Li Hu is obviously still outside the situation, and he does not know what to do.

The rest of the people are all looking dignified and silent.

"Let's go back to college."Jiang Yong, the head of the Ding Society, suddenly spoke. The eyes were filled with fierce light. "Now it is not as simple as the bounty mission. This has already threatened the balance of the tens of thousands of years."

"I agree with Jiang Yong."

Murong Xue also nodded with his shoulders and looked at the body of the beast outside the altar.

"We are very likely to find this first, but everything is just our speculation. I think the bodies of these beasts should also be brought back, so that the college can better judge. ”

The presidents of the two giants said their thoughts, Xue Mo was silent, and immediately looked at Ye Zichen.

"What do you think?"

"I also agree with the two presidents."

Ye Zichen nodded, Pan Sheng, Luo Zi and the two golden flowers of the appearance association immediately went to the altar to clean up the body of the beast. Li Hu looked at it all in a stunned look. Really, he still didn't understand what they were talking about.

"This group of demons, did they forget who was going to save them in the fire when they were about to be destroyed? Now even with the Mozu, the predecessors of the Divine Realm should not save them. ”

Jiang Yong, who clenched his fist, couldn’t do it, and the anger that could not be contained was coiled in his eyes.

"Don't say so."

Ye Zichen took his shoulder at this moment, and inexplicably took a box of cigarettes from his arms.

"Do you smoke one?"

"What's this?"

Jiang Yong apparently never saw cigarettes. He subconsciously took the cigarettes. Ye Zichen also licked one of his mouth, and a cluster of flames lit up at the fingertips.

"Actually, as far as I know, there are differences within the demon world. It is not the entire demon community that has to be enemies with the gods. This radical is only a small part. ”

These are also known from Xiaobai, and their internal ethnic groups have split.

It’s just that what splits into the situation, and the anti-Protoss of the demon family occupy a few percent inside, which is not very clear.

Jiang Yong, who got the cigarette, had a sample of smoke. As for the news that Ye Zichen just said, he wrote down, but did not ask the origin of the news.

This is the most basic polite question, and anyone will have his own secrets.

Ye Zichen has, he also has Jiang Yong.

"The president, I have collected it."

The effort of a cigarette, the two golden flowers of the appearance association and Pan Sheng will return to the altar.

The bodies of the beasts outside the altar were all cleaned up, and the complete ones need not be said. Even the chopped pieces of meat have nothing to clean up.

"Then let's go back now."Murong Xue said.

Everyone nodded, and Xue Mo also summoned the flying boat at this time.


Just as the people in the team were ready to board the boat, Ye Zichen suddenly leaned out and let them wait.

"What happened?"Xue Mo asked.

"There is something running towards us, and it's not too small."

Ye Zichen blinked and the rest were listening.


Li Hu, who had been free from the situation, pointed at the front of the explosion. Everyone looked at the front and saw a black shadow.

"The land is a herd."Luo Zi clustered.

"It won't be that we just killed their companions, and these beasts came to find us to take revenge." Don't lie, just hurry up and run the boat. ”

Chen Guangfa saw a burst of horror, very nervous and shouted.

"Look, it seems like someone is running in front of the beast."The sharp-eyed laughter pointed at the front opening, and the rest of the people looked at it with their eyes fixed.

"Someone is there."Dai Xiaoyan shouted.

Jiang Yong has already taken out the battle axe: "Maybe these people are soldiers of the deserted city, we can't see death."

When the voice did not fall, Jiang Yong rushed past the axe toward the group of animals. Pan Sheng followed, and several marbles were suspended in the head.

"This coward."

There are a lot of beasts coming to the land, and Murong Xue also wants to make a plan for the next battle.

But Jiang Yong has already ran out, and she can only leave the altar with the two golden flowers of the Appearance Association.

"Hey, why do you have to fight and kill, can we take the boat and pick them up in the past?"

Chen Guangfa’s eyes are full of helplessness. He is just a small person who has just been the Supreme God, and the first Heavenly Supreme of their family. Their entire family may have pointed at him. He knows the burden on his shoulders, so the least favorite is to take risks.

The land beasts at the altar site just now have to fight for the sake of survival. This time…

"Oh my God."

Chen Guangfa, who stood in front of the altar, couldn’t help but utter a sigh of ignorance. Li Hu and Luo Zi also rushed out to save people not long ago. Now he is in a dilemma.

"Guangfa, I know that you are the hope of your family, so…You don't need you to save people. You drive the boat and follow us. If we are in danger, we will save us. ”

Xue Mo directly handed the flying boat to the hands of Chen Guangfa, and immediately nodded to Ye Zichen, and both of them rushed toward the position of the beast.

The eyes of the people in the team rushed to save people. Chen Guangfa was like an ant on the hot pot, and he kept pace in the altar. Now his heart is struggling.


Inexplicably, Chen Guangfa's slap in the face of his own slap, his power to make his face red. Even if he saw that he was deeply envious of Ye Zichen, he did not choose to go with them, but went to the front of the boat and chose the safest way.

No way, there is a family behind him. He is the hope of their family. Even if it is a trace of danger, he can't touch it.

"Give me death."

Jiang Yong, who runs in the forefront, is like a meat grinder. In his hand, the battle axe is madly waved, and the strength of his heavenly nine-segment is killing the beasts in front of him.

"Boss, behind."

In the slaughter of Jiang Yong, there was a land beast at this time. Pan Sheng was setting up a spiritual array at this time. As long as he left, he would have to give up his work. Moreover, he was surrounded by several animals and be unable to carry out the rescue. .

"Blood."A huge fireball hit the body of the beast.

"Thank you."

Jiang Yong grinned, and Murong Xue was also a sigh of anger.


Although she said this, she and Dai Xiaoyan, the sisters of the Appearance Association, began to assist him, ensuring that he could safely and safely hunt the beasts in front of him.

At the same time, Murong Xue also screamed at the two people who were chased by the beasts.

"You don't bother to run quickly, hand it over to us."

The two men who were chased were grateful and nodded forward, but at this time they happened to meet Ye Zichen and Xue Mo who came to the rescue.

At the moment when the two sides met, no matter whether the two were to escape, Ye Zichen, who came to the rescue, stopped inexplicably.

The eyes of both sides were handed over, and the people who were chased were filled with horror.

"Ye brother?"

In this unconfident suspicion, Ye Zichen was also swallowing.

"Jade Emperor? Tian Qiren Holy Emperor? ”

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