"Small seventeen."

Standing in the eye-catching position of Cui Xie, Liu Qing immediately presented her back to West Germany.

At this level of play, this kind of mistake is extremely deadly.

"Little girl, I just hurt you so much for the West German."

The big palm of the West German futon suddenly made a fist, and the right foot forced it to crack the ground. His whole person also turned into a streamer, and he did not hesitate to punch this punch toward the back of Liu Qing.


As everyone knows, Liu Qing, who is facing him, suddenly tilts his mouth.

Not only her, but also the Cui Xie and others who were in the position of the eyes all laughed.

"not good."

Although West Germany has not yet noticed what is wrong with him, he still took his fist back in the air and watched it with vigilance.

"You don't fight for such a good chance. How should I say hello?"

Liu Qing was full of helpless stallers and looked back at her as if she didn't have any backhands.

"You marry me."

It’s so obvious. If West Germany still reacts, it can only be said that he is stupid. He screams at the big eyes of the camel bell, and he keeps breathing in the milky white.

The purple magic around him began to gather toward him, and his West German general could not bear this shame.

"Go to death!"


Just as West Germany was angry with the release of spiritual skills, Cui Twelve, who had been standing in the position below, suddenly burst into a drink.

Three chains of spiritual power have emerged from the void, and West Germany is firmly tied.

As for Cui XII, the three of them were slamming one end of the chain and shouting at Liu Qing.

"Small seventeen, hurry to solve him."


West Germany stared at the silver-white chain tied to him. Could it be that their smile was for this trick?

Under the Quartet, they should not have the spiritual support for any spiritual power.

"Breaking for Laozi."

Struggling to break the chain, but I don't know why the chain is not broken.

"Hey, this is the town magic lock that Laozi used for three hundred points. How could it be so easy to get rid of it."

Cui Xun couldn't help but laugh, but in my heart, it was distressed in blood.

Three hundred points!

He has saved more than 500 points in the realm of the gods for a long time, and he will spend three hundred.

When Ye Zichen soared, he was going to give it out of his mouth.


Suddenly, a subtle fragmentation passed to the ears of Cui XII. He suddenly looked upwards…

"How can it be."

Although the town magic lock is the next artifact, but it is also an artifact produced by the witch, the hardness of the material is quite high.

Even if West Germany is the strength of a half-step saint, it is too unbelievable to break the town lock so quickly.

Maybe he bought a fake town lock.

In any case, the town magic lock has broken signs, Cui Twelve also quickly appeared in the reminder.

"Small seventeen, you are careful, he is a bit wrong!"

Liu Qing, who is looking for opportunities, is also a cluster of brows. Don't look at West Germany to let the town locks bind. However, his defense during the period is still impeccable, and she has been waiting for the other party's anxiety in the state of anxiety.

However, the leaks were not found, but their town locks were broken.

Anxious, Liu Qing did not have time to wait for the other party to reveal the mistakes, she needs to create the other party's mistakes.

The right hand grabbed the ribbon and plucked it, and the ribbon hit the body of West Germany.

"Little girl, in fact, from the moment you chose the ambush location here, you have already lost."

West Germany allowed the ribbon to hit him, and he didn't care.

"In the devil world, our Mozu has a unique advantage, that is, it can absorb the magical power between the heavens and the earth to recover the injury. But you can't do it. Here your spiritual power can't be supplemented. Use a little less. In fact, I can completely fight with you here, and I will be able to solve all of you. ”

"but……I don't want to do that. ”

"My famous name of General West Germany was killed. It is only Zach who will do it. Therefore, the West German Master will solve you on the front. ”


As soon as the voice fell, all three chains were broken.

The three people who clung to the town's magic lock spit on the ground and looked pale as paper.

Jade Emperor and Tian Qiren, the Holy Emperor, both subconsciously want to use the spiritual power to recover the injury, but as West Germany said, they could not absorb this magic.

"Using the Quartet to strengthen your own spiritual power, you are very smart." Seeing you like this should be a half-step saint, I think it must have been investigated before I set off. But unfortunately, now I am not the strength of a half-step saint. ”

West Germany stepped forward toward Liu Qing, and he only had to take a step, and the shadow of the devil in the back of his head was more and more clear.

A strong sense of oppression is centered around it and released towards the surroundings.

Cui Twelve, who was sitting on the ground, was shocked.


He broke through!


"I should have been in the lower bound six months ago, but why am I not in the lower bound? Have you thought about this? Little girl, one hundred secrets, you will die here after all. ”

One finger.

West Germany is just a finger out, pointing to Liu Qing.

Suddenly, a purple light was emitted from the fingers, and Liu Qing subconsciously used the belt to go.

Hole through.


The white cheeks and the straps in her hands were stained with red.

Red is so glaring.

Liu Qing swayed and supported the body without falling down. After seeing West Germany, he only raised his finger again…


Another blood hole appeared.

After this, West Germany kept pointing his finger at Liu Qing.

The purple light in his hand kept on the body of Liu Qing, and the eyes of Cui Xie, who was sitting on the ground, were cracked. He wanted to leave from the front to help Liu Qing.

"Don't come out!"

After countless times, Liu Qing climbed up from the ground tenaciously.

At this time, her arms and legs were covered with blood, like a bloody person, very miserable.


Liu Qing’s inexplicable smile, who held her head, did not know when a red pill appeared in her palm.

Because her hand was already full of blood red eyes, it became the protective color of the pill, and West Germany did not notice.

Cui Twelve noticed…

He kept shaking his head towards her.

can not eat.

This medicine can't be eaten.

Without hesitation, he threw the medicinal herbs into his mouth. At the moment of seeing this scene, Cui XII was almost desperate.

"What the hell are you doing!"

He is screaming in anger, what is the role of this drug, he is too clear.


The singularity of West Germany’s brows, the strength of his saints, the whole three worlds may not be anything, but now…

He is very strong.

Strong makes him a little obsessed.

Liu Qing This stubborn little toy made him very satisfied. He wanted to continue playing with her, but this kid was too noisy.

The finger lifted up toward Cui Twelve, and a purple light shone toward his eyebrows.



As for the person who blocked this attack…

It is Liu Qing.

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