The eyes flashed sharply, and Zhao Qianhe stepped on his foot and disappeared from the space in front.

The other students on the flying boat fell their eyes to Yan Enhuai. Looking at the eyes of these students, he also sighed with helplessness. They waved them all together and disappeared with the flying boat behind Zhao Qianhe.


The violent shocks set off a sandstorm in the surrounding desert, and Ye Zichen fell heavily on the sand dunes 100 meters away, smashing the bones.

Very good.

The huge body of the king's beast brought it with explosive power. With the supreme strength of Ye Zichen, it is miraculous to be able to withstand the blow of it.

Huge body, relative to the slow action.

Ye Zichen also relies on his own agility. For a long time, the first blow was the first hit he received.

Of course, this is almost the same as his life.

"Brother, I am afraid that both of them must be accounted for here."

Ye Zichen at the dune holds a ring in his hand, which is the only relic that he can find belonging to Chen Guangfa. Even if it is a desert, the kingโ€™s beast is still stepping on everything about him.

The demon in the town demon tower is also difficult to summon. During this period, Ye Zichen also summoned to fight with them and the beasts of the land. Almost all the monsters in the town hall are injured seriously, must be in the town. The demon tower is cultivated.

It feels a bit far gone.

"Sure enough, this king-level beast is not the kind of person I should face. At that time, I was so worried about my brain."

Ye Zichen was a little self-deprecating and laughed, and immediately he shouted at the back of the beast.

"I am here, save me."

This blast made the beast go back, and Ye Zichen took advantage of this almost crazy sand dug in the desert.

What are you doing?

Of course it is to be hidden.

He can't move his legs now, he can't run anymore, he can only hide now.

Behind it is a ridiculous, no signs of human appearance, the beasts realize that they have been played, and the horrible light flashes inside the enchanting purple.

"You dare to play the king."

"Hey."Ye Zichen grinned. "Hey, King, how can I play with you, just make a joke with you." You see that you are not accepting the younger brother, or you have accepted me as your younger brother, I am not living enough. โ€

"Take the town demon tower, the king can spare you not to die."

"Cheng, then give it to you."Ye Zichen nodded her head and suddenly flashed his eyes in his eyes. "I am here, the Dean will save me!"

The king-level beast was slightly hesitant, but he still looked at the back.

Ye Zichen took advantage of this almost crazy drowning of sand, and before he hadn't dug it, he felt a raging anger behind him.

"Kid, you are looking for death."

Let Ye Zichen play twice, and the king-level beast only feels that his IQ is insulted.

"Don't be angry with the king, I will give you the town demon tower, let me put a living path."Ye Zichen pleaded.

"No, you are dead, the town demon tower is still mine."

The beasts walked forward toward the front, and at this moment, Ye Zichenโ€™s eyes burst into gorgeous light.

This gaze is the light that sees hope.

"I still want to lie to the king."

The land was scornful, and it didn't take long. Ye Zichen raised his hand and shouted.

"I'm here."

"Kid, the same trick is used three times. Are you an idiot when you are a king?"

"This time someone is really there, don't believe you look behind you, there are people, you believe me."

Ye Zichen's eyes are very sincere, but the beasts no longer believe his words.

Being played twice is already the limit he can bear. If he is going to be a third time, is he really an idiot?

The beasts walked over to Ye Zichen, and at this moment they fell to the back of his head and directly shot him in the desert.

Ye Zichen also sighed helplessly and said: "I told you that someone still doesn't believe it. This time is good, let's get it."

Affected by this attack, the king was annoyed.

From the desert, the screaming screaming, the Ye Zichen eardrum that hurts the waves hurts. However, standing in front of him, Zhao Qianhe, who is as small as an ant, is flashing disdain.

"The little reptile dared to slay with me and give me a slap."


In the realm of Ye Zichen, it is impossible to see what Zhao Qianhe has done in the end, and the king-level beast will suddenly squat on the ground.

"You are the master."

Until then, the beasts really showed fear, and Zhao Qianhe gave him a faint look.

"If you know it, you are squatting here, otherwise you know the end."

When the voice fell, Zhao Qianhe came to Ye Zichen.

"It's your little guy who is greedy."

When I saw Ye Zichen, Zhao Qianheโ€™s eyebrows were light.

"Predecessors, you are really a goddess. I have saved me a few times in danger. When I go back, I will definitely set up your tablet. Every day, I will burn you incense and worship the Buddha and bless you."

"I don't have to talk to me about this, I have already listened to these ages."

Zhao Qianhe faintly glanced at Ye Zichen and immediately noticed the ring in his hand.


I thought that this guy can grow a little bit, and now it seems that he can't change the essence of greed. Looking at his current remnants, staying for Xue Mo to fight for their escape time, this seems to be a very heroic, but almost put his life on it, that is, greed, and do not know how to advance and retreat.

She said that she wouldn't be mistaken when she saw it. From the time she met under the mountain, she saw Ye Zichen clearly.

"Kid, are you deliberately approaching our innocent sea?"Zhao Qianheโ€™s eyes sank.

"What are you talking about?"Ye Zichen looks awkward.

"Hey, don't have to. However, I advise you that if you have bad thoughts, it is best to give up as soon as possible. My temperament is not particularly good. As long as you reveal a little fox tail, your life is not yours. Do you understand? โ€

Gently clicked on Ye Zichen's chest. Zhao Qianhe also noticed that Xue Mo had come over and he was not talking to him about it.

"Remember, don't show your fox tail."

Squinting and leaving from the front of Ye Zichen, Xue Mo and others who came over under the leadership of Yan Enhuai almost went to Ye Zichen for the first time. Seeing his misery, Murong Xue and other girls cried, even It was Jiang Yong and Li Hu who couldnโ€™t help but take a sigh of relief.

"Ye brother, I am owing you two lives."Jiang Yong holds a fist.

"What is not owed, not all brothers."

Ye Zichen grinned and Xue Mo slammed into her arms and burst into tears. Feeling the shaking of people, Ye Zichen can only gently pat her back, but I don't know, Zhao Qianhe in the distance is always watching them, his eyes flashing.

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