Suddenly, there are more than a dozen men and women in front of Ye Zichen.

These people are the monsters on the second floor of the town demon tower. The lowest strength is the Tianzhizun eight.

In fact, Ye Zichen chose to hide his hand in the end. Some people may say that he is cold-blooded and that he is selfish, but if he is allowed to make a decision again, he will still do so.

The town demon tower is never exposed, and summoning these is the limit he can bear.

It is said that the supreme is the beast, Ye Zichen, these people, the beasts, may seem a little weak. But the same as the beast, and there is an absolute level of suppression in the town demon tower monsters, as soon as entering the field with the meat grinder like crazy harvesting the life of the beast.

Yes, the monster in the town demon tower is also a demon.

But from the moment they entered the town demon tower, what they had to do was absolute loyalty to the owner.

Not to mention only the same kind, even if they are the same family, they can still keep their eyebrows and go straight to the killer. This is also one of the reasons why countless great people want to get the town demon tower. When they get the town demon tower, they get a loyal and ruthless army.


Both Luo Zi and Li Hu looked at each other. Suddenly there were so many masters of more than eight paragraphs, and Ye Zichen was obedient. Killing those beasts was as simple as killing chickens.

More importantly, judging from their breath, they seem to be demon.

Even if Xue Mo, who had been psychologically prepared, couldn't help but see this scene, she expected that the maximum number could be five. At that time, she would use Murder to rescue Murong Xue.

Unexpectedly, Ye Zichen even called so many directly, and looked at the situation seems to have no need for them to shoot.

"Let's go, pick up Jiang Yong and they will come out."

Under the horror of the eyes, Ye Zichen's face was not happy, but there was some unwillingness to sigh and walk silently toward the front.

The demon's beast has a very strict hierarchy, and the low-level beasts only obey in the face of the advanced beasts.

When the monsters in the town demon tower released the breath, the animals and the beasts all took up the previous violent, obedient like a puppy-like squatting on the ground, even if they killed them, they dare not do it. Excessive resistance.

Jiang Yong and Murong Xue, who maintain the supreme body, are already crumbling. Pan Sheng and Dai Xiaoyan and Dai Xiaoyu are both comatose.

The position of the body can be completely dependent on the willpower of both of them.

But at this time, they noticed a few more demon temperament than the previous beasts. Immediately, they saw that the demon people were killing the beasts.

"what happened?"Jiang Yong said to Murong Xue.

Murong Xue also shook his head inexplicably, and couldnโ€™t figure out what was going on.


Ye Zichen They also rushed over at this time, and Jiang Yong, who still maintains the supreme body, immediately burst into tears.

"Don't come here, there is a big demon here."

"That is my own person."Xue Mo shouted to the top, Jiang Yong and Murong Xue could not help but lock the eyebrows, Ye Zichen also said, "Let the body be collected, these are their own people."

Despite his suspicions, Jiang Yong knows Ye Zichen that they will not harm him.

Knowing that the danger has passed, the ribs that are stretched are also Panasonic, and the supreme body behind them disappears instantly.

Jiang Yong and Murong Xue, who returned to the normal body, fell into the gasping mouth of the ground and could not stop the medicinal herbs in their mouths.

"They are fine."

Ye Zichen, who came to Jiang Yong, looked at the floor and said that Pan Sheng and others had asked, and Murong Xue was tired and smiled.

"It is the seriousness of the divine power, and it will be good to rest for a few days."

"That's good."Xue Mo listened to his heart and sighed with a long sigh.

Not long after, the demon in the town demon tower came over with blood. The head is the beautiful woman who looks like a fascinating woman. She is the big commander of the second floor of the town demon tower.

She is also the strongest player on the second floor of the town demon tower, with a half-step heavenly level.

Her appearance made people around her breath hold their breath. It is really that her sense of oppression is too strong. Even if she knows that she is a person, the people around her can't help feeling a little nervous.

"The son, the goal has been all killed."Ji Yan half-baked and bowed, and Ye Zichen nodded lightly. "Work hard, go back."

In an instant, the dozen or so monsters that Ye Zichen found out disappeared.

"Ye brother, this…"

Even if it was Jiang Yong, I couldn't help but ask for a mouth.

"These are my secrets. I also ask you to be conservative for me. Don't let today's things spread."Said Ye Zichen.

"Okay, we will never talk nonsense."

Jiang Yong smiled and the rest of the people followed.

In a few simple words, everyone turned over the matter just now, and no one mentioned it. Ye Zichen They also defended their power for Jiang Yong. About half an hour later, Jiang Yongโ€™s tiredness on his face was reduced a little. He also got up directly from the ground and patted the sand on his body.

"The two people who are saved are still not there. Let me be jealous. In order to save them, they almost got on the job."

Zhang Bairen and Dong Yue walked over under the direction of Ye Zichen. When they both came, Ye Zichen bowed deeply to Jiang Yong.

"I still have to thank the two old friends for the friendship." If you are not giving up your life, they will almost confess here."

"Hey, get to know."Jiang Yong snorted and laughed. "That's worth it. Ye's friend still has something to say. It's okay." However, you are both dry, stealing children or robbing their patriarch's wife, I think the posture of the beasts is afraid that the whole family will come. โ€

The two emperors who once screamed in the lower bounds could only laugh, but they did not know.

"Yes, people are fine, you are the two, we will send you back directly."

"They are the soldiers of the city's main government."After all, Zhang Bairen and Jiang Yong were not particularly familiar with it, and Ye Zichen said, โ€œWhen we return to the college, we will give them the cityโ€™s capital.โ€

When they heard that they were the people of the city, Jiang Yong immediately showed a similar expression to Ye Zichen who just heard the news.

Immediately, he saw Ye Zichen shaking his head gently toward him, and his heart was clear, and he did not ask the question of his mouth and laughed.

"That's the time to go, I don't want to be in this ghost place, or I am good at it!"

"Why don't you have a good group, why do you want to do what you want in the group, and there are many girls who are willing to give up."Murong Xue was not good at the side.

"You said what you said."Jiang Yong licks his mouth.

After the robbery, everyoneโ€™s mood is good. There are no traces of animals and beasts around them. They are also very relaxed, but they are relaxing…

"Sister, you are behind…"

When Chen Guangfa, who was driving the flying boat, broke out, Xue Mo also looked back at this time and saw the desert where she was blood-stained behind her. She stood on a land beast that was several times larger than the previous beast. Being carrying sharp claws is like moving towards her…


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