Although Jiang Yong’s voice was very light when he fell to the ground, the subtle sound still passed to everyone’s ears.

Murong Xue almost ran to his side for the first time, regardless of the blood he had not wiped, and he was holding him in a panic.

"Jiang Yong, Jiang Yong…"

The rest of the people also let this scene startle, but the disaster is not alone, not long after Jiang Yong fell, Li Hu is also a black, subconsciously want to grab the Luozi around him, catching the air and fell to the ground.

"Old Lee!"

Luo Zi, who was about to arrive at Jiang Yong's side, shouted loudly. After seeing Li Hu's fall to the ground, everyone was already obviously more nervous.

Pan Sheng locks his eyebrows and looks at it all. He even sees him walking to the center of the altar.


Accompanied by his anger, he took out a few god stones from his arms, and based on it, he opened up an absolutely closed space above the altar.

In this spiritual array, the internal dead air and the purple mist are constantly being rejected.

"Is this mist poisonous? Didn't we have already taken detoxification drugs when we came? ”

The appearance of the Association's Golden Flower is incomprehensible. When Jiang Yong and Li Hu fell to the ground, they all looked at their own situation and did not have any abnormalities.

The rest are the same, only the two of them are unconscious.

"What are the similarities between the two?"Xue Mo locks the eyebrows.

When they were in a coma, Ye Zichen also thought about whether it was because of this purple fog. From the beginning, he always suspected the reason for the purple fog, so that the focus of his consideration was put on it.

Only if the purple fog is poisonous, then according to the repair, it should be the first coma.

Until Xue Mo raised the doubts just now.

Similarities, they are there.

Without a word to go to Jiang Yong's side, Murong Xue has been nervous to the extreme, the body's divine power spares no effort to infuse Jiang Yong's body, but he has not shown signs of awakening.

Fingers smeared the blood on Jiang Yong's body. After carefully observing the blood, Ye Zichen's pupils shrank, and he quickly ran to Li Hu's side.


After seeing the blood left in both, Ye Zichen nodded with a faint color.

"Are you discovering something again?"

Xue Mowen rushed to the compact, and Murong Xue was also staring at him nervously.

Nodded to everyone, Ye Zichen took two medicinal herbs from his arms and stuffed them into the mouth of Jiang Yong and Li Hu.

"Let them lie down like this, don't insult them, it won't take long, they will wake up."

Murong Xue and Luo Zi did not suspect him, and quickly found a comfortable position for Jiang Yong and Li Hu to lie flat.

But they did not leave, sitting on their side.

"What did you just give them?"Xue Mo opened the way.

"It's an ordinary remedy, what else can it be?"Ye Zichen shrugged.

"Then what is the situation with them, why are they suddenly unconscious, but others are not the same."Xue Mo was very puzzled to ask.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and glanced at Jiang Yong and Li Hu lying on the ground.

"When they wake up, let's talk."

The voice did not fall, he took a few medicinal herbs and put them in Xue Mo's hands.

"Give these medicinal herbs to everyone, and the antidote you brought can no longer satisfy the situation."

Gently nodded his lips, Xue Mo grabbed the drug in his hand and looked at Ye Zichen…

"Thank you."

This thank you really is from her heart, she was really a little panicked in the scene just now. Fortunately, Ye Zichen is in control of the overall situation, or she really doesn't know what to do.

Feeling the true meaning of the other party, Ye Zichen smiled and nodded, indicating that she would send the drug as soon as possible.

The rest of the team was replenished with medicinal herbs. Although they were worried about Jiang Yong's situation, they were more willing to believe that Ye Zichen said that they would soon wake up.

The rest of the people who are not comatose are beginning to restore their own power. Now that Jiang Yong and Li Hu have fallen, they need to quickly restore their power to the optimal state to face all the unexpected situations that may occur.

To say that the only thing that did not recover was Xue Mo, who kept her shoulders and walked around the altar.

This task was taken by her, and she was invited by her…

If Jiang Yong and Li Hu really had something wrong, her captain could not escape, and her heart was uneasy.

"This should be the basic structure of the devil's body."

Ye Zichen, who leans on the corner of the altar, did not practice, but instead deduced the structural model of the demon body in the soul sea.

In fact, these days, he has been studying the prototype structure of the demon body.

The cheats of the Supreme Court will indicate the required materials and the general structural direction of the body, but the way of construction is not static.

The success of any supreme body will face countless failures because it requires gradual exploration and improvement.

Yes, Ye Zichen has no way to bear the failure. The material needed for the devil's body is very expensive. It is difficult for him to have the town demon tower. He must be successful at a time.

In the days when he came to the world of gods, he performed at least thousands of deductions. Just now, he got the most complete and reasonable construction.

β€œThere is no place to optimize?”

Looking at the virtual model of the soul in the sea, Ye Zichen's soul is surrounded by the model, and sometimes he looks at it while scratching his head.

"Jiang Yong, you are awake."

At this moment, Murong Xue’s exclamation exclaimed Ye Zichen from the soul. The rest of the people also returned to the gods from the retreat, and they saw Jiang Yong lying on the ground. At this time, they had already sat up with their hands on the ground, and their left hand kept licking their heads.

"What about the situation?"

Jiang Yong, who was full of doubts, muttered. He was completely blank for the memory he had just remembered. He could still remember that he wanted to put the white cloth before…

"Yeah, my cloth!"

"You are always awake, you can scare me."

Xue Mo was so relieved that Jiang Yong stopped looking for cloth and looked at the dignified face of the people around him. He could not help but raise his eyebrows.

"what happened?"

"What happened to you just now, you don't know?"Seeing that Jiang Yong was awakened, Murong Xue also returned to his cold words in the past. "You suddenly became unconscious, and we all thought you were going to die." I originally wanted to throw you this wild dog, but Ye Xiaoge thinks that you still have a rescue, and I have not given up on your treatment. ”

Although Murong Xue’s words are not heard, but with her for so long, Jiang Yong has long been used to it, and even understands what she wants to express.

"Ye brother, Da En does not say thank you, I am owing you a life."

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