Xue Mo's little face was red, and everyone around him looked at it with great depth. Ye Zichen, who is a party, said that he was a little uncomfortable.

However, Murong Xueโ€™s laughter did not stop. After Xue Mo couldnโ€™t speak, she held her back and forth on Ye Zichen for several laps, and her hand was pinched on his arm.

"It looks so thin but it seems to be strong, and looks good…I agree with this marriage. โ€

"Shut up, you."

Xue Mo's blush was even worse. He stunned Murong Xue and saw a flying boat in the eyes of everyone.

"Go to the task."

Immediately, Xue Mo went up to the flying boat.

The rest of the chaos also followed, Murong Xue was full of fun watching her back, walked to the side of Ye Zichen and whispered softly.

"To refuel."

Huangsha City is located in the southern part of the northern mountain of the North, where it is difficult to see half of the green, and the radius is a desert area.

Ye Zichen also saw the powerful artifacts of the flying boat. The three-day journey, the blessing of the flying boat, allowed them to come to the power of the desert city in half a day.


Driving a flying boat requires a lot of divine power supply. When it comes to the power of the deserted city, Jiang Yong stops the refreshing power of the flying boat, wipes the sweat on his forehead, and at the same time pulls out a medicinal herb to restore his power.

The rest of the flying boat also came to the edge of the flying boat, watching the deserted city below silent.

In the sky above the city, there is a lavender that is visible to the naked eye. There is still a lot of purple gas around the city pool gathering in the purple fog towards the top.

"How many people have died!"The two Jinhua of the Appearance Association can't help but open the door.

Mu Rongxue, who has been playing Xu Mo, has flashed the dignity. She hugged her shoulders and let the boat hover over the deserted city for a few laps. Jiang Yong, who recovered the power of the seven-eighth, came over at this time and looked at the purple above the city. Fog locks the eyebrows.

"I am afraid that there are already millions of people dead, and it is impossible to be so dead."

"There are several rewards for the rewards mission. More than a dozen tribes in the vicinity of the deserted city died." Eight Desert City sent an elite force to investigate, no results…This time I will go to Tongtian College for help. โ€

Xue Mozhen looked at the city below, and immediately looked at Chen Guangfa next to him.

"I brought all the remedies you prepared."


There were countless medicinal herbs on the flying boat. The people of the Aspirations and Appearance Association saw a few eyes. Xue Mo also picked up all the medicinal herbs and distributed them to everyone present.

"These are all types of medicinal herbs that are consumed and detoxified. You are the rewarding task for my chaos. These daily consumption is naturally provided by our chaos. โ€

All the medicinal herbs were distributed to the hands of everyone, Xue Mo also said at this time.

"No matter what happens below, our goal is to come here to investigate, and if we are all ready, we will go down."

The rest of the people nodded to the mouth of a remedy in the mouth, this remedy is used to detoxify.

Although the pervasiveness here is dead, no one can determine whether the fog above the city is poisonous. It is better to guard against some problems before they are taken care of.

Seeing that everyone was eating the medicinal herbs, Xue Mo also nodded his head and stuffed a medicinal herb into the mouth, letting the flying boat fall from the sky to the front of the city gate of the deserted city.

"The death here is really uncomfortable."

When passing through the mist, the dead air that permeates the world makes them feel clearer.

Jiang Yong locks his eyebrows and releases the gods to form a tulle around him. Murong Xue and others of the Appearance Association even hold their shoulders and lick their arms, and release the power of the same.

โ€œIt feels a bit familiar.โ€

Ye Zichen, who fell to the ground, did not release his power for the first time, but used the most authentic feeling to feel the feeling of death.

"Don't be stunned, go to the city government and simply understand the situation."

Xue Mo first rushed to the main entrance of the deserted city. When he was near the gate, there were two soldiers armed to the teeth, shouting on the tower of the city gate.

โ€œThe deserted city is no longer accepting outsiders. If you want to stay, please go to other cities. But if you are moving forward, don't blame us for being welcome. โ€

โ€œIt seems that the deserted city has entered a state of high alert.โ€Murong Xue locked his eyebrows.

The people around him gently decapitated, Xue Mo has also taken the sign of Tongtian College at this time and held it in his hands.

"We are the team sent by Tongtian College to investigate this matter, please open the gate, we need to understand the situation with the urban master."

Seeing the sign of the Tongtian Academy in his hand, the two soldiers immediately put the weapons in their hands.

"It turned out to be the team of Tongtian College. Please wait a moment."

A soldier left on the tower was still on alert, and another soldier walked down the tower and opened the gate.

"Please come in."

The gate opened a gap that could only accommodate one person. Ye Zichen and other people walked through the gap. After all the people entered the city, the gates of the city were closed.

"Under the next is the wild city, the defender will be white, waiting for the adults for a long time."

In front of the white cockroach, from the fluctuation of his power, he was judged to be the master of the three-stage level of the famous god. He gestured sideways and Xue Mo and others nodded toward him and followed him to the position of the city government.

Relatively unbearable death outside, the situation in the city is much better.

The people in the city still carry out daily trade, but from their point of view, there are some fears and uneasiness in the eyes.

โ€œThe situation in the city seems to be much better than outside the city.โ€Xue Mo said.

"Yes, there are clear-cut arrays in the city, and there are also shields outside the city." The city seems to be much better than the city."

Bai Hao nodded, and during the conversation they came to the city government.

"You are here at the city's main government, and the general manager has been waiting inside. The defense of the city still needs me to stare, and I will not send you in. โ€

"White adults go slowly."

They nodded towards Ye Zichen, and the white cock turned and ran towards the gate.

โ€œIt seems that the situation here is more difficult than we imagined.โ€Looking at the eager back of Bai Hao when he left, Murong Xue said.

"That is for sure. From the fact that the deserted city has closed its doors and is not allowed to enter outsiders, it can be seen that the entire city has fallen into a first-level garrison."Jiang Yong also said at this time.

"If it is not difficult, it will not be possible to find out that our Tiantian Academy is not, and the rewards given by the desert city are also high and scary!"

Xue Mo was a smile, and immediately looked at the gate of the city government.

"Go in and see what the situation is, then we will know if the bounty of this mission is so good."

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