Out of the city, the oncoming stagnation will enclose the pedestrian Ye Zichen.

The divine power outside the city of the gods is difficult to ingest, and it is difficult to replenish the release of divine power. It can only be supplemented by medicinal herbs.

But the situation here is a bit bad, although I donโ€™t want to release my power to resist the dead.

"The general manager said that the city owners are in the northwest. We should be in the right direction. It has been flying for more than an hour, and we have not seen them."On the flying boat, Jiang Yong locks his eyebrows.

"Looking for it."

Murong Xue stared at the surroundings, and the rest of the people stood on the perimeter of the boat for vigilance and search.

"There are villages below."

At this moment, the Jinhua Daixiaoyan of the Appearance Association shouted at the bottom of the flying boat, and the rest looked in the direction she pointed.

"This seems to be the first village we have seen so long. Would you like to go down and see?"Asked Luo Zi.

"Let's go and see, no matter if there are any people in the village, let's investigate the matter and go on and see what clues we can find."

After hesitating for a long while, the captain of the mission made a judgment.

Jiang Yong, who controlled the power of the flying boat, also took the boat off the air after hearing this.

โ€œItโ€™s hard to imagine how the tribes near the deserted city lived.โ€

Looking at the boundless desert, Xue Mo can't help but whisper.

It is not a long time for the Heavenly Man to level, and it is very labor-intensive to step on the sand. Like Xue Mo, they can use the flying boat to go to the air, but this kind of auxiliary artifacts are expensive in the realm of the gods. Even the aborigines that cannot be settled in the city, there is no possibility that this convenient tool can be used. .

โ€œThey naturally have the skills to live with them.โ€

Jiang Yong said a faint sentence, and immediately looked around and looked around.

The villages outside the deserted city are tents. Of course, they donโ€™t know what black technology they use, making the tent more sturdy than imagined.

The team of ten people, Jiang Yong and their stable god of war, Pan Sheng, walked in the front and the end of the team. Luo Zi and Li Hu walked around the team.

The rest of the people stood in the middle of the team and slowly explored ahead.

"So many dead people…"

Chen Guangfa looked at the surroundings with his eyes vigilantly, clearly that his body shape was the most powerful in the team, but his nervous look was even more fearful than the beauty of the appearance association.


In the whisper of Ye Zichen, the entire team stopped.

Even if she saw Ye Zichen running to the front of a deceased, her fingers flipped over the body of the deceased.

The people around him locked their eyebrows and looked at his actions. There are indeed a lot of dead people here, but no one is willing to touch these bodies along the way. Because the cause of death of these people is unknown, no one is worried about whether this corpse will cause himself to touch something that should not be touched.

"Ye Zichen, don't touch it, let's see if there are any survivors here, or join them with the city owners to learn more about the situation."Xue Mo said with some concern.

Ye Zichen, who was kneeling in front of the body, was unmoved. This time he not only turned the body, but also shattered the clothes on them.

In an instant, the deceased appeared in the sight of everyone.

Xue Mo and the two gold flowers of the appearance association closed their eyes, but the Queen Murong looked up and down the body and shook his head gently.

Looks like the Queen is paying attention to the waist of the deceased, above the legs?

"Ye brother, what do you want to do?"

Jiang Yong also couldn't help but think about Ye Zichen's thoughts. Ye Zichen locked his eyebrows on the body of the deceased and ran to the other dead and shattered his clothes.

"move back."

Until then, Ye Zichen stood up from the front of the deceased and pushed his hand back.

The companions all stepped back a few steps, even though they saw Ye Zichenโ€™s hand with a semi-artifact-level sword.

"Half artifact."

Murong Xue and Jiang Yong can't help but raise their eyebrows. Although they also have semi-artifacts, they are both famous and can get half artifacts or they are given in the family of Heavenly Supreme.

Ye Zichen had a lot of trouble when he first came to Tongtian College.

Both of the presidents secretly investigated the identity of Ye Zichen and the result was a soaring.

Just two months after flying to the gods, you can have a semi-artifact-level weapon. Is it Xue Moโ€™s?

Murong Xuetuo looked quietly and looked at Xue Mo.

But these are not particularly important, and a half artifact is not enough to make them curious about Ye Zichen. What they are more concerned about now is what he needs to do to remove the weapon.

Immediately they saw that Ye Zichen, standing in front of the deceased, was deeply embarrassed towards the deceased.

The sword is flashing.


Jiang Yongโ€™s pupils, who remained vigilant, suddenly smashed and smashed, and Pan Sheng also took a hard shot of his fingers.

There are countless spiritual lines in the desert where they are located, and the ray of light shines brightly.


The first war god of this aspirations turned out to be a spiritual master!

The spirit array created by Pan Sheng is obviously a defensive spirit, and the intertwined spirits form an impenetrable fortress. Jiang Yong was also in front of Ye Zichen, and his collar grabbed him into the spirits.

"Jiang Yong is not bad, your community can even recruit spiritual masters."

Murong Xue chuckled his shoulders and his eyes were a little bit awkward.

The spirit singer can be said to be the rarest talent in the realm of the gods. The reserves are even less than the alchemists, and only one out of ten thousand.

Any spiritual strategist is the object of arbitrage by major forces, and his status is quite high in the realm of the gods.

If there is a help from the spiritual strategist, Murong Xue will be a bit embarrassed.


Jiang Yong replied faintly, but his eyes were always locked in the dead who let Ye Zichen cut his arm.

"what is thatโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

At the broken arm of the deceased, the blood spurted out was pure black, and the blood was super-corrosive. The sand of the desert was corroded into black, and there was a large amount of purple-black breath spreading outward on the ground where the blood splashed. .

"This is not dead, the dead air should be gray-red."Li Hu shouted.

"Ye brother, have you found anything?"Jiang Yong asked.

From Ye Zichen's inexplicable walk to the deceased, stripping off their clothes and slashing their arms with their swords, this series of acts is very weird. Obviously he did this and found out what they did not find.

"I am still only speculating now, there is no way to fully confirm it."Ye Zichen squinted at the purple-black mist in front of him, and he was about to look at the looming building in front of him. "Go to the front building and see."

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