The simple two words completely ruined Bao Jingwuโ€™s total nostalgia for the Grizzlies.

Originally, the Grizzlies were a small transparency, so why should they persist there?

On the fame, the chaos group is also the five giant clubs. Despite the current downfall, he believes that there is such a resource support for the chaos, he firmly believes that the chaos can regain the glory of the year.


The heart was horizontal, and Bao Jingwuโ€™s right hand smashed the group of the Grizzly Corps on his body and held the Supreme Dan to the front of Ye Zichen.

"Head of the leaf, please take care of it in the future."

During the talks, he kept looking at the pile of Baoshan and kept swallowing.

"Don't look at it, work well for us, and your benefits are indispensable."Pat a few times on the shoulders of Bao Jingwu, Ye Zichen said, "Itโ€™s just that our chaos is in the development stage. I donโ€™t have any people. I donโ€™t give you any job, just be my deputy.โ€


Bao Jingwu didn't want to nod, and now Ye Zichen has the financial power to give him a deputy who is definitely better than other positions.

"Bao Jingwu, you actually retired."Sun Jialing, immersed in the shock, screamed with her eyes open.

"Yes, I am back!"Bao Jingwu said.

"You will regret it sooner or later, the short-sighted guy. This is just the resource of the bottom of their chaos. They all come out and want to die, you are really fooled. Wait for these resources to run out, see what you do! โ€

"This is what I should consider, not what you should think."

Feeling the chill in the light of Bao Jingwu, Sun Jialingโ€™s fingers trembled.

She looked at Bao Jingwu's eyes and looked at Ye Zichen.

"Well, I have to see how many people you can use these!"

"Ok."Ye Zichen was too lazy to argue with him and waved at him. "Don't get in the way, I'm going to start new."

As soon as the voice fell, he closed his eyes and gasped Shen Dan.

"The chaotic group is new, and all the members of the Grizzlies retreat to join us and give one to the Supreme Dan."

When Ye Zichen released Baoshan, it attracted a lot of attention. Now that he shouted, there were countless new students, including old people, who rushed here.

Seeing this dazzling baby, everyone around me was stunned.

"What did you just say really, the people of the Grizzly Group joined you and gave one to the Supreme Dan?"

He was a member of the Grizzlies. His eyes were filled with unbelief and he spoke in a tentative tone.

"Of course, as long as you enter, Supreme Dan is yours."Said Ye Zichen.

The member of the inquiry did not say much. He shredded the group of the Grizzlies and signed an agreement to enter the group.

When he dropped the pen, a remedy fell into his hands.

"Stand to stand behind me, wait for the night to take you to the base camp of our community."

The freshman who got the Supreme Dan was filled with incredible medicinal herbs, and he ran away with a slap in the face.

Really give the supreme Dan!

In an instant, the onlookers exploded.

Anyone who is a Grizzly group will shred the group and rush to sign the application.

The face of the six members of the Grizzlies, Sun Jialing, was purple. She wanted to organize but under the temptation of Supreme Dan, the power of her speech was very small.

"Well, you give me waiting."

I looked at Ye Zichen with a glance, and Sun Jialing pushed away the almost red-eyed freshmen. For this, Ye Zichen also just chuckle chuckle, did not put to the heart, to the surrounding newborn Tao.

"Don't worry, come slowly, have a share!"

The chaos group base camp.

Xue Mo was sitting on the edge of the lotus pond, holding a telescope in his hand and staring at it.

"Do you want to talk to people at home?"

Xue Mo whispered, she had been in a position for about half an hour, and from her look, she was struggling inside.

"If the opening is good, there is no face, but no opening…Definitely lost! โ€

Keeping playing with the messenger in his hand, the struggle on Xue Moโ€™s face became more and more obvious.


Just then, Chen Guangfa, who was in the distance from the lotus pond, hurried over.

Xue Mo grabbed the transmitter and returned to the eyebrows.

"what happened?"

"Ye Zichen, he…"

"What's up with him? Didn't let him go to the new one, the result is definitely very sad! โ€

Xue Mo can think of that kind of picture, and the reputation is not as good as that of other giants. On resources, there is no way to compare them.

"This guy is too fierce!"For a long time, Chen Guangfa shouted in his mouth, "He is not only new, but also to dig the Grizzlies. In less than half an hour, the Grizzlies have already broken the group." Let's get together."

"How did he do it?"Xue Mo did not understand.

"You know it with me, Ye Zichen is so embarrassing, I just met Sun Jialing, her face will be green."

"Okay, look at the past."

Half an hour's time, the Grizzlies retired from the group * chaotic group, the news that there was a Supreme Dan in the group spread throughout the Tongtian College, more and more Grizzlies members or other members arrived here.

For a time, the other associations were so sad that the new place was Ye Zichen, but it was full of popularity.

"Don't worry, don't worry, take it slowly, everyone has a share. As long as you are a Grizzlies group, if you are just entering the group or the old man, you can enter the chaos. โ€

The members who had previously recruited had already begun to sort out the order, and the location of the application for the group also made them manage in an orderly manner.

Of course, most of the retreats are newcomers.

The old people have points in the community. Retiring the group means that the points that have been so long have disappeared, and many people are watching and watching.

The resources that the chaos group has come up with are indeed scary, but this is just the way…

Whether the team can have enough materials to support it is also a consideration for them.

"Hey brothers, then there are other benefits in our other clubs or in the community."Someone in the onlookers shouted.

Their hearts are really itchy, but it is the supreme Dan…

Throw it out like no money, let anyone see who is not moving.

To be honest, they all think of the name, they can be photographed in Tongtian College, they do not dare to make it.

"Oh, I remember this sex, I almost forgot."Just now, taking into account the arrogance of Sun Jialing, I have forgotten other associations and people without associations. "Other associations or people who do not have associations can receive one of the godsโ€™ coins for more than six paragraphs. One hundred god coins."

"No, this gap is too big!"Someone shouted.

"Brother, the gap is there…But I can assure you that as long as you enter our chaotic group, you can receive the Supreme Dan in the sixth stage. Now you may be under six paragraphs. It is not difficult for Supreme Dan, but as long as you have enough strength, you can apply. The chaos group, once the head of the five giants, is absolutely virginity! โ€

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