Xue Mobing, with his hands on his waist, looked at Ye Zichen. When Chen Guangfa came to her ear and said this, her eyes were obviously wide.

Looking back at Chen Guangfa, I noticed the look on his face. She frowned and went to the corner.

"Sister, look at you…"

Behind Xue Mo's back, Chen Guangfa whispered the face of the bald head.

"This person is the high-level mission goal on our student bulletin board, Li Cheng. There are more than twenty younger brothers in the four-level masters of Tianzhizun. Although this guy is not a group of Ma Rong, it is also a relatively famous robber. If the other people who are tied up are right, they should all be with him. ”

Chen Guangfa spoke carefully, and immediately licked his lower lip.

"We are really mistaken."

In an instant, the quietness of the pub seems to be clear to the ground when a needle fell to the ground.

Xue Mo was somewhat uncomfortable with his hand on his lips, and the clear eyes were filled with unspeakable embarrassment.

It is not necessary for Chen Guangfa to say that she now knows that she is mistaken.

Li Cheng has been hanging on the taskbar of their college for almost a year. It is possible to say no. Looking back at the accountant's narrative at the time, it was indeed a group of people who occupied his pub, not a single person.

It’s strange that when I saw Ye Zichen, he happened to be cleaning up the baby on the table, so that she subconsciously used Ye Zichen as a gangster.

Of course, Xue Mo is by no means the kind of person who dares not take the fault.

Since she knew that she was wrong, she immediately apologized to Ye Zichen.

"Sorry, I missed you. This person is the reward task of our Tongtian College. Since he is your solution, it is better for you to return to the college to receive the reward. When I am doing the best of the landlord, I apologize to you. ”

As soon as the voice fell, she also deliberately made a gentle smile and nodded to Ye Zichen.

"Nervous disease."

Yan Zi turned his eyes toward Xue Mo, and Ye Zichen lifted his legs and left the pub.

Xue Mo's whole person was in a stalemate with the petrochemical. He watched Ye Zichen leave the pub. For a long time, she returned to the arm and slammed her arm.

The temperature in the pub suddenly dropped, and the cold wind was mixed with snow and ice.

The Chen Guangfa next to him did not dare to breathe. He could only quietly run the power to resist the chill here.

"What kind of spirit is it."

For a long time, until the pub was covered with a layer of frost, Xue Mocai looked uncomfortable.

The chill in the pub also converges a lot, struggling to resist the cold Chen Guangfa carefully looked at Xue Mo's look, and immediately swallowed the spit.

"Sister, what should we do with this group of people?"

"How can I handle it and get them all to the college."

Chen Guangfa heard the words and quickly dealt with the bald heads and they waited for a group of people. Xue Mo was looking at the position where Ye Zichen left for a long time without a word.

Just then, Xue Mo's afterglow was seeing a touch of silver.

Taking a closer look, there was a crystal card lying in the chair in the position where Ye Zichen was sitting.

"Ye Zichen."

This crystal card is the name of Ye Zichen when he came to the mountain. Huang Yang was so eager to let him not lose the identity card.

"In the end, who is a neuropathy, the crystal card is not well kept."

Xue Mo squeezed the corner of the crystal card and looked out the door. At this time, Ye Zichen could not be found outside.

"Sister, are we going back to college now or are we going tomorrow morning?"

They have all disappeared in the pub, and no accident should be that Chen Guangfa received the space artifact.

Looking at the crystal card in the hands of Xue Mo, Chen Guangfa took a look at the past.

"Is this not the person just now?"

With a brow, Chen Guangfa exclaimed.

The importance of the crystal card in the mountain of God is second only to the life of the client. If it is lost, he will have no way to stand in the realm of the gods.

It didn't take long before I heard Chen Guangfa shouting.

"Sister, you see the date he came to the mountain."

Xue Mo is still wondering how to deal with this crystal card. He heard Chen Guangfa yelling and then looked at the crystal card again.

After a short time, her whole person froze, and fixedly watching the date above repeatedly confirmed several times.

"Is this date today?"

"Accurately speaking, it should be yesterday, and now it has passed Lingchen."Chen Guangfa said.



How can this be?

If the date on the crystal card is really the time for Ye Zichen to fly, then why can he give Li Cheng a uniform?

No, it is possible!

When she was playing with Ye Zichen, there were suddenly a few great powerhouses in the pub.

It is possible that he is a child of a large family, and those masters are secretly protecting his existence. When Li Cheng wanted to disregard his intentions, the few masters appeared to suppress it.

But if he is a person on the mountain of God, then the date of sending the crystal card should not be yesterday, but it should be that when he was born, there would be a card.

But if the ascendant does not have the kind of master to protect it?

Xue Mo feels that the brain is not enough. No matter how she thinks, she can't give the most reasonable explanation for the appearance of those masters and the date above the crystal card.

"Sister?"Just then, Chen Guangfa interrupted Xue Mo’s contemplation.

"What did you say?"Pressing the confusion in my heart, Xue Mo said.

"I said……What do we do now? Is it waiting for him to come back to take the crystal card, or go back to the college directly? ”

"Of course, I am waiting here. The crystal card is missing how he is based in the mountain."

β€œThe college gave us a three-day holiday, and it took a few days for the new students to enter school. you forgot……This time, you are gambling with Sun Jialing. ”

At this point in the speech, Xue Mo’s eyes also showed hesitation.

Sun Jialing is the same student as her, but she is always right with her. Just a few days ago, the two of them made a gamble, betting on who can recruit new recruits for their own clubs.

As for the punishment of the loser, it is also very naive…

Whoever loses, who is naked in the college for half an hour.

Originally, she did not bother to bet with her, and no matter what it was, her society was less likely to win than Sun Jialing's society.

But it was really this woman who was too good to take the lead and forced her to do so, she only took it down.

Of course, whether it is based on face problems or due to the punishment of gambling, she must win!

At this time, there are already ascending rushers to Tongtiancheng. Many groups will carry out new mobilization during this period. For Xue Mo who has a gambling contract, this period is especially important for her.

But think of the crystal card in your hand…

"There is at least half a month of freshman enrollment. The importance of the crystal card is very clear to you. Let's wait and see." If he hasn't come back to find a crystal card within a week, then it is not too late for us to go. ”

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