"Xue Mo, here is the college, you dare…"

Everything that is arrogant is built here is the site of Tongtian College, and the college is open to the private colleges.

At the moment when Xue Mo unblocked the sword, Sun Jialing really felt the fear.

"Don't dare? I don't dare! โ€

Indifferent from the mouth of Xue Mo's mouth, the red crimson is particularly dazzling under the pure white ice.

The right hand turned over and the long sword screamed.

In a flash, Xue Mo's whole person merged with the long sword, and with the unstoppable momentum, he stabbed toward Sun Jialing's chest.

This sword can be seen Xue Xue is not to scare Sun Jialing, she is really moving to kill.

"Xue Mo."

Under Sun Jialing's scream, there are countless defensive spells in front of her.

These expensive defensive spells, at this time, Sun Jialing is throwing away with the madness of not wanting money.

But under Xue Mo and her sword, these defensive spells are fragile.

When the last defensive spell in front of him was broken, when the charm in the ring was exhausted, Sun Jialingโ€™s eyes saw only one person and one sword.

The human face is deep and the sword is cold.

"Do not…"

Sun Jialing closed her eyes and screamed her hand. At this moment, a glimpse of Rayman flashed through the eyes of the crowd.

A bang.

Xue Moโ€™s man and sword stopped, and there was lightning flashing in her vagueness, and her palms were numb.

"Pang Zheng, want to gossip?"

At this time, the surrounding onlookers fixed their eyes on the electric awning.

There was still a smile on his face. He was more than six feet tall in white, and the young man with long hair appeared in his arms, and Sun Jialing appeared ten meters away.

This person is the president of the Grizzlies Group and one of the strongest students in the Tongtian Academy.

Pang Zheng.

Gently patted Sun Jialing's shoulder, Pang Zheng loosened his mouth and chuckled.

"The school is forbidden to fight privately. I am thinking about President Xue. What's more, Sun Jialing is the head of our regiment. When she is in danger, I am the president of the regiment. โ€

"Itโ€™s her mouth, damn it."Xue Moshuang is like a snowy scorn.

"I apologize for the rashness of my team members. Going back to the community, I will punish her, and she will let her remember the pain of this utterance. Today is the day of admission to the college. If you want to see the blood, it will be bad for anyone. If you donโ€™t do this, you will turn it over. After waiting for these days, I will personally apologize to the door and hope that President Xue will give this face to Pang. โ€

Pang kept smiling all the time while he was talking. This kind of humility and courtesy made people feel like a breeze, and they all got the unanimous feeling of whether they were old or new.

Xue Mo, who was holding the frosty cold sword, was unmoved. Until Chen Guangfa came over and said a few words in her ear, she indifferently sealed the sword in the plum blossom mark, and looked at Sun Jialing and laughed. Pang Zheng glanced.

"Well, today Pang is coming out, I will leave you a commandment. If you dare to say this again next time, even if the dean is coming, you can't keep you, my Xue Mo said one. And you and me gamble, still proceed as usual. โ€

Leaving a contempt, Xue Mo glanced at Ye Zichen.

"Come with me."

The onlookers gave way to let Xue Mo leave. Just now it was just a touch. If Pang Zheng came, maybe Sun Jialing would really die here.

Until Xue Mo left for a long time, Sun Jialing was still a look of heart and soul.


"Learning to learn a long time, the things of the year are not allowed to mention. This time, you are lucky enough to save me. If you are getting her next time, let alone the dean, even if you are out of the way, you can't keep you. โ€

"she wasโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

"Don't ask if you don't know, I have other things to deal with, you…Let's point it. โ€

Looking at Xue Mo's position, others may not know what the plum blossoms represent, but he is well aware.

"The power of blood, no wonder!"


"No, why should I follow you?"

Ye Zichen didn't know why he followed Xue Mozhen's departure and went to a quaint manor. He couldn't help but speak.

"Why are you following us? Are you not sure?"

Xue Mo walked in front and stopped, and a crystal card in his hand appeared in his hand.

Seeing this crystal card, Ye Zichen's pupils shrank and grabbed the card directly.

On the way, Xue Mo will collect the crystal card, Ye Zichen also locked the eyebrows at this time.

"That is my crystal card, you hurry to me."

"Do you know this is your crystal card?"Turning his eyes toward Ye Zichen, Xue Mo will continue to move forward.

Crystal card is in the hands of the other party, Ye Zichen can't help but can only follow her.

Xue Mocai stopped until they came to a lotus pond.

"The crystal card is so important, you have lost it. Fortunately, my kindhearted person is here, not you…Itโ€™s finished. โ€

The crystal card is at the top of Ye Zichen's head. When Ye Zichen wants to reach out and grab it, Xue Mo has already collected it in advance.

"Do you want to go back to the crystal card?"

Ye Zichen Emei said: "Hurry to me."

Looking at Ye Zichen's angry look, Xue Mo smiled lightly, and the crystal card kept playing in her hands.

"It's easy to go back, join the group."

"Travel, I am in! Hurry to give me the card, I am going to the registration office to register, and the name will be immediately entered into your group? โ€

"I have already done the job for you, GF…"

Accompanied by Xue Mo's call, the sturdy Chen Guangfa ran over and smoked a golden piece of paper in his hand.

The paper was placed in front of Ye Zichen, and the information above was a great application.

"When you write your name on your blood, it means that you are successful in the group. After the success, this crystal card will be returned to you."

So formal!

Into the group, you need to use the essence of the blood, obviously there is some kind of contract in the middle.

If other gangs enter, it will be considered. Anyway, he has a town demon tower, and he is not particularly concerned about resources.

He cares about the name of the group.

Peaceful group!

The gang he set up himself was a mess, and the name of the group was chaotic. This is not to give them a gang!

Ye Zichen refused in her heart. Even if he saw his eyes sinking, he immediately took the paper to Chen Guangfaโ€™s hand.

"I entered, Crystal card to me."

Looking over the golden paper, there was a name left by Ye Zichen with the blood at the signature.

"Hey, give it to you."

The tune of the ball, the crystal card back to the hands of Ye Zichen.

Xue Mo also lazily stretched out at this moment, the small hand took Ye Zichen's shoulder.

"Come on new things, please."

"Then you really think too much."Ye Zichen and a grandfather like a lotus pond, Xue Mo is a smile that doesn't care. "It doesn't matter, you don't want to recruit new ones and wait for the sins."

The voice did not fall. Under Xue Moโ€™s instructions, Chen Guangfa handed over the application for the group.

"Look at the bottom line of words."

Taking the paper with suspicion, Ye Zichen looked at the last line.

There are no particularly strange places.

"Look carefully, at the bottom of the bottom."

As if I knew Ye Zichenโ€™s thoughts, Xue Moโ€™s words reminded me.

Looking at the bottom of the paper, Ye Zichen found a small piece of text that ordinary people could hardly detect.

"Xue Mo, you play tricks with me!"

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