In this noisy environment, Xue Mo's voice is not particularly conspicuous.

However, the inexplicable registration position came to the school to subconsciously give her a way to go, and has been seduce with the seduce of Ye Zichen's Bao Jingwu.

"Ye brother, I can't help, I don't know if you know Xue Shijie."Bao Jingwu smiled and opened his mouth and stepped back a few steps.

"Bao Jingwu, Xue Mo is not a grizzly person, why are you afraid of her?"

At this moment, the extremely enchanting woman who came with Xue Mo was brows. In the eyes of Bao Jingwu who retreated to the distance, the fear was even stronger, and he was facing the woman.

"Head of the Sun."


This woman is the head of the Grizzlies?

Why are such a beautiful woman called the name Grizzly?


At that time, when Bao Jingwu introduced himself, he said that he was the leader of the Sixth Regiment. The real boss of the Grizzlies was not the woman in front of him, but he could sit in the position of the head of the team. This woman is not a leisurely generation.

Seeing that the grandson of the grandson was stunned by Bao Jingwu, she immediately said to Xue Mo with her shoulders.

"This little brother is obviously our Grizzlies are talking about it. Xue Mo is so good to grab people so clearly."

"Hurry up and collect your fox, and keep seduce Pang Zheng."Xue Mozhen smiled.

"what did you say?"

"Sun Jialing, how do you become the head of the six regiments, isn't it clear?"A faint look at the woman, Xue Mo and a bad smile, "I heard that there are two months to accompany it, change the head with two months, do you think this is worth it?"

As soon as the voice fell, Xue Mo’s eyes were filled with the color of regret.

Everyone in the Tongtian Academy knows that there is a beam between Sun Jialing and Xue Mo. Therefore, they both attracted a lot of attention.

Just now Xue Mo did not have much disguise when he said that the words were over, as long as the ears were not heard, they almost heard the words.

"The rumor is true, Sun Jialing really slept with Pang for two months?"

"I thought it was true early, and since the news can be heard, it is definitely not a hole in the wind. Now Xue Shijie said it, but it is impossible to have a fake. ”

"The other heads of the Grizzlies are the masters of the Seventh and Seventh Heavens. On Sun Jialing, it is not long before they come to the college, but they are the most supreme people, but they are the heads of the team. Not clear."

It may be that the students are whispering around, and Sun Jialing, who heard these gossips, turned red and raised his finger to Xue Mo. Xue Mo was also looking at her in a careless manner.

"You don't want to talk nonsense."

"Is it nonsense to say that you are not clear?"

Regardless of the true and false of the middle, in the momentum, Xue Mo has won.

Very bad, turned over the woman's eyes, Xue Mo opened the door.

"As for you saying that I am arrogant to you, it is even more nonsense. I have known this person for a long time. I also promised to enter our chaos group half a month ago, do you know?"

The smell of gunpowder is a bit strong!

Ye Zichen, who was in the middle of the war, was afraid that the battle between the two women would spread to him, and he would look at Xue Mo invisibly, and he found that the other party was also watching him.

"I know you will come here."

Xue Mo smiled as he spoke to Ye Zichen.

"I can go around here for a few laps, just to find you. Don't waste time with the guys of the Grizzlies. Let's talk about it half a month ago, right! ”

"I……Have we talked about it? ”Ye Zichen said very straight.

Their only meeting was in the pub, and the memory was not particularly pleasant. No matter what he thought, he couldn't remember that he had talked about it at the time.

Xue Mo's face changed instantly.

This guy is an idiot!

She really wants to come out now.

Sun Jialing, who had just eaten from Xue Mo, smiled and kept shaking her head toward Xue Mo.

"Lie, let people tear it down." As far as you are concerned, no one will believe anything. ”

Sun Jialing said this to reduce the impact of Xue Mo’s words on her.

Charming smile, Sun Jialing went to the front of Ye Zichen.

"Come to our group, don't look at the chaos is also the top five group, but it is already a past tense, and there is no comparable with our Grizzlies. Our team also enjoys the best resources of the entire college, and you will get better development here. ”


"Don't hesitate, you will recruit new students into the group and you will come to the club president personally. Where can they be strong?" After a few months of community rankings, their group is afraid that the top 100 will not enter. And I told you a little gossip, knowing why the messy group that was famous in the past was like this? ”

"To shut up!"

Suddenly, Xue Mo’s entire face sank, and the cold wind screamed.

Sun Jialing glanced at the back with a playful look, and there was a faint red awning around the body.

"It's all dead."

"There are nearly a million people in the whole group who are dead. Now the entire community has no more than 100 people. This matter has been alarmed to the high-level of the innocent sea. Hey, if it wasn’t for her temperament in the past, the presidents of the chaotic group, including their members, might die. ”

"It is a pity that there is a million lives, because she is alone, and all the members are buried. It is also strange, committed such a big mistake, Tongtian College actually still keep her, she also inherited the position of the president of the chaos. Say that I am a * superior, then I do not know how our president Xue Mo, still stay in Tongtian College under such a big accident? ”

The people around me are silent, and this is indeed a big event in their Tongtian College.

At that time, the group of nearly tens of thousands of supreme masters, over 100,000 days of supreme level masters at the same time fell. Wuhaihai, Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, and Tongtian College, including the top ten cities around the Tianshan City, are all personally visited.

In the end, I don’t know why the high-level officials have suppressed this matter. No one is mentioning this.

Many people in the college hate Xue Mo because of the incident.

In fact, no one knows the truth of the facts, but what the students of Tongtian College saw was that only a million people came back alone. When she came back, she still cried and blamed her…

This makes people have to think that everything is her reason.

"Don't you shut up?"

A plum blossom mark appeared in the heart of the red-eyed Xue Momei, and a long sword surrounded by ice and snow followed the mark of the plum blossom.

The ice and snow swords are out, and the ice is frozen.

In front of the entrance to the school registration office, it was like there were a few snow monsters screaming in the snow, and the blizzard slammed on the clothes of everyone.

Xue Mo’s hand was also lifted and held to the hilt.


Standing next to Chen Guangfa's pupils violently beating, Xue Mo also raised a delicate chin at this time, and the plum blossomed plum blossoms seemed to be alive and full of her entire forehead.

"wanna die? Then I will complete you! ”

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