There is still a period of time since the opening of the Tongtian Academy. The registration of the new students has also passed the hottest period. Most of the colleges that are now flowing in this college are recruiting for the community, or asking for a good association. newborn.

In the shade of the tree, there was a slightly shabby club recruiting place, and Ye Zichen was leaning against the trunk with a straw hat.


After licking his nose, Ye Zichen opened the straw hat by hand.

"Who is saying bad things behind me."

These days can be regarded as suffering Zizen, Zhao Xin is not really capable, and the group of newcomers is the strength of talent, as long as it is a living is the object of countless forces competing to snatch.

In the first few days, I was able to flicker the newly-launched newcomers. Now they are all learning.

One by one is waiting for the price, and whoever gives more benefits to the community.

Ye Zichen is not the kind of person who is particularly active, so that his registration is rare.

"It’s really a thief boat."

Ye Zichen, who was sitting on the trunk, whispered, and he never imagined that Xue Mo would play with him.

It is impossible to destroy the contract. He can feel that there is a rule in the underworld that binds him.

However, it is strange to say that according to Ye Zichen’s understanding of these days, the chaos group was once the strongest club in Tongtian College. In its heyday, even the top four other four clubs added, it is difficult to shake him. s position.

Although there have been some changes in the middle, the dead camel is bigger than the horse.

Why do you see that the people in the chaos are recruiting new people, and the group of guys are far away from seeing the screaming gods.

"I can't figure it out."

By smashing the cap by hand, Ye Zichen leaned back on the tree.

He has come over this in the past few days. He came to the new morning and went to sleep until the early hours of the morning. He continued to sleep. As for the results of his days…



Ye Zichen's ear, which was clasped with a small cap, moved gently, and even at this level, even small sounds could be heard clearly.

Just now, he clearly heard someone coming here.

Putting the hat open, it is not a problem, he really stood in front of him, this person he also knows, that is, that day, the dead skin is still selling the cute Bao Yiwu who wants him to enter the group.

"Captain Bao, how come you have time to come to me?"

I took the ash and got up from the ground, Ye Zichen holding her shoulders.

"The relationship between the two of us is not too harmonious. If you let the big sister of the Sixth Regiment see it, you have no good fruit to eat."

Bao Jingwu looked at Ye Zichen's face and smiled and said: "Ye brother, I don't want to go with you any more. In fact, I am here…It was the head of our grandson who asked me to come over. ”

Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow: "She let you come over?"

Bao Jingwu nodded and said: "Our head asked me to come over and ask you if you are interested in the Grizzlies. As long as you come, she can promise to give you the position of the deputy head, and enjoy the benefits that the club can enjoy in the heavens. ”


From the eyes of Bao Jingwu, Ye Zichen can see that he is actually a bit embarrassed.

It is also true that a freshman like him who has just signed up for the college has not made any contribution to the team. He will be promoted directly to the deputy head and enjoy the welfare of the heavenly Lord.

This will change who will be jealous.

Only Ye Zichen can't figure out, why should Sun Jialing do this?

Is it because she wants to fight with Xue Mo?

If this is the case, then the battle between women is really terrible.

The conditions given are tempting, but Ye Zichen has entered the chaos and can only refuse.

"Sorry, I am in a mess."Said, he also showed his own logo.

The group of the group is a pigeon. Ye Zichen once asked Chen Guangfa why he used this group. He said that the purpose of the group is to calm the war, the peace represented by the pigeons, and the yearning for the group. peace.

Bao Jingwu’s eyes are obviously a little anxious, saying: β€œYe brother, even if you enter the group, you can withdraw from the group. The chaos is already in the past, and now our Grizzlies are the strongest clubs in the college. The Grizzlies will not let you regret it. Come on! ”

"Don't go."Ye Zichen shrugged.

"Ye brother!"Whoever thought, Bao Jingwu actually grabbed Ye Zichen's arm and said, "I am begging you, and the head of the group has ordered the death, let me pull you into our society, if you don't If you come, my captain will not be able to do it. Maybe, I have to get the Grizzlies to be removed. ”

"That's not right, you come directly to me."

Taking a shot of Bao Jingwu's shoulder, Ye Zichen was very welcome.

"Hurry back, come to our mess, don't talk about the captain, I will give you a head of the delegation." Moreover, you think…Although the reunion group is a tiger, Pingyang, but the dead camel is bigger than the horse. After all, the resources in the community are still more powerful than other groups. ”

"The Grizzlies are indeed very strong now. There are many resources in the group, but they can't stand many people, right! There are so many resources, and it is evenly distributed to all people. How much? It’s not the same for me. There are a few people in our group. You have more resources than the Grizzlies. ”

"You are thinking, waiting for you to go home or to meet friends, the title of the head of the group of the chaos, how to sound better than the Grizzlies sub-team leader."

Inexplicable, Bao Jingwu's look turned out to be somewhat loose, and Ye Zichen also adhered to the principle of pulling a water to pull a water…

"Come to me, the benefits are absolutely impossible to imagine!"

"Little brother, I let him attack you, but it is not for you to attack him."

At this moment, a scent of fragrance passed down the breeze.

Looking at the fragrant fragrance, I saw Sun Jialing swaying her waist and walking from a distance.

This woman is definitely a stunner.

Whether it is a figure, or her usual eyes, countless people can fall under her skirt. As she came along, I don’t know how many men looked straight.

At this time, she apparently came out from the panic that Xue Mo had shot at her. She fiddled with her long hair and stood at the corner of Ye Zichen less than half a meter. Bao Jingwu also greeted at this time.


"Bao Jingwu, you are really good. If I don't come, are you really going to retreat?"Sun Jialing held her shoulder and smiled and looked at the side of Bao Jingwu. "Hey, I am so close to you."

"Head of me…"

"What are you?"Su Jialing, a deliberate, swears by Bao Jingwu, opens to Ye Zichen. "It’s immoral for the little brothers to dig me up."

"So, are you going to dig me for morality?"

"I just let him explain the facts. You come to me more than you get in the chaos." Besides, can someone who can dig away dig? ”

"You are really double-labeled."Ye Zichen is also helpless and laughs. "But I agree with you in the last sentence. It is not a digging to dig away…Bao Jingwu came to me, and the benefits are many. ”

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