Central Shenshan Leidi.

A glimpse of Ray Mang broke through the house in front of the house in the mansion, and the guards who were on alert in the mansion were alert, and almost all of them came over at this moment.

Xiao's family rules, no matter who wants to enter the government, need to enter the main entrance of the house.

Just now, Raymond completely ignored the family return. These are the main reasons for those guards to be so vigilant.

There are six teams of guards, each coming from the six sides of the mansion. When they rushed here, they saw the blood of the name, the right arm was cut off, and there was a big blood hole in the chest. The man, with his left hand on the ground, half-squatted at the gate of the house.

"What is this person?"

The captains of several escorts looked at each other and signaled to each other through their eyes. They did not rush to the front, but kept shrinking the encirclement of this blood man in a double-team manner.

Just then, the blood man who was lying on the ground suddenly moved.

However, it was simple to put down the shoulders, and the surrounding guards took out the weapons. The look of the police stared at the bloody people in front of the house.

"Send me back to the house."

The blood man spoke in a particularly hoarse voice, and at the same time he turned his head to the group of guards. For a long time, some of the guards gathered their weapons and stunned.

"Xiao Hu Elder?"

"What, this is Xiaohu elder?"

The rest of the guards also read the weapons, and looked at them in the past…

"Really is the elder of Xiao Hu."

The guards rushed over and looked at the blood that had not solidified in Xiao Hu. The eyes of these guards were full of unbelievable.

The elders of Xiao Hu, who are in charge of the criminal court, do not say that they are in the Xiao family, even if they are the whole gods.

Now it’s actually…

"Xiao Hu elder, you…"

"Send me back to the house."

Between words, Xiao Hu also spit out a blood from his mouth. The surrounding guards did not dare to delay, and quickly separated a few people to send him back to the bedroom, and many people have already notified the rest of the family and Xiao Wei.

In the bedroom.

The news of Xiao Hu’s serious injury spread throughout the entire Lei Di House in less than half an hour. The elders who were not retired within the family gathered at Xiao Hu’s room.

On the bed, Xiao Yu is personally healing his own power.

"Who is it, how can you start?"

The elders in the room whispered, and Xiao Hu was the great elder of their Xiao family, and no one would know their identity and status.

More importantly, other people don't know, but they are all clear.

Just a few years ago, Xiao Hu broke through and became the master. It is possible to let Xiao Hu, who dominates the level, die, and the range that can be locked down is much smaller.

"You said that it would be a very northern mountain. Zhao Qianhe and Xiao Hu, who heard the northern mountain in the past few days, had some squabbles. Although Xiao Hu is now the master, if Zhao Qianhe really wants to kill the heart, there is a chance to do this. ”

"This is unlikely."Some elders hold the opposite opinion. "Zhao Qianhe's behavior can fully represent the northern mountain. If she starts with Xiao Hu, then does it mean that the innocent sea has an idea for our Lei Di Xiao family? The same person who is a mountain of God, I feel that the innocent sea will not do so. Moreover, the innocent sea is against the enemy of Lei Di, which does not make sense! ”

"Then, who do you say will be? There are so many masters of the gods, and it is even rarer to hurt Xiaohu. ”

"Don't limit your eyes too much, do we have a dominion in the realm of the gods?" Are there any demon and demons? ”


Several elders in the room were silent. If the demon and the demon were injured, the problem could be serious.


At this moment, Xiao Hu, sitting cross-legged on the bed, spurted a black blood under the bed.

Xiao Wei, who was healing his back, also took back the divine power and dried the fine sweat at his forehead before he walked down the bed.

"In the past few months, you have stayed in the family to recover your injuries. This time, you have been hurt, and you have already hurt your source. And I feel that there is still other energy in your body, which is difficult to remove by my means. I am afraid that only my father can completely erase that energy. However, he has recently seen the end of the dragon, and I can only guarantee that it will not spread. You should also pay attention to it. ”

"There are laborers who have bothered."

Xiao Hu, who was weak in his face, breathed a sigh of relief. His injury at his chest had recovered, but his expression was still wilting.

"Tiger, who is it that hurts you like this?" Have you seen each other's looks! ”The elders in the room said, "If you dare to hurt the people of Lei Di, even if she is the sacred place, we must come to the door to discuss."

The elder is obviously interested in pointing out. From his tone, he can feel that most of it refers to Zhao Qianhe.

"Don't think too much, not the people in our gods."Xiao Hu leaned on the bed.

"Not a god, that…"

"Not a demon and a demon."Xiao Hu breathed a sigh of relief and laughed in the suspicion of the crowd. "It is outside the domain."

"How did you go outside the domain!"

The elders, including Xiao Wei, looked shocked, and the domain refers to the land of the three realms.

The outside world has always been the place where the Three Realms avoided passing, because the people there are really terrible, and picking out one person can make the Three Devils of the Gods encounter big troubles.

People outside the domain seem to be under the restrictions of certain rules, and can only be ridiculous outside the domain, and cannot enter the territory of the Three Realms.

There is also a presence of power outside the domain, which is even more detached from the demon.

Named, the witch!

"Why are you going outside the domain? I am not asking you to take Xuanyuanjian. How can you get out of the domain?"Xiao Wei said.

"It was when I took Xuanyuanjian."Xiao Hu said very hard. "On the way to take Xuanyuanjian, I met a master outside the field. He exiled me outside the domain. I tried my best, abandoned half-life and repaired myself, and ruined 20% of the soul before I ran back from the field. ”

When I mentioned this, Xiao Hu’s eyes were full of fear.

The group of people who eat people without spitting bones, he did not want to see the second time in his life.

"But I haven't gone outside this time, but I have found a lot of information that we didn't know."

Inexplicably, Xiao Hu smiled blankly and said.

"And, although Xuanyuanjian didn't get it, I know who the sword is in now, I know…The news of the town demon tower. ”

"What, the town demon tower!"

The people in the room were shocked.

"Is the town demon tower on the outside of the field?"

"Do not."Xiao Hu smiled and smiled at the cold road in the eyes. "The town demon tower is in the hands of a supremely strong boy. The man said that you may have heard it…That is, the Lei Di has blocked him from entering the realm of the gods. In the past few days, Zhao Qianhe was also protected…Ye Zichen ! ”

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