The head of the city government is an old man who looks very kind. He has a little shape and he has a handful of military sergeants, and his eyes are shining with fierce light.

It seems that this old man who can be the head of the barren sand city is not a leisurely generation.

"You are the elite sent by Tongtian College."

As soon as he entered the gate of the city's main government, the general manager came over.

"We are a team from Tongtiancheng Tongtian College. Your city has issued a mission request to our college. We are here as well."Xue Mo's face is right.

"You are finally here."The general manager sighed and looked at the sky that filled the dead air. "We are afraid that the deserted city will usher in the disaster."

"What is the general manager?"Jiang Yong asked.

"There are mentions on the mission. More than a dozen tribes near the deserted city will die all night. I told you that in the past few days, the number of deaths has increased and the growth has been increasing. Our city government has sent more than a dozen teams to investigate, but they have not obtained any results. More importantly,…"

The general manager looks awkward and says.

"The teams sent out are not coming back!"

Ye Zichen and others all have a glimpse. The guards of the city's main government are all masters of the highest level of the heavens. They all have no return…

"At that time, any judgment at the time of the help of the Tiantian Chamber of Commerce was the highest level of the heavens. However, the speed of death in these days was not the highest level of help. Our barren sand city has sent a letter of help to the forces of neighboring mountains such as the Innocent Sea. Children, I am very grateful that you can come to our deserted city, but now this is not something you can investigate, go back! โ€

The task level has actually increased.

Ye Zichen and others all flashed the color of dignity, and they could see the dignity in each other's eyes.

"What to do, let's go back now?"The two golden flowers of the Appearance Association.

This voice is a group voice, and everyone at Tongtian College can receive it.

Everyone was silent and silent. For a long time, Jiang Yongcai locked his eyebrows.

"The general manager said that this task is not something we can do. It is impossible to complete the possibility of more than 80%. I believe that the college must have received this news, Xue Mo, have you received the news that the college has let us withdraw? โ€

"No."Xue Mo replied.

When the general manager said that the task level was raised, she looked at the transmitter and did not receive the news from the college.

"Would we walk or not?"Li Hu asked.

"The task is Xue Mo, we are also the person invited by Xue Mo, decided to hand over to Xue Mo. She said to go and go, if she said to continue…Our appearance association can continue. โ€Murong Xue made a decision at this time.

Everyone fell on Xue Mo's body. During this period, Xue Mo had been biting his lips and didn't make a sound. In the end, he looked at Ye Zichen.

"Ye Zichen, what do you think?"

The Appearance Association and the aspirational people did not expect that the decision-making power would fall to this person, the only one who is not the Heavenly Supreme.

Ye Zichen is also a brow deep lock, in fact, he is also calculating during this period.

The general manager of the desert city will not lie to them, and Tongtian College will certainly receive news of the task level improvement.

The college did not recycle the tasks and did not give them any information to return them to the college. The college could not let the outstanding students trained to die for no reason. It is very likely that the college will determine their pedestrians, qualified and likely to complete this. The reward of the second time.

Under a short hesitation, Ye Zichen spoke out his thoughts.

When the voice fell, Jiang Yong nodded. "I think Ye Xiong said that the school can't let us go to death for no reason. Since the college has not given any news, it must be absolutely impossible, or we have already sent people. Come and secretly protect us."

"Please don't repeat the words of Ye Xiaoge?"Murong Xue rolled his eyes and said, "It seems that you have no brains, but I agree with Ye Xiaoge."

"If that's the case, let's continue this reward."

After the response from the Aspirations and Appearance Association, Xue Mo also made a final sound.

"Of course, if you want to quit this task now, you can ask for it. No one will think that you are timid, in any case, this task is indeed not at the level of heavenly supreme. โ€

"We listen to the big sister."The Golden Flower opening of the Appearance Association.

Pan Sheng did not answer, but his firm eyes have fully demonstrated what he wants to express.

"This is the task of our chaotic group. Foreign aid is not withdrawn. How can we withdraw it?"Li Hu snorted and smiled. "And I and Luo Zi just came from the Grizzlies and had to show them well."

The only thing that wants to quit the task is Chen Guangfa. When he hears the task level, his reflection is the biggest. The people around him couldnโ€™t retreat. He thought that he could only cry and sullen.

"I don't retreat."

The team of ten people still maintained a state of full editing. Xue Mo nodded and nodded to Murong Xue and Jiang Yong to show their grateful eyes, and then looked at some old-fashioned dragon bells.

"Total adults, we still want to carry out this task. The barren sand city is in the same breath with our Tongtian City. The students of Tongtian College are able to study with such support from the countless city pools in the northern part of the mountain. Now it is difficult to make a desert city. We want to contribute to the power. โ€

"Thisโ€ฆโ€ฆ"The boss always showed hesitation, but when he saw this firm face, he couldnโ€™t help but nod. "The road to becoming a strong man is full of thorns. You can't help but think of this young age." Just protecting you will indeed curb your future development, well…The old man is here to make the Lord, let you continue this task. If you can succeed, the Sandy City is willing to pay three times the price before it is a reward for the mission. โ€

โ€œThank you for the affirmation of the general manager.โ€Xue Mo vowed, "I don't know where we should start, but also ask the adults to give us directions."

"Not long ago, the urban master took the elite of the deserted city to the tribes in the northwest of the city to investigate. You can go out to the northwest to meet with the urban master."The boss said.

I donโ€™t know at Tongtian College at this time.

"Is Xue Mo connected?"

The dean of the college looked at the middle-aged man in the room. The middle-aged man had no information on the message in his hand. When the dean questioned, he shook his head.


The long table made by Shenmu made this a handprint for the hospital, and the middle-aged man was shocked.

"Go, send me to the deserted city immediately, and see Xue Mo, they immediately grabbed me back to the college!"

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