Chapter 743 The ultimate fire

The purple light with a strong attacking force hits Liu Qing's arm, which should have been attacked by the arm, but left a slight invisible white spot on her arm.

As soon as the white smoke rose, Liu Qing looked up indifferent…

"You don't have the strength of your mouth, isn't it?"


The West German brows who controlled the whole situation picked up a little, and only let her play a small girl like a sieve. Now she is standing in front of him intact.

The long red hair was dragged to the ground, and the dark pupil was completely red.

Especially just now, she blocked the blow in perfect condition.

West Germany shook his head.

It seems to be what means, but how can it be!

It is impossible for him to be planted in the hands of the yellow-haired hoe. He has this confidence.

And, this confidence is by no means a hole.

His qualifications in the Three Realms are also quite high, and the title of the general is his battle in a battle. Although Liu Qing at the moment made him feel a sense of oppression, how about it…

You must know that his most glorious battle is to kill the master of heaven with the supreme strength of the earth.

This is a sky-like gap, he did it!

Now, even if Liu Qing is using some small means, even if the strength is stronger than him now…

He still doesn't care!

"Twelve brothers, you are not hurt."

Without paying attention to the West Germany in front, Liu Qing looked back and looked at the ground and was full of sadness.

"Why are you doing this, the remedy can't be eaten!"

Cui Twelve screamed, and when he saw Liu Qing's eyebrows turning into a burning flame, he knew that everything was late.

She still did it!

"Is there no way?"Liu Qing smiled bitterly. "Sage, there is no way to resist with our strength. I have only this way, and there is only one way."

When Liu Qing said this, Cui Xie could clearly feel the bitterness of her heart.

It is not a last resort, how could she eat this remedy.

When she was eating this medicinal medicine, her heart must have too many struggles that foreigners could not know.

"Well, the duration of the drug can not last long, I will solve this unsightly guy early."

Liu Qing smiled and looked back. When she turned around, the smile on her face disappeared.

"Take all your means, or you won't have any chance."

"Little girl, are you teaching the West German master?"

West Germany smiled contemptuously, but there was no arrogance and arrogance in his heart. He does have confidence in himself, but it does not mean that he can easily remove this little girl.


The violent spiritual power scrolls around the magic to form two whirlpools like a tornado, and the heavens and the earth change.

The whistling wind was mixed with gravel and hay, leaving a blood mark on Liu Qing's cheek. As long as she opens her eyes, she can see that West Germany has become a hundred feet high, covering the sky and hiding the sun.

His hands are high, and the magical power between heaven and earth is all mobilized.

Jade Emperor was stunned. He looked at the scene with great shock. He could deeply feel the trepidation and trembling in the depths of his soul.

In a flash, his heart became hot again.

This is the power of the saint!

"Little girl, don't blame the West German lord for being too embarrassed about you, just blame the West German lord for giving you the opportunity to not grasp."

West Germany, who stands proudly in the void, laughs wildly and has two tornado vortexes on his sides.

The eyes suddenly slammed, and the hands spread out to the back of the vortex and pushed hard forward…

"go with!"

The vortex is swept away with the energy of the violent, and the sand and stone beneath it are all annihilated by its power.

These two vortexes are swiftly swept toward Liu Qing as if they were to swallow everything.

Liu Qing stood so faintly in front of her, without any slight movement, she just raised her hands quietly.

"I want to tear my storm away by hand, huh…"

A faint ridicule came from the mouth of West Germany, how powerful the trick was, and his heart was clear.

I want to tear it apart by hand, it is simply an idiotic dream.

He watched Liu Qing let the storm swallow, but the next scene was to make his ridiculous face become very ugly.

Both hands……

A pair of white storks, accompanied by a hand of fire, protruded from the vortex.

The hands crossed and moved in the opposite direction, and the vortex was also torn out of the mouth during the movement of the hands.


The white palms suddenly slammed toward the rear, and the two whirlpools that were covered with the sky were instantly torn and ruptured, turning into a magical return between heaven and earth.

"How can it be."

West Germany is awkward.

This girl was really free to break his magic storm.

Subconsciously glanced at Liu Qing, his pupil suddenly shrank.

Behind Liu Qing stands a flame old man with a hundred feet high. The old man seems to be a drowning drive, but he has an irresistible majesty.

His hands are spread out on both sides of the body, and the palm of his heart burns the highest state in the flame…

Purple flames.

Liu Qing is also in the same movement as the old man, and the heart is also burning purple, but her flame is not hot.

It's ice!

"The fire system is the ultimate."

Feel the cold of the flame of Liu Qing, Cui 12 can not help but stagnate.

The purple flame does represent the highest state of the fire system, but this is not the ultimate.

The ultimate in the fire system is ice!

Things must be reversed!

The purple fire in Liu Qing's hand is matched with its coldness, and it has already reached the true ultimate of the flame.

"I didn't expect Xiao Tian's talent to be so high, no wonder that she fell in love with her, but…"

Cui Xie sighed Liu Qing's talent, but she also regrets her. If she does not take the remedy, her future will be more colorful.

No, maybe this is for her…

It is also a good thing!

Inexplicable Cui Twelve thought of Ye Zichen and the group of red faces around him, could not help but whisper.

"I just returned it to you when you said something."Liu Qing, who is burning with flames, smiles indifferently. "In fact, I gave you a chance, but you didn't cherish it. It is a pity that you will disappear into this world forever. Devil world, it is time to find a general again. ”

"Wait!"West Germany suddenly raised his hand.

Liu Qing, who was preparing to give West Germany the last blow, stopped and said, "There is still a last wish, even if it is proposed."

"I just want to know why you have a magical body!"

"Fire magic?"Liu Qing has a cluster of brows. "My body is the Vulcan body that my Majesty gave me, what a fire! Ok, I don't have time to talk to you, rest in peace! ”

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