Under the night, two men dressed in orange, like uniforms, and men and women with a blue bird pattern on top of them, galloped under the night.

Just then, the young man who kept the head of the head stopped.

The young man is very strong, and the woman around her is very petite. But after the young man stopped, he was sympathetic to the woman.

"Sister, the front should be the pub that the commissioner said."

It is said that the woman who is called the sister is also stopped. The clear pupils flashed a faint glow, and a touch of sorrow was flashed from their eyes.

"Is this?"

"There should be no mistakes."The glare of the young manโ€™s eyes flashed. โ€œThere is such a pub nearby, and the size of the area is almost the same as that of the client.โ€

"It's okay."

"But the sister, do we really want to provoke the group?" If they are really the group of gangsters, it is difficult for them to get the benefit of them. Why don't we slow down this matter or inform the college about the news…"

The youthโ€™s eyes were slightly hesitant, and the words were full of uneasiness and retreat. But when he hadnโ€™t finished speaking, he felt a sharp breath stabbed him and let him swallow it. .

"If you are afraid of it, go back."

Between words, the woman's eyes are more intense, and there is a faint glow around her body like a layer of tulle on her body. A faint look at the young man, the woman did not stay too much, several people plunging in the direction of the city.

In fact, they are all students of the North China Shenshan Tongtian College. This time, I came to Bingling City to buy the ice crystals necessary for his sister to practice.

Ice crystal has been purchased, and will wait until tomorrow to return to the college, but when they are ready to make a stay, they meet a man who is about mid-year.

The man looks like a help, and his character is more than a matter of less. He wants to take his sister away. Only his sister, he gave birth to a river of sorrow. After listening to the manโ€™s statement, he directly said that he would help the helper to grab the store back.

This way, he did not have to advise, let his sister disregard.

Now this younger sister is throwing him directly, and he goes alone. If this is what hurts the sisters, it is not allowed to return to the college to let the old guys in the college die.

There is no way to go, and the youth can only shout swear.

"Sister and sister wait for me."

To deal with this group of small robbers, Ye Zichen didn't need to use the big demon of the Tianzhizun nine in the town demon tower. He sent a few Tianzhizun three-levels to give uniform to the group of robbers.

The gangsters in the entire pub were tied and thrown into the corner at this time. Ye Zichen was sitting in a chair and accommodating the baby he had just pulled out into the town hall.

As for why I didnโ€™t go to the robbers of the robbers…

Eating and drinking are so bad, can you have something worthy of Ye Zichen to take?


At this moment, the door of the pub was kicked open, and the broken wood shattered the floor, and a few pieces of broken wood flew toward Ye Zichen's position.

The right hand patted the table to open the broken wood, and Ye Zichen, who was seated again, looked at the door.

Standing in front of the door is a woman wearing an orange-yellow suit. Although she is not tall, she can be short-haired but she is very capable. The sharpness in her eyes makes her arrogance.

At the same time, her side also ran to a strong young man.

The two of them are naturally the students of Tongtian College who had just talked in the city. The young man can be said to be chasing all the way, but his sister is obviously moving faster. When he came, he was already slamming.


The young tentative opening, but found that her sister did not have his presence in the eyes.

The abominable eyes stared at Ye Zichen in the pub, as did Ye Zichen.

"Is that you?"

In a lengthy confrontation, the woman's tone was indifferent towards Ye Zichen.

"who are you? With them a group? โ€

Ye Zichen's tone is also not good, and the eyes are constantly changing between this woman and the young people around him.

Heaven is supreme.

Judging from the fluctuations released by the two of them, these two are masters of the highest level of heaven. However, judging from their fluctuating fluctuations in their power, even these two people have just broken through, and their control over their own strength is not particularly handy.

This small gang is not bad, there are actually three masters of the highest level.

God knows that they are communicating with the town demon tower. As long as they both move a little, the masters in the town demon tower can instantly subdue them.

"I really can't be seen!"

Under the question of Ye Zichen, the female college of Tongtian College was a glimpse.

"Oh, scared?"

Ye Zichen also thought that the woman said that he did not expect that he could have such strength, and could not help but sneer.

"If you are afraid, you will get out of the way. If you quit now, maybe I can still leave you a life."

"It really is him."The womanโ€™s heart is dark.

It seems that this person is in front of the Sven, but he is doing this kind of stealing the chicken and touching the dog. He looks like he is collecting the stolen goods he got.

Fortunately, I came to the moment, if I came late, I might let him run.

The lingering light of the corner of the eye looked at the corner of the pub. Those who were tied in the corner of the wall were stripped of their feet and the mouth was covered with socks.

Itโ€™s disgusting!

Not only to grab people's money, but also to insult people!

This kind of scum can't be left!

Although Ye Zichen and the woman had very few conversations, the sparks in the eyes of the four eyes made the young people next to them unable to tolerate the mouthful.

This youth does not look like good, this is really a real hand…

Before he thought about it, his sister had already shot.


A powerful wave of power appeared from the pub, and the temperature in the pub suddenly dropped, and the temperature dropped to zero, so that all the things in the store were faintly thin.

The chill of the sky rushed from Ye Zichen in all directions, and under this chill, Ye Zichen's body was slightly trembled.

"Ice, it belongs to the class of Liu Erjie and Luhan."

The realm of Ye Zichen itself is not as good as the woman in front of her eyes. Ye Zichen must be injured in this cold.

When the eyebrows were picked, Ye Zichen quickly called out the masters in the town demon tower.

At the moment they appeared, the icy cold in the pub was much lower. The woman standing at the entrance of the pub was also a brow, and the strong young man around her shouted with her eyes open.

"Sister, it is heavenly supreme."

"I said it to you, I still don't help!"

The woman at the door glared at the young man, and Ye Zichen twisted her lips and twisted her neck.

"Give me the two!"

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