If other people encounter this situation, they will definitely feel that they have encountered the horse.

Actually it is not!

This bald head is somewhat different in nature from the group of horses who have lost their lives in the mountains. He has also experienced the stage of the supreme being the heavenly supreme, and has also experienced the looting of the horse.

He has had a personal experience, and he does not like the way Ma Ma treated.

Although he also made a living by looting, he will not hurt his life. His group of people, in fact, he was rescued from the horse's hand, and then he followed the people who died.

Grab, but they are kind compared to the horse.

"The little brother is really on the road."

The bald-headed man laughed and laughed. In this case, Ye Zichen made this reaction, and he didn't feel strange at all.

This situation has been seen countless times, and it has long been sparse.

Their team is small and there are fewer ways to get money.

It is a great news for them to meet the ascendant. As long as he can kill the Ye Zichen ticket, at least they will not have to worry about the food for a few months, they have to encounter a big fish, then they can guarantee a few years of food and clothing.

I don't know how many treasures they can squeeze from Ye Zichen.

Waving to the hands behind Ye Zichen, the bald face also smiled.

"This meal is not strange, 30,000 gods. The little brother just came to the mountain, there should be no god coins, but it doesn't matter…We support mortgages here. Or the little brothers can also use the fairy currency to redeem, but the need for the fairy money can be massive. ”

"I have left the fairy spirits to my friends under the mountain. I still use other to mortgage. Big brother, do you see what you are collecting?"Asked Ye Zichen.


The bald man can't help but cheer, and he likes this kind of child.

In fact, whether it is Ye Zichen to the fairy currency or the use of goods mortgage, the bald head has an absolute advantage. In this case, he said how much the ratio of the fairy coin to the god coin is, and the value of the item is also measured by him.

The 30,000 god spirit coin is a rhetoric. He is trying to lead out the following things to change things and fairy spirits.

"We support the collateral of any commodity here, and medicinal herbs, treasures, and spells can be mortgaged. But the little brothers have a number in your heart, which can be different from the Shenshan Mountain. It is worthless to pay for the money in the mountains. ”

"I am clear about this."

Well-behaved nodded, Ye Zichen took a set of semi-artifact armor from the town demon tower, which was also obtained after Ye Zichen opened the second floor of the town demon tower.

"This is my accident under the next secret, big brother, you see…"


When the armor was taken out, the bald eyes were straight, and the armor was still a set.

The price of the armor is generally higher than the weapon, because the materials used are more, and a set of ordinary half artifact armor is worth at least a million god coins on the mountain.

β€œDon't you say that you have a stupid man with money?”

The bald head looked at Ye Zichen's gaze changed, and he was not stunned by the interests of the semi-artifact armor.

On the contrary, he is still a lot clear.

Those who can hold the semi-artifact armor under the mountain of God can be said to be people and dragons and phoenixes. They cannot be deceived so easily and reconciled.

Only, this kid looks really dull.

Are silly people stupid?

Regardless of whether this kid is playing pigs and eating tigers, or is it really a stupid person who has a stupid blessing, the bald man has absolute confidence in the strength of his heavenly supreme.

"This armor is a semi-artifact level."

The bald man first stated the level of the armor. He did not think that Ye Zichen would not know the level of the armor.

"The semi-artifact can be said to be quite rare under the mountain of God, but it is not so precious when it comes to the gods. In this artifact, all the streets are full, even the farmers who farmed the fields used artifacts. Little brother, your half artifact…"

Shaking his head reveals a difficult color, and the bald man opens his mouth.

"I will give you five hundred god coins here."

"So cheap."

Ye Zichen bitterly, her eyes sceptical. Only after the bald man's eyes became cold, he immediately shrank his neck and seemed to be very scared. He cried his face and took out other treasures from the town demon tower.

The bald man's eyes sitting opposite him are more and more shocking…

This is definitely a big fish.

Although he thought so in his heart, he was doing it for those precious treasures on the mountain of God. Anyone who heard it would want to kill his estimate.

"Supreme Dan, this medicinal medicine is good, a bottle of three hundred gods."

"Black jade, this material is generally a pound of fifty gods."

"Ten years of Shenmu, this material is rare, a thousand coins together."

Ye Zichen took out the material and almost filled the entire table. The younger brothers in the pub looked at the dry mouth and stunned. Even the bald man couldn’t help but swallow, and he wanted to give Ye here. Zichen killed the treasure.

Fortunately, he is still a little conscience, do not want to hurt Ye Zichen life.

"Little brother, the material you took out now is worth about 27,000 god spirits, and it is enough to make 30,000 god coins."

The bald man has already slammed the price, but it has reached 27,000.

It is conceivable that if you put it in the Chamber of Commerce, the treasures of Ye Zichen are worthy.

To be honest, the bald man once wanted to give up the price, and now these treasures are enough for them to live a carefree life for a hundred years, but he still wants to be greedy.

If Ye Zichen can't really get it, he simply doesn't want it, and he can send his personal feelings by the way.

"This bald head is really greedy!"

Ye Zichen is not particularly aware of the price of the gods, but he is also convinced that his baby value is far above the 30,000 gods.

But this bald head is still not satisfied, and I want to squeeze him!


Fortunately, he did not see the money, directly killing him to win the treasure, but he is a bit human.


Ye Zichen was crying and sulking, making a slap in the face.

Seeing Ye Zichen, the bald head is a bit unbearable, thinking about letting go of this poor little supreme, not thinking…

"I don't have medicinal herbs and spells, but I still have spirits here, big brother, do you accept them?"

"The beast?"

What is the most expensive god?

Dan medicine?





The most expensive in the realm of the gods, but also the most scarce of the gods is the beast.

The definition of the beast is that the beast and the beast are trained to be slaves. It is a symbol of identity that can be a beast. Any beast-level beast is worth a price on the black market!

This little guy is actually a beast, and this surprise is too big!

"Receipt and receive, of course!"

I always thought about giving up, and I heard the beast of the beast instantly changed his mind.

This bald head is too greedy, Ye Zichen is too lazy to play with him, the gods directly communicate with the town demon tower.

"Okay, then I will release them, you can see if you can value three thousand god coins."

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