The next morning.

There was just a white belly on the side of the day, and a lot of people had gathered in the camp.

"Ye brother is coming."

Ye Zichen, wearing a black robe, appeared in the eyes of everyone. He looked at the people in front of him. At this time, everyone came to know. Luo Zi, Li Hu, Xue Mo and Chen Guangfa were all people in a chaotic group.

Nodding to them, Ye Zichen stopped holding his shoulders.

"President, how long will it take for the other people you are looking for?"

Li Hu couldn't help himself. He was the earliest of this group. At this time, he waited for an hour, and his temper naturally couldn't help but say a few mouthfuls.


Not far away, a group of people came to face them. From a distance, it looked like the structure of three women and two men. It’s just that there is a cloud cover in the morning, and it’s not particularly clear.

Not long after, when this group came close, Li Hu’s eyes could not help but glance.

"No, the president of the Appearance Association has the president of the group."

Ye Zichen is also a glimpse of the story. The Appearance Association is a society entirely composed of women. The number of people in the club is over one million, and it accommodates almost 50% of women in Tongtian College.

Murong Xue, the head of this society, is a master of the nine-segment of the world, known as the Queen of Murong.

The club ranks fourth in the five major clubs.

The group is the third of the five giants, and the strength of the president of the association, Jiang Yong, is the same as that of Tianzhizun. Others say that it is now a half-step, and the comprehensive strength ranking of the college is ranked third, second only to that. The famous Shenlong, who saw the sword and the Jiangwei, and the Grizzlies of the Grizzlies, could press him.

There are these two fierce people, Li Hu, they all feel that this reward mission is stable!

"Momo baby."

At this moment, Murong Xue suddenly ran a few steps to Xue Mo's side, and hugged her.

"Let me see if I have grown up recently…"Said, her hand went to Xue Mo's chest to explore.

"You are dead, you."A female hooligan Rong Xue pushed away, Xue Mo is very abandoning, "Let you come early, do you know how long I have been waiting for you."

"Women, it must be very troublesome, and the baby must understand me."

Murong Xue smiled like a spoiled, pointing to the two beautiful women behind her.

"Look, I brought you the two beautiful people of our appearance association."

The four beautiful people of the Appearance Association are Shenyu Luoyan and Shuyue Shame.

The two beautiful women in front of me are twin sisters, the sister named Dai Xiaoyu, and the younger sister Dai Xiaoyan, the sinking fish among the four beautiful women.

The sisters are also the pillars of the Appearance Association.

Because the relationship between the twin sisters can be connected, the two join hands, even the masters of the Tianzhizun nine paragraphs have lost more than them.

"Right, I still met Jiang Yong in the middle of the road."Murong Xue was somewhat disgusted. "I didn't want to follow them all the time. The death is going to follow us, which seriously downplays the appearance of our appearance association."

"Mr. Murong, am I so unbearable?"

Jiang Yong is a rough man with a beard and a beard. However, above the face value, it is like Murong Xue said, it really really lowered their face value.

"You think, long with potatoes."Murong Xue was abandoning his shoulders.

"Lee President, are you really ugly?"Jiang Yong is somewhat dissatisfied.

Xue Mo did not answer, and the chin on the tap gave an answer.

"This task can't be done."Jiang Yongyi’s indignant look is going to go, but Murong Xue is at this moment, “You give me back!”

Jiang Yong, who had just stepped out of the way, immediately walked back, and Murong Xue looked at her even more.

"Say you a few words, you are not willing, it is really daring!"

"These two people are stupid."Li Hu and Luo Zi are behind the gossip, but Ye Zichen agrees with them, and the two of them are seemingly a bit problematic.

After letting Murong Xue stimulate for a long time, he couldn’t speak. Jiang Yong shook his head helplessly and said to Xue Mo.

"Secretary Xue, don't say Laojiang, I don't care about this reward for you. The Queen Murong brought them two golden flowers. I also brought it to our team."

Jiang Yong’s voice fell, and his appearance looked more like a young man named Pan Sheng.

"Schoor Xue."

Immediately, there is no other sentence to stand by Jiang Yong.

Pan Sheng’s temperament is so whispering. But the jade flute around his waist, but it can be played to let 100,000 to the Duna, why not leave the soul.

"I am very grateful to you for helping us to complete this reward mission. Xue Mo is grateful."Xue Mo hugged the crowd and said, "You should be clear about the rewards. I will not repeat them here."

"We all know that the Heavenly Supreme level! However, Momo's baby's hand is really fast enough. Originally, our appearance association also wanted to accept this reward task. ”Murong Xue is helpless.

"Murong Xue, can you talk well!"Xue Mo looked awkward.

"Momo baby said so to me, I am so sad."Murong Xue’s grievances helped the tears.

"I suddenly regretted looking for someone from the Appearance Association. Can I retreat now? I will contact other people in the community."Xue Mo said.

"Sister, think twice!"Chen Guangfa quickly sighed at the side.

Seeing Xue Mo is really not like these, Murong Xue is also put away from the seriousness, holding his shoulders and flashing.

To say that the last second she is the kind of soft-skinned, small bird-dependent woman.

So now, she is the queen who waved to decide the life and death of the people without discoloration.

"Momo does not like it, then my sister is not like this. However, I am a bit curious. Since it is a mission of the highest level of the heavens, I wonder why this little handsome guy is here? ”

Was named.

Murong Xue’s eyes were obviously on Ye Zichen’s, and Jiang Yong also looked over and saw Ye Zichen laughing.

"Ye brother is also, Ye brother's famous name Jiang is like a slap! The group of Pang Zhengna’s grandson suddenly lost 20% of the people. It’s really a big heart! But looking at Ye Xiong seems to be less than heavenly…"

Ye Zichen: "…"

"I let him come, what happened?"When I heard that Murong Xue and Jiang Yong both picked Ye Zichen's fault, Xue Mo sighed with both hands. "This is the task of our reunion group. I can let anyone come!" Ye Zichen He is not a godsend, I just want him to come! ”

"Look, it’s anxious!"Murong Xue held his shoulder and smiled lightly. "I have seen you for a long time, I am the first time I saw you as a man's red face. It seems that my sister is also in the Spring Festival. My sister is really gratified!"

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