"Sister, you wait for me."

Xue Mo from the camp of the chaos group, Chen Guangfa is far behind, so that Chen Guangfa can only chase after the side.

When she came to the new office of the society, it was the new place where the surrounding waters could not be found.

"Let let."

Xue Mo’s mouth standing behind the crowd, the old and new students waiting to enter the group can not help but turn their eyes back.

Seeing that the person is Xue Mo, these people quickly changed into a smile and made a way.

"Don't worry, let's take it slowly."

Ye Zichen, who was dealing with the surrounding students, did not notice Xue Mo’s visit, and Xue Mo’s came over, but he looked at the Baoshan in front of him.


After finishing the order, Bao Jingwu Yu Guangyu went to Xue Mo. With this sentence, the members of the chaos group who had signed the deeds had straightened their waists and respectfully shouted the president.

Ye Zichen turned around under the sound and couldn't help but raise her eyebrows.



Looking at the smile on his face, Xue Mo frowned and couldn't speak for a long time.

Her eyebrows are a pair of Baoshan, Ye Zichen's crystal card has fallen into her hands, she knows how long this guy has come to the realm.

How can a newcomer who has entered the realm of the gods come up with such abundance of materials.

"Don't show a look that is too surprised, but now it's new for your peace."With a smile on the old and new students around, Ye Zichen came to Xue Mo and deliberately lowered his voice. "Since you are here, you are also the president of our community. Should you say something?"

Immediately, Xue Mo looked a face, and his face overflowed with a smile.

"Welcome to everyone who can join us in the chaos, although the group has had some bad memories, but Xue Mo is here to guarantee that in the future I will definitely live up to your choice today. You will be glorified by entering the chaos. ”

She was a stunning woman. After she let go of her cold look, she suddenly let a lot of male students around her fall into madness.

Especially those newcomers who have just arrived, they don’t just hear about some bad news about the chaos, but they don’t know that the president of the chaos is so beautiful.

For a time, the number of people who want to enter the group in the new office is more than a few.

With Xue Mo’s call, Ye Zichen also smiled and said: “The heads have said this, and there is nothing to hesitate about, and the group will welcome you to join.”

When the voice fell, Ye Zichen handed over the new things to Chen Guangfa. Now they don’t have to go outside to join the hard-working people. They only need to record here, so that those who sign the contract are It is.

As for himself, he left Xuemo’s arm.

Xue Mo did have a lot of questions to ask, and after a smile at everyone, he followed Ye Zichen to leave the new office.

"Is it necessary to explain it to me?"

The two came to a place where few people happened. There was a rockery and fountain nearby. Xue Mo stood on the edge of the fountain pool with his shoulders, and his eyes stared at the Ye Zichen opening.

"Explain with you? You have a problem with your brain! ”Said Ye Zichen.

"You are just coming in, why can you have so much money? Do you think you should explain it to me?"

"who do you think You Are?"Not looking at her with a good look, Ye Zichen said, "I am here for you, and you are quite wide."

"But are you sure that this new way is reasonable?"

Xue Mo's worry, Ye Zichen thought of this.

"You don't have to worry about this. I am involved in the application. Although it is not very kind, they only need to sign up for the group application, so don't want to run." Oh, yes, tell you, I have to send the materials you have to pay me back. ”

"know."Xue Mo nodded.

It was so easy to agree that this was not what Ye Zichen had expected.

"Don't look at me like this. It's a problem for me to be a president." You just came to our group, I have no reason to let you pay for yourself. However, there are some things I need to remind you. You have already let me stare. It is better that you are not a spy of other ethnic groups or snobbery, or let me know…You know the consequences yourself. ”Xue Mo’s eyes flashed with cold eyes.

Ye Zichen is also a shrug, and his performance is indeed doubtful.

Seeing people's hearts for a long time, the province is not afraid of shadows, and he has nothing to fear.

"Nanxin is going to stare at you. I have other things to do, take a step first."

Xue Mo waved his hand, Xue Mo could not help but lock his eyebrows.

"Why are you going?"

"Digging people!"

In the twinkling of an eye, the three-day time passed away, and the welcome party has not yet begun. Ye Zichen, the newcomer who first arrived, did not know at Tongtian College.

The people in the college gave him a very good nickname – excavator!

In three days, he privately saw the Grizzlies group to remove Sun Jialing's five heads, and more than 30 flags. I don't know what he promised. There are two heads of delegation, more than 20 flags, and they are separated from the Grizzlies.

This time, the new Grizzlies’ forces have not only grown, but have also fallen sharply.

In the welcome meeting, the group was over 100,000 members, of which the master of the heavenly level broke three thousand, and the group was divided into two groups, which were headed by the two heads who were separated from the Grizzlies. This is also one of the requirements for them to come to the chaos.

As for the rest, no one knows.

"Hey, this is the resource you consumed when you were new. The amount of Supreme Dan consumed is too much. I can't give it to you all at once, and I use other materials to offset it."

In the evening, Xue Mo, wearing a book, took a ring and walked into Ye Zichen's room.

Ordinary members actually need to live in a dormitory. Although the area of ​​Tongtian College is wide enough, it is impossible for each student to have a separate residence.

Only the head of the group can have a separate room at the land of the association, but several heads and presidents are crowded in a house.

"Yes, put it on the table."

Ye Zichen didn't look back. At this time, he was arranging the clothes against the bronze mirror. Tonight is the welcome party. He has to wear a decent face.

Otherwise, how do you marry the younger sister of the college?

This is not a mess. Ye Zichen has captured a lot of young girls in the college these days. If it is not the welfare of the chaos, it is worth saying…

Those male students came for Xue Mo, women…Just watching Ye Zichen come.

"It’s not a welcome meeting, why is it so grand?"Xue Mo is speechless.

Ye Zichen smiled a little: "Do you think it is as simple as welcoming you?"

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