At the welcome meeting, talents and talents emerged endlessly. The attention of everyone was almost on these geniuses, so that the small collision here Ye Zichen did not seem to attract the attention of others.

The atmosphere was a little depressed, and Ye Zichen grinned and came to the middle.

"What is this? Everyone has aspirations. Although Luo and Li brothers have said that they were the people of your Grizzlies, they don't mean that you are yours all your life, right."

"You kid really dare to welcome the new party!"Chen erected a finger in a year.

"Why can't I come? I am also a student at Tongtian College. ”A faint shrug, Ye Zichen looked at the finger of Chen for a year. "I hate people pointing at me with my fingers."

"It’s very hard, people who dig our grizzly bears, dare to talk to us like this. I am not just referring to you, I want to beat you too! ”

Between words, Chen’s hand suddenly made a fist.

Luo Zi and Li Hu suddenly stepped forward, and the body's divine power worked silently. Ye Zichen's pupil is also shrinking, lifting 100% vigilance, but his eyes are on Pang Zheng.

Chen is only the head of the Grizzlies for a year. Will he decide to see Pang Zheng’s decision?

At this time, the people of the orientation party gradually noticed the situation of Ye Zichen. Many people began to look at it here, and the teachers on the stage also watched it.

"Pang Zheng, what are you doing?"One of the teachers spoke.

Under the teacher's question, Pang Zheng is still gazing at the opposite of Ye Zichen. In this pair of views, no one has retreated half a step, and immediately Pang Zheng’s mouth reveals a smile.

"We have nothing, you are still busy."

With the student's gift to the teacher, Pang Zheng's eyes are back to the low, facing Chen's opening year.

"Come back in a year."

Chen, who was half-bowed, returned to the side of Pang Zheng, and Luo and Li Hu returned to Ye Zichen after he retired.

"When I saw Ye Xiong on the same day, I thought that Ye Xiong was extraordinary, not in the pool. In these few days, Pangmou was taught to the best of Ye Xiong. ”

The trick is naturally the Ye Zichen excavator.

The two team leaders, dozens of flag-bearing retreats, are not too light for their Grizzlies. In particular, more than 20% of the members of the ordinary league members retired from the group, and the overall power of the Grizzlies was sharply reduced.

Pang’s performance outside seems to be a slap in the face of anything, and there is no strong desire to control power. But this kind of loss, he can't really do it.

"Pang Chang has a heavy say."

Ye Zichen shrugged and smiled, and he was about to fall on Sun Jialing's body.

"Head of the Sun, it looks like you are gambling with our president, you lost!"

The bet was that her Sun Jialing lost.

According to the agreement, she was going to take off her clothes and come up with a special performance at this welcome party. But until now, she has not fulfilled the conditions of this bet.

When she heard Ye Zichen mention the matter, Sun Jialing buried her head.

Pang Zheng also smiled and patted Sun Jialing's shoulder and said: "I came here for the sake of this, and it was also for my cousin and Xue Xuechang's gambling."

"She is your cousin?"Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow.

Not to mention him, even the old students in the college do not know that there is this relationship between Pang Zheng and Sun Jialing.

No wonder she can be the head of the Grizzlies. The former college people thought she was *replaced.

"It's my cousin."Pang Zheng nodded. "I also heard about the gambling agreement between Jia Ling and Xue Xue. The gambling contract was indeed Jia Ling. She lost. However, the conditions for this bet are indeed a bit harsh for girls. Girls are worthy of fame, let her perform in college, which will let her be a man in the future? ”

"It's really interesting."Xue Mo’s eyes flashed a sneer, saying, “This gambling was originally made by Sun Jialing himself. Now, if I lose, I say that my reputation is not good. If I lose, I wonder if President Pang will still say such things righteously? ”

"Secretary Xue, I am here to talk to you with sincerity!"Pang Zheng eyes stunned.

"The president of Pang talked about your sincerity."Xue Mo said.

"It’s better to make a gamble than to make a gamble. In fact, President Xue’s victory is not a glory. Isn’t it? Dig people from our Grizzlies! If this matter is done, if you dig up people, I will not care about it in the future. ”Pang Zheng said.

"Wow, this sincerity is really sincere."Ye Zichen Tibetan Mastiff.

"What do you want? I can come here to give you a face, otherwise I will not come to you, Jialing does not fulfill the gamble, how can you? ”Pang Zheng proudly smiled. "With your people, do you think we can do our Grizzlies?" Or, do you want to provoke me to the northwest? ”

"Principal Pang, your people are set to collapse."Ye Zichen laughed again.

In the past, Pang was always showing humility and courtesy in the college.

The words he had just made were very different from his previous performances!

"Pang family, is it amazing?"

Under the threat of Pang Zheng, Xue Mo just touched his nose faintly, with a little playfulness in his eyes.

Seeing her indifference, Pang Zheng’s heart suddenly sinks.

She really is the person there!

The sphere of influence of the northwestern Pang family in the northern part of the mountain is indeed not to be underestimated, but if compared with the people in that place, there is no comparability at all.

Is she really that?

Pang Zheng’s heart kept thinking about it. For a long time, he sighed.

"What does Xue Xue want to do!"

Ning is credible and has no credibility.

If Xue Mo is really the one, and provoke him, their northwest Pang family is simply not enough to play.

“Ye Zichen, what do you think?”Xue Mo squinted and looked over.

"According to my thoughts, of course, I still want the head of the Sun to fulfill the gamble."Ye Zichen's eyes unobtrusively took a closer look at Sun Jialing's important position. "This is the welfare of the whole school."

Just as Pang was about to change his face, Ye Zichen turned his head again.

"But it is good to know that she is also the cousin of Pang's president. I don't look at the face of the Buddha. I have to personally come forward, and I have to give him a face. Otherwise, if Pang president wants his family to kill me, what should I do?" I am a little white man, can't provoke that…Northwest Pang is right! Right, right, this is…Such a big family, who is famous to be able to scare me, is soft. ”

This kind of obvious ridicule, Xue Mo and others are somewhat reluctant.

Pang Zheng’s face is also extremely blue, but in the background of Xue Mo’s unknown, he can only hold his fist and hold it.

"As for what to do…"Ye Zichen grabbed his chin with his hand, and inexplicably took a piece of jade from his pocket and threw it toward Pang Zheng. "Let's pay for it!"

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