Time goes back to half an hour ago.

The team of the beasts and the beasts made the ten-member squad of the bounty mission exhausted. The struggle between the edge of life and death, the nerves that were not slavish, and Ye Zichen relaxed after sweeping the monsters in the town demon tower.

Everyone is snoring, but they donโ€™t know that they are in the middle of their relaxation.

Long ago, Chen Guangfa noticed that there was a sandbag behind the scene of Xue Mo.

To know that this is a desert, this unusually raised sandbag should not exist, so that his eyes have always stayed on the sandbags until it breaks out.


The Chen Guangfa pupil on the flying boat was full of panic that could not be concealed. Murong Xue, they were able to keep their peace, and Xue Moโ€™s mood was also good.

She smiled and glared at her inexplicable color, and saw Chen Guangfa pointing her finger behind her, shouting in an urgent tone.

"Behind you, run fast."

The rest of the people also let this stunned breath lead the way, when they look at the back of Xue Mo, no one can make any sound.

Xue Mo also heard the words go back, and when she turned around, she found herself shrouded in huge shadows.

In front of her is a foot full of feet, and all of them are covered with silver armor. The pair of claws that flashed with coldness were like sharp edges that had been worn for countless times. Under the purple pupils of the demon, the corners of the mouth were accompanied by a smile.

"The king level."

This huge body is like a mountain covering the sky, and everyone present is standing in the shadow.

"Li Hu, what are you shaking?"

Luo Zi looked back and looked at Li Hu, and found that his hand holding the tomahawk trembled fiercely.

"I am shaking, don't you shake?"Li Hu smiled reluctantly, looking at the front of the beast and swallowing his mouth.

King-level monster.

Just like the patriarchs and elders of the clan in the human race, they are the masters of the clan and one of the strongest.

The monsters that can be called the king's level are at least the absolute strongest of the four generations of heaven.

The beasts of the earth are nothing but the existence of the end of the gods and beasts. How can they appear to be kings, and no one is alert to them.

It seems that the whole world has solidified.


The king of the silver carapace has never been turned into a human form, and the people in front of it are swallowing their mouths, and the pupils are fiercely shivering.

The king-level beast raised his head and looked at the corpses of the beasts in the distant corpses.

"These are the people of the king, the human race, you are very hateful."

Suddenly, the kingโ€™s beast had a rough air in his nose.

This crude gas is like a tossing hot air wave, and Ye Zichen and others are flying tens of meters away.

"Is this the power of the king-level monster?"

The Jiang Yong pupil who fell on the ground was full of horror. He was a half-step man, but it was this ordinary gasp that he could not hold.

"Withdraw, hurry to withdraw."

After a brief horror, Jiang Yong made a calm judgment.

This wave seems to be very strong, and these people are also unable to parry. But this wave of waves will fly them away, and they will greatly open their distance from the king's beast.

By this distance, maybe they can board the boat…

"Xue Mo is still there."Murong Xueโ€™s eyebrows, said, โ€œWhy, the flying boat is the speed of the four segments of Heaven. The lowest of the king beast is also the four paragraphs of the heavens. You look at his body shape, fearing that at least the seven paragraphs of the heavens, how do we run. โ€

After living for so long, Xue Mo was the first time to face a king-level monster in this way. Looking at the king-level beast that is only ten meters away from her, the only instruction given by her brain is to run.

But somehow, her body seems to be completely out of the control of the brain, and she can only stand stupidly.

"The king beast is really big, as he said, he is bigger than his body."

Inexplicably Xue Mo actually laughed, she could not control her limbs to escape, even if it was running, it was difficult to run away.

She just looked at this behemoth and thought about what he said to her when she was in the family.

"Recently, the world of the gods is not peaceful. The outside world is more dangerous than you think. Our family is the safest."

"Why are you so disobedient, isn't the capital near your home enough for you to play?"

"Do you want to be like your sister, send you to the mountain to grind to grow up."

"Forget it, go out if you want to go out, I can't manage you."

When she was a child, she was like a bird trapped in a cage, looking forward to everything outside, thinking that one day she must run out of this cage.

When she grows up, she still thinks like this, and she does the same.

She vowed to say that she had undertaken anything, but in the end, no matter what the problem was, the family at the end gave her a close, but she could not stop her from acting alone.

Bounty mission.

It is also a bounty mission.

The collapse of the chaos was that she was clamoring to perform the bounty mission, or she chose it. At that time, the head of the chaos was also her cousin, in order to save her from using the flesh to block the most dangerous attack.

She lives, he dies!

In the end, all the members of the chaos were killed, leaving only her to be alive.

Now, she is also the bounty task she chose.

The danger is superficial.

Everyone followed her on the edge of life and death. In the face of real desperation, she only thought of forcing Ye Zichen to show his place. Very starry, Murong Xue, they were saved, but now…

Going to help Ye Zichen?

His entourage is indeed very strong, but what is it in front of the king's monster?

What should she do now?

Xue Mo asked herself this way, but even if she racked her brains, she couldn't think of a solution.

"Really listen to what you are saying."Xue Mo smiled and smiled.

Immediately, she converges the grievances on her face, her eyes flashing through Limang, and the frost is gradually appearing from the soles of her feet.

"I drag it, you run!"

Screaming to break the sound.

Everyone who heard this scream could feel Xue Moโ€™s death at this time, even if Ye Zichen couldnโ€™t help but squat.

Maybe, he had been misunderstood by Xue Mo before.

She is very troublesome, just like a disaster star will always cause trouble. But just under the anger of her just now, he felt that he needed to re-examine the relationship between the two.

Maybe they can be friends.

Not on the surface, but as a true friend like Xiaobai.

"You can't run. Look at your long, white and tender look. It's up to you."

In an instant, the claws of the king-level beasts directly stabbed toward Xue Mo.

Xue Moโ€™s head also appeared several ice shields at once, but it was as fragile as paper under the claws.


It is like the task of the chaos.

She is also so desperate to stay and watch until…

A shadow of a slap in front of her.


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