Jiang Yong’s eyes were full of sincerity, and Ye Zichen smiled just right at this time.

"Jiang Xiong is serious. If Murong Queen has been instilling power for you, I may not be able to wait until I think of a solution."


Jiang Yong couldn't help but look at the past. Murong Xue's face was inexplicably red, and his mouth flashed sneer.

"Don't think too much, I am worried that you are dead, and your family is running to my house to ask for sin."

"No, no, how can this be?"Jiang Yong screamed and laughed. "Not only will not go to the sin, but when I return to the college, I will immediately inform the people in the family and go to your family to get married." The cloth that you gave me at that time, I should be a token of love. ”

"Give me a roll!"

A fireball appeared from the hands of Murong Xue and threw it toward Jiang Yong.

Jiang Yong jumped, the fireball…


Lying on the ground, Li Hu's squatted from the ground. The jump slammed a dozen meters high, and the fire of the fireball burned in his body.

Li Huqi shouted and ran around the altar. Murong Xue was also stunned and pouting. She didn't think that the fireball could be thrown on him.

"Water and water!"

The people around him were busy with the fire in the corner, and Ye Zichen sighed helplessly, and a wave of water guns slammed into Li Hu's body.

The fire is extinguished.

Li Hu’s whole person was stopped by the stagnation of the chicken, but the fire burned and smashed his hair, and his clothes were almost burned out.

Close together, you can smell the smell of barbecue in the vague.

"Who is this doing this!"

After a brief silence, Li Hu was like a cat that had been stepped on his tail, and the whole person exploded.

"it's me."

Murong Xue walked out indifferently and saw that it was the Queen of Murong. Li Hu’s momentum instantly disappeared.

"It turned out to be you, nothing, burn well, burn it!"

The sharp contrast between before and after makes the people around me stunned. There is no limit to this guy.

Murong Xue also grinned and looked at Li Hu's pitiful look.

"Sorry, I accidentally burned you. I really sincerely apologize for this."

"Hey, little things, little things."Li Hugan scratched his head with a smile, and Murong Xue also inexplicably took a few glances at his important position. "Since it is a small matter, you still want to play for a long time. Don't take the money to do whatever you want. You don't see our association's Xiaojinhua. Don't you dare to see you?"

Li Hu only noticed that he was naked underneath. No wonder he always felt the wind when he spoke.

With a red face and a squatting squatting to the side to change clothes, Murong Xue took a glance at Jiang Yong.

"Look at what it looks like, Laozi is much richer than his money."


Murong Xue faintly ignored the sentence and ignored him. This scene is to make Jiang Yong humiliated.

"Let you see and see my strong money sooner or later."Jiang Yong gritted his teeth and muttered.

A set of clothes was borrowed from Luozi and the people of the squad reunited in the center of the altar.

"Pan Sheng, remove the spirits."Said Ye Zichen.

Pan Sheng was puzzled, and Ye Zichen pointed to the already foggy airway that had condensed outside.

"The place where these dead air and fog finally gather is here. Let's arrange the spirit array to block the absorption of dead air and fog by the altar, but it will not prevent the dead air and fog from gathering together. You see the situation outside the spirits, because a lot of hoarding has led to an increase in the concentration of dead air and fog, and if we continue in this way, we can't leave from here. ”

"But is this fog not poisonous?"

"Xiao Mo just gave you a detoxification, and there is no problem with the protection of the drug."

Pan Sheng heard a glance at Jiang Yong and saw that their president nodded. He also spoke at this time.


The people stopped breathing, and he also removed the spirits at this time.

Losing the obstacles of the spiritual array, the dead air and the mist accumulated outside the altar are madly gathered in the stone pillars of the altar. It may be that the number of hoarding is too large, so that there are several vortices around the pillars.

"This altar is hard to destroy with our strength. What do we do now, whether to continue the investigation or go back to the college directly."

Jiang Yong looked at the vortex at the top of his head in a dignified manner.

"I am not going to retreat. I really think the problem here is not that we can continue."

"In fact, we have already investigated it clearly."Ye Zichen said with a chuckle.

The rest of the people were puzzled and looked at him. Ye Zichen was also half-squinting at this moment, with a hint of light in his eyes.

"If I infer that it is good, the cause of death here is related to the Mozu."

β€œWhy do you say that?”Xue Mo asked.

"I don't know about you, but I have had a lot of dealings with the Mozu, and everything about them is unforgettable."

Ye Zichen blinks in the eyes, pointing to the purple misty airway above the head.

"When I first came here, I felt that this purple gas was somewhat familiar. Now I can finally be sure that these fogs are actually suffocating, and they are toxic gases that will be released by the demons. ”

"There are still some local beasts, why are Jiang Yong and Li Hu unconscious, and the rest are not?"

"The only thing they have in common is that they have a lot of blood on their bodies, and I give you the remedies that Jiang Yong has eaten, all of which are suffocating remedies."

In retrospect, as Ye Zichen said, the battle axe was full of blood, and the others had no blood on their bodies.

"But what does it matter? The beast is a demon."Li Hu asked.

Ye Zichen chuckle Chuckle, suddenly, Murong Snow, Jiangyong, Shirmo and Chen Guangfa eyes are not to say the dignified, the appearance of the Association of two golden Flowers and Luozigou is also slightly ι”ηœ‰, Lihu silly don't pull a few stare big eyes look around people.

"How come you don't talk?"Li Hu is upset.

"Ye brother, are you sure of your speculation?"Jiang Yong asked.

Murong Xue: "I don't quite believe it."

Xue Mo: "This is not very likely!"

The rest of the team seemed to have abandoned Li Hu. Li Hu stared at these people with big eyes and confused.

"At least 80%."Ye Zichen is faint.

Jiang Yong hit a fist on the stone pillar of the altar, and his eyes were full of fierce light.

"If you really are like this, you will be in trouble."

"It is a little trouble."Murong Xue nodded. "More importantly, the Yaozu and the Mozu teamed up to come to my realm territory, and we didn't even notice it!"

"It's really a little troublesome."

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