. Since the next month is the time for enrollment at Tongtian College, I will not waste time and go to Tongtiancheng. It is."

"If Ye brother doesn't mind, you can join us. After half a year, we will have someone hand over to us, and it will be safer if we are on the road together. Although it will delay the admission of Ye Xiong, but the talent of Ye Xiong, even if he is going to college for half a year…"

"Thank you for your kindness, but I don't want to be too high-profile."I smiled at Huang Yang and others, saying, "Don't go over."

Ye Zichen didn't dare to get along with them for half a year. Just the eyes of those people, especially Liu Baihui, were like eating him.

If you stay with them for half a year, the ghost knows what will happen!

Huang Yang and others are also watching the back of Ye Zichen's departure, but it is a genius talent. It is feared that there is no such enchanting existence in the mountains, if it can be used to draw a relationship with him. Enough.

"Don't watch, people are gone."

Huang Yang has some helpless sighs, Liu Baihui is also showing frustration, and the rest of the people are pulling their heads and being discouraged.


"Hey, are we missing something?"Fan Li suddenly locked his eyebrows. "Let's tell him where can I go where I can go?"


All the people around him were stunned, and everyone immediately turned their eyes to Huang Yang.

Just now he said much to Ye Zichen, did he say that he knows best.

"Like, didn't say…"

Huang Yang swallowed his mouth and spoke, and for the first time he contacted the enchanting genius, even if he was a little excited, so that the account was forgotten.

"What to do with this, it is too late to go after the chase, but there are several cities on the way to Tongtiancheng where the horses are stationed." If he goes up rampant, if he can soften it, if he doesn't…Then he…"Fan Li said that he would not go on.

The rest of the people were also dignified, and Huang Yang also sighed at this time.

"I hope he can be lucky."

Following the map's mark, Ye Zichen has been on the road for more than three hours.

"It's really weird. The gods on the mountain are almost the same as those under the mountain. The power outside the city is violent and there is no way to absorb it."

Originally, Ye Zichen was trying to find a place to hide, but because the outside power was too violent, he could only go all out to find a town to rest before sunset.

It was a few hours past, and the night was coming.

It is impossible to walk on foot, and the consumption of physical strength is particularly great. Finally, Ye Zichen rushed to a city near the early morning.

Although it was late at night, the inside and outside of the city was still brightly lit.

There are countless red lanterns hanging above the walls, as if they are illuminating the way back for the distant.

"There are so few people in the city!"

I thought that the city pool would be similar to Ye Zichen under the mountain of God. After entering the city, I could see the dense residents. What made him wrong was that there were few people in this city, and he did not see anyone.

Ye Zichen touched the space ring in front of a restaurant.

Although I don't know if the money here is common with Shenshan, but there are not many treasures and medicinal herbs that he has no use here. It is no problem to use these.

A face indifferently walked outside the restaurant, just as soon as Ye Zichen entered the door, he shouted.

"Small two, give your restaurant a delicious and delicious meal…Give it to…giveโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

What is the situation?

It feels wrong.

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