Timid and weak.

Greed is afraid of death.

This is Xue Mo's definition of Chen Guangfa.

This is not a derogatory term. Xue Mo knows Chen Guangfa's situation and can understand that it is impossible for her to keep him with her.

It can be clearly such a person, no matter how careful to do anything.

A little bit dangerous, he is faster than anyone to retreat. At this time, the mortal bureau, he appeared.

The claws of the king's beasts just passed through the heart from the back, and the expression of Chen Guangfa's face was very weird.

It feels like I’m complaining about why I’m doing this, but I feel so good after doing it.

No matter what he thinks in his heart, he has done this near.

At the moment when the sharp edge passed through the heart, Chen Guangfa did not know where it came from, and pushed it to Xue Mo’s shoulder.


Xue Mo, who sat down a dozen meters away, suddenly cried, this scene, like the time of the chaotic mission.

"Small foam, go."

At that time, her cousin said so.


Chen Guangfa, who was hanging on his paw, yelled, his blood was stained with his teeth, and when he shouted, blood was blowing from his mouth.

"The king-level monsters invaded the realm of the gods. This is no longer a simple relationship between the two communities." Inform the college of the news, inform the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce and the Wuhai Sea, tell them…The demon world has a disagreement, so that they can respond in time. ”


Xue Mo’s tears were uncontrollably squatting down, and Chen Guangfa was angry again.


"Hey, you guys just like to play this bitter drama."The king’s disdainful roar, the handcuffs throw Chen Guangfa on the grab to the ground. “You don’t look good.”

As soon as the voice fell, the purple awns of the king's beasts were locked to Xue Mo.

"Yes, I am sitting there, running, you can't run." Still sitting there, as the king's plate Chinese food. ”

Slowly moving the steps toward Xue Mo, but at this time, Chen Guangfa, who was kneeling on the ground, climbed to the ankle of the beast and held his arms in a round arms.

As if, he is trying to make the last effort to slow down the speed of its progress.

"Sister, go."

Chen Guangfa’s consciousness has been blurred, and the call has not been so powerful.

He squinted for a moment, panting fast and short, his fists knocking on the legs of the beast, but his eyes were looking at Xue Mo's position.


"Damn reptile."

Although Chen Guang found that he could not cause any threats and obstacles to the beasts, but he crawled on his legs, it still felt disgusting.

Bending down, the claws tied to Chen Guangfa's body mentioned in front of the eyes, and fell heavily to the ground, and immediately stepped on.


Xue Mo was about to collapse. She grabbed her hair with both hands and looked at Chen Guangfa who was stepping on the foot of the beast.

"you wanna die!"

"Don't mess around, go."

On the eve of Xue Mo's eruption, Ye Zichen appeared behind Xue Mo, and grabbed her arm and ran wildly toward the rear. The people on the field have already arrived on the flying boat. When Ye Zichen grabbed Xue Mo, Murong Xue shouted anxiously.

"Come on."

"Let me loose, I want to avenge Guangfa."

Xue Mo struggled to break free, but at this moment, a mouth was directly drawn to her face.

This slap is Ye Zichen's pumping.

"Give me some cool, fly on the boat."

People around did not expect Ye Zichen to do this, and Murong Xue and the appearance of the Golden Flower also pouted. But no one said anything. Now Xue Mo has let Chen Guangfa’s death faint, and this slap may make her wake up.

Sure enough, under this slap, Xue Mo was quiet.

"Let her go up."

A piece of Xue Mo was pushed onto the boat, but Ye Zichen never went up.

"Ye Zichen, come on."

"It's not a way to run like this. You go, I am broken."Alight smile at the people on the flying boat, Ye Zichen went back directly and raised his hand high. "Let's see the college, believe me, no problem. Jiang Yong, driving the boat. ”

The people on the flying boat are silent, and anyone here knows what will happen after the break.

"let's go."

Jiang Yong first broke the silence and directly instilled the power into the flying boat.

He has seen his determination from the eyes of Ye Zichen. If so, then what Jiang Yong can do is to send the people on the boat back to their place.

"I want to go back and report, no door."

The king-level beast directly ignores the existence of Ye Zichen and plunges in the direction of the flying boat.

But before he even ran a few hundred meters, his front convenience appeared a huge net made of divine power, which was firmly trapped inside.

"What's this……"

The king-level beast looked around and saw it within his kilometer range.

At least there are hundreds of heavenly demon monsters, which will condense the demon power into a silk, and compile it into a net to block it.

Town demon tower.

Still the town demon tower.

These monsters are found by Ye Zichen from the town demon tower. There are shadows to help the rest of the monsters hide in the trail, which will make everything so successful.

Of course, Ye Zichen didn't expect to be able to control the king's beasts by relying on the nets compiled by divine power.

If it is really so simple, the king will not be so detached in the demon world.

Sure enough, the network that was compiled shackled the time when the king’s class was not enough. However, the time of this interest is enough to fly the speed to the extreme, it is not so easy to pursue.

"Kid, you are doing this to find death."

Ye Zichen shrugged and smiled, the demon god network was broken, and the Yaozu in the town demon tower returned to the town demon tower. These monsters are not opponents of the king's beasts at all, and he will not let these demons go to these fearless sacrifices.

Just a little bit of it for a while, it suffices.


Seeing the hundreds of days around the Supreme Worship all disappeared, the king-level beast looks shocked, and immediately the eyes burst into a gorgeous color.

"The town demon tower, you have a town demon tower in your hand."

"It seems that you have lived for a long time, and you can see it."

By this time, Ye Zichen had never thought of concealing it. The town demon tower, the three worlds are crazy to fight for the artifact, the news will be released, the king-level beast will definitely put the center of gravity on him, then Jiang Yong they will be more secure.

As long as they go back to the college to find a helper, and they can survive to the reinforcements under the leadership of the king's beast, then the Jedi is a big turn!

He stayed here for one such calculation, the second is…

He can't leave the hero's body here.

Chen Guangfa, he must bring back to the college.

Before that, the fight is IQ and operation.

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