The students of the two Tongtian colleges have just broken through, and Ye Zichen is looking for the master of the six-segment of the Heavenly Deity in the town demon tower.

Reluctantly weak and high.

They did not give them the opportunity to resist, and the two men tied the masters in the town demon tower.

After the two of them were caught, the masters in the town demon tower also returned to the town demon tower.

"When you want to learn to judge the situation, do you understand?"

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at both of them and cleaned up the baby on the table.

"I don't see them all let me tie the corners. You two still want to avenge them, not long brains?"


The struggling struggle of the woman who was tied was fruitless, and she could only look at Ye Zichen with fierce eyes.

"Have you made a mistake, you said that I am a despicable villain?"

The baby on the table was collected, and Ye Zichen walked back to the woman with her hand on her hand and grabbed her chin with her palm.

"I am still a villain compared to you?"

"Isn't it?"The woman looked fierce and stared at Ye Zichen with her neck and eyes. "To seize other people's shops, and to snatch other people's money, and trample their dignity in the way of socks, are you not a despicable villain?" Tell you, don't think that you are strong enough to do whatever you want, people like you are personal scum! ”

"You are sick."

Ye Zichen released the woman's chin and said nothing.

It is obvious that he is the robbed person. This person has also come to a wicked person to complain first?

"Why, don't you want to admit it? When I came in, I saw that you were packing up things, and you still want to argue! ”The woman smiled disdainfully.


The woman should have robbed the money from the group of accomplices she had given her. But there is no problem with this. Originally, this is what they grabbed from other people, and they simply do not belong to them.

Shrugging in an indifferent posture, since she thought so, then she simply did it. And the master of the heavenly supreme, in the hands of the poor should also be a little valuable baby.

Leahing his lips, Ye Zichen's hand swung in the woman's arms.

Don't think too much, he doesn't want to take advantage of it!

Absolutely not!

"What do you want to do?"The woman saw Ye Zichen's movements also faded.

"Why, what do you think I can do?"

Ye Zichen deliberately made a sly expression, the fingers of the right hand kept swinging, and the hands kept looking forward.

"You'd better stop, if you dare to treat me, my master will not let you go, the entire Tongtian Academy will not let you go!"

But too nervous, the woman's voice has become particularly sharp.

She screamed with her eyes closed and Ye Zichen stopped in her screams.

Tongtian College?

Just now this woman is talking about Tongtian College!

"What did you say?"

Converging the expression on his face, Ye Zichen opened the door.

The evil hands did not touch their own holy body, and the woman was relieved and screamed.

"I said that you better not to me, otherwise my master will not let you go, Tongtian College will not let you go! You know, Tongtian College is a college set up in Wuhai, and you have provoked me to get into Tongtian College, and it has been provoked that Tongtian College has provoked the innocent sea. If you get into the innocent sea, you don't want to stand on the top of the mountain, even if you go to other mountains, you will face the innocent sea without killing, even if you run out of God…"


It seems that this is a misunderstanding!

Since it is a person from Tongtian College, why do you still say that it is a group with the group of small robbers.

Can it be said that this group of robbers is also a student of Tongtian College?

If this is the case, then Ye Zichen of Tongtian College said that nothing will go.

In any case, Ye Zichen has determined that this woman is definitely a neuropathy.

However, it is a student of Tongtian College, and I really think that I am a great big man. They all dragged into the innocent sea and pulled it to the northern mountain…

She really can overestimate her value!

"Afraid, if you are afraid, just let me loose."Just then, the woman shouted in disgust.

"You can loosen it, but before that I need to confirm a few things with you."

If all this is a misunderstanding, but if these two people are really students of Tongtian College, they are also related to this group of small robbers, or that these small robbers are the people of Tongtian College, Ye Zichen will not Give them loose.

Tied up!

If she can bear her, she will let the northern mountain chase him.

Ye Zichen really didn't believe it. On his relationship with the North Mountain, he could let this little girl compare.

"ask!"The woman shouted.

"What is your name?"

When talking to people, Ye Zichen habitually asks the other person's name.

"Xue Mo."

As soon as the woman opened her mouth, the strong young man next to him also smiled sillyly.

"Chen Guangfa."

"Let me tie over there, you said that they are a group with them, then they are also people at Tongtian College?"

"No."Xue Mo said.

"Then you are their behind-the-scenes ambassadors, or accomplices?"

"What do you mean by this?"Xue Mo's eyebrows.

"Since it is not, then I ask you, why are you talking about a group, sick!"

Isn't this a thing to look for?

If she didn't say that she was with the group of robbers, could Ye Zichen do it with them?

"I am standing on the side of justice!"Xue Mo squatted on his neck. "Strongly helping the weak is the purpose of my life. You are arrogant in cultivating yourself to seize other people's shops and rob others of money. Now if you are lost, let me and my teacher drop it, and you can exaggerate it. ”


Ye Zichen understands it all!

This girl is treating him as a robber!

Leaning his forehead and sighing, Ye Zichen whispered the ropes and loosened the ropes on them, pointing to the robbers on the wall.

"It's good to be weak, but I hope you can get a little longer. The group of talents over there are the scum of your mouth, occupying other people’s shops and robbing others of their money. I am just a victim of passing by. It happens that they may not be lucky, let me clean up, understand? ”

Squinting toward Xue Mo made a fire, this words, whether it is Xue Mo or her younger brother.

Xue Moyan Ye Zichen said that he was a little guilty and gave Chen Guangfa a look.

The sturdy young man Chen Guangfa ran an eyebrow toward the group of bundled gangsters, and lifted their heads one by one. Even if he saw his eyes change, he ran to Xue Mo’s side and deliberately suppressed the voice. .

"Sister, we seem to have made a mistake."

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