The task force still maintains the initial preparation, and because of the heavy dead air around them, they can only see the shadow of the building.

The distance of the building is much farther than they thought, and it took half an hour for their footsteps to approach. They were close to each other and they found the building to be an altar.

The foundation of the altar is cast from pure bluestone with a total of nine steps.

The four corners are four stone pillars, and there are no patterns on the stone pillars, but there is a purple crystal ball above them.

In the center of the altar, there is a stone pillar that is far more than the other four, regardless of radius or height.

There is also a purple crystal ball on it, emitting a faint light outward.

"What happened to this altar?"Xue Mo opened his mouth to the sullen Ye Zichen.

Some altars represent faith, and some altars are for blessings, and tribes and villages outside the city are unusual.

"Don't you find out?"

Ye Zichen gathered his gaze and pointed to the dead air around him, as well as the purple-black fog.

"These dead air and the purple-black mist that I just cut off the arm of the deceased, are actually gathering at this altar."

"indeed."Murong Xue nodded his shoulders and said, "The death here is obviously much richer than other positions."

โ€œDoes that mean that this altar may be the key to the problem?โ€Luo Zi also said at this time.

Ye Zichen does not deny this statement, but he cannot make an absolute affirmation.

Li Hu was at this moment twisting his neck and walking to the center of the altar, with two more tomahawks in his hand.

"Since it is the ghost of this altar, it is not necessary to dismantle him."

As he said, he went to the altar with a battle axe.

"do notโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

At about the same time, Ye Zichen, Xue Mo, Murong Xue and Jiang Yong shouted. Itโ€™s just that they have stopped it a little late, and Li Huโ€™s battle axe has already hit the pillar in the middle of the altar.

"Someone destroyed the altar."

At the moment when his axe fell, hundreds of hairs were painted in the desert around the altar as a khaki-colored monster.

"The land beast, this is not a group living in the southern part of the demon world, how can it appear here?"The Jinhua sisters of the Appearance Association have the same voice.

"Isn't this very obvious? The demon's land beasts are outside the deserted city, and they are still in such a sensitive position. I am afraid that this deserted city incident will not be able to drag them down."Luo Zi calmly stunned.

"Long is really ugly."Murong Xue looked aside.

"What is the situation?"

Until then, Li Hu was aware of the situation, and some of them looked at the situation slowly as they approached the gathering of animals.

"Not all of you are harmful."Luo Zi madly turned his eyes.

"The beasts of the beasts, the lower-level gods and beasts of the demon family, are similar to the elites of the Terran people in their infancy, and the worst in adulthood can reach the third stage of the Heavenly Supreme. The beasts in front of us should all be adult, that is to say, there are at least hundreds of heavenly enemies in front of us. โ€

Xue Mo, who was carrying the dagger, looked at the surrounding beasts with dignity, and the rest of the people also called out the weapons.

โ€œWhat are you doing now?โ€Jiang Yong, who also armed with a battle axe, asked.

"What can I do?"Looking at the beasts that have surrounded them on the altar, Ye Zichen holds the semi-artifact-level sword in his hand and "kills."

The voice did not fall, and Ye Zichen was the first to kill the south of the altar.

"The sword is eight years old."

Numerous swords condensed behind him and rushed toward the ground. However, his swordsmanship did not fall on the body of the beasts, but all fell to the desert.

The sword slammed into the desert, instantly picking up sandstorms that made people unable to open their eyes.

In this sandstorm, there is a strong figure that shuttles through the sandstorm. When the silver light flashes, there is a beast that falls to the ground.

"Happy cooperation."

Xue Mo held the dagger back to Ye Zichen's side, and her blood was flowing down her dagger.

"The beasts are awkward, and if we are so cooperative, we can really solve them."

In this regard, Ye Zichen also nodded gently. Now he is only the Supreme Seven paragraphs. If he really wants to, he can actually deal with those beasts, but he does not want to expose himself too early. It is actually quite good as an assistant.

Looking at the other positions, the group is occupying the West, and Jiang Yongโ€™s one-handed axe can be said to be cut in the inside. The appearance of the North Murong Snow Wildfire, and two golden flowers to help play is also very easy, the East Chen Guangfa, Luo Zi and Li Hu they do not seem to have much problem at first glance.

"let's go."

Converging his eyes, Ye Zichen's gaze is a condensation.

There are also people who are free to take care of others. It is actually that they are the ones who are most likely to be broken. The other three parties are the masters of the eight paragraphs of Tianzhizun, and he and Xue Mo…

A land of supreme seven paragraphs, one has just entered the heavens supreme.

After three hours of fighting, the beasts were almost killed.

In fact, the rest of the people played very easily, and Ye Zichen and Xue Mo are a little bit harder here. Fortunately, after they solved the problem of the beasts there, they immediately rushed over to help.

"Small beasts, go to the river to report."

Accompanied by Jiang Yongโ€™s roar, the last beast in the field let him bend down into two sections.

Yin Hongโ€™s blood poured on his face and turned him into a blood man.

"I really hate you more and more."

Murong Xue shook his head with his shoulders, and this contest with the beasts of the land, Jiang Yong and Li Hu, both of them used the battle axe to fight the blood.

The disgusted eyes kept shaking on their faces, and finally Murong Xue shook his head.


Li Hu was a little embarrassed and scratched his head. It was said that he could not refute it. If he didn't want to ruin the altar, he would not be able to make such a moth.

Jiang Yong, who was bathed in blood, laughed at the disapproval. He raised his hand and wiped the blood on his face. He also raised the tomahawk in his hand.

"This is a real man."

This is obviously what Murong Xue said, but what she can get is just a white eye, but she took a piece of cloth from the ring and threw it at Jiang Yong.

"Hurry and wipe it, it's dirty."

Ye Zichen They are also seeing this group of people, these two people are absolutely something.

No one cares about the flirting of these two people, and the rest of them are either eating remedies to restore their power or busy with other things. Jiang Yong also grinned and rubbed his cloth on his face and arms several times, just as he was going to put the piece of cloth in the ring for collection…

Fall to the ground.

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