Chapter 7 asks you

The words fell to the fire.

The deep purple fire wraps the West German, and the screams in the flame are clear to the ear.

No matter how he beats, what kind of means are used.

The flame is still not extinguished!

Gradually, lying in the West of the ground constantly rolling, the struggle is getting smaller. In the end, only a slight convulsion can be made until it disappears.

The flame also dissipated at this time.

West Germany has been burnt, and a small layer of ice crystals can be seen on his charred body.

"Is it over?"

Jade Emperor, who has experienced too many big winds and waves, has a lingering opening. He must admit that his heart is trembled when West Germany is turned into a giant.

Liu Qing, who suddenly broke out after this, also made his heart full of unspeakable shock.

The special envoy of the Divine Realm is a special envoy of the Divine Realm.

At this time, Tian Qiren, the incomprehensible, also secretly swallowed a spit, only to be only half a meter away from his death.

It was the girl who looked like Loli in front of her and saved the lives of all of them.


Liu Qing, standing in front of her, suddenly swayed violently. When she was about to fall, Cui Twelve reached out from behind and held her.

"It's okay."

Liu Qing smiled and shook his head. "It's just a little off force. The noise that is happening here is not small. Let's go quickly." If someone else from the Devils comes over, it will be troublesome. โ€

"Then he…"

Referring to the West German, which is dark in front of the face, Liu Qing grinned and grabbed the band in his hand and gently slid it on the ice crystal.


The complete human body is at the moment when the ice crystals are broken, like the magical gas that has been differentiated into ions and merged into the air, becoming a nutrient for nourishing magic.

Seeing this scene, Cui Twelveโ€™s eyelid jumped…

The ultimate in fire, it really deserved reputation.

Ye Zichen's eyelids have been jumping so hard these days. He sat in the courtyard of the Longevity Garden almost all day, looking straight into the void.

I don't know why, his heart is inexplicably panic.

Perceived his mood, the people in the longevity garden were very clever and did not touch the mold.


Just frowning at the root of the smoke, Ye Zichen suddenly noticed several spiritual abnormalities outside the fairy field.

After becoming a half-step fairy king, he can be said to be extremely sensitive to subtle changes in spiritual power.

Leaping toward the void, the heart that has been hanging, finally fell.

A faint smile emerged from the corner of his mouth, his eyes staring at the girl who smiled at him.

"Welcome back."

Laughter opened her arms to her, and Liu, who had been helping Cui Twelve, immediately slid away from his support and stumbled into the arms of Ye Zichen.

Deeply buried his head in his chest, this moment…

No one is speaking.

I can only feel the trembling of the beautiful woman in my arms.

call outโ€ฆโ€ฆ

Just then, a woman wearing a police uniform suddenly appeared in the void. The woman wore a big police cap and looked at the police with the police.

This kind of dress is very long-lived in the world, but it is so nondescript in the field of Xianyu.

"The old lady is taking office, how can someone pick up a couple of people to touch the old lady."

Itโ€™s not someone else, itโ€™s the new rulerโ€™s ruler of the next three rules, Lin Ru.

Lin Ru rubbed her hands and looked at the shrews who were preparing to squat on the street. She glanced at the apricot and glanced forward.

"Ye Zichen."

The screams are like the Hedong Griffin, and the people around the shock have a pain in the eardrum.

"How did you come again?"Ye Zichen rolled her eyes in a sigh of relief, and immediately looked at her dress. "What, recently, I like spy?"

"The old lady is not in the mood to be with you, you are doing it." At that time, there was a little white flower around me. Now I have a little loli in my arms. You really donโ€™t put us Susu in your eyes, right? When Su Yan was with you, she was the master of science and technology, the goddess of the entire college road. If you donโ€™t have to be a pet, you canโ€™t do it. Are you good, and you have a set of flowers? โ€

Lin Ru was so upset for Su Yan that he immediately looked at Liu Qing and Cui Tuan.

"These two have surpassed the spirituality here, and I need to expel them both."

"Is Lin Ru?"

The weak opening of Liu Qing in her arms, as long as Ye Zichen, most of the people in the world are somewhat impressed.

"Yes, now she is the master of the rules here."Ye Zichen replied.

"The Lord of the Rules!"

When I heard these four words, whether it was Liu Qing or Cui XII, even Jade Emperor and the Emperor showed a stunned look.


That is unpredictable and cannot be rebellious.

Now they have witnessed the true meaning of the ruler.

"Looking at me?"

Lin Ru is also awkward, she can naturally hear the words of Liu Qing.

Immediately, her eyelids were picked and her hands were rubbed.

"Ye Zichen, you really have no conscience. I thought that you were just a few people around the world, and you still have a canary in the middle of the day! โ€

"Don't talk about it here."Ye Zichen squinted.

"Hey, don't worry about me talking nonsense." I will give you this now, and their strength is beyond the scope of this side, they must be expelled. โ€

"Lin Ru!"

"Even if you blink with me, the expulsion is still to be expelled, the rules are the rules."

Lin Ru is not allowed.

"Lin Ru sister, I beg you, can I stay here for a long time?"

At this moment, Liu Qing suddenly struggled out of Ye Zichen's arms and slammed directly into the ground.

"Liu Qing, what are you doing?"

Ye Zichen tried hard to lift him up. Cui Twelve was also a brow and a deep lock, but Liu Qing couldnโ€™t ignore it and looked at Lin Ru straight, tears.

"I beg you, the rules are indeed rebellious. But you are the master of the rules, and certainly the rules that can reverse the moment. I don't want to stay here forever, I just need to stay here for a long time, half a day…Can you? I promise that I will not use any spiritual power and will not cause any trouble or trouble to you. โ€

"What are you doing?"

Lin Ru, who is tough, is a bit flustered when she sees Liu Qing. She does seem to be inhuman, but she is just pretending.

Adding to his dislike of Ye Zichen's sleazy character, he wanted to expel the girl.

But now…

"Hurry up and talk!"

"Please let me stay here for a long time."

"Although I am the master of the rules, can…"

"You are sure, I beg you."

Liu Qing's tears kept falling down, and Ye Zichen couldn't bear to see it. He tried to hold Liu Qing up.

"What are you doing, how much time we will meet in the future, why ask her. Even if you can't go down in the future, I will go to the realm to find you. โ€

But Liu Qing shook his head hard, just looking at Lin Ru.

"up to you."

Lin Ru, who didn't know how to deal with it, turned his head and left.

Really, I can't afford it, I can't afford it!

The true virtue of this rule is true!

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