"I knew it."

As early as when Cui XII had expected this situation, the squat was only to retain the last half day.

At that moment, he knew…

She can't follow him with awkwardness.

At this time, it was when the brother’s station came out.

Instantly came to Liu Qing's side and grabbed her arm hard. Cui Twelve dragged it back with brute force.

"I don't want to go, I don't want to go, Ye Zichen!"

Liu Qing's tears and tears, she desperately wants to break free, but the hand that can hold him is like a meteorite to hold her.

"She doesn't want to go, why are you forced to let him go?"

Looking at the crying pain of Liu Qing, Ye Zichen reached out to pull Liu Qing back.

"Go ahead, don't blame me for disregarding."

Forced to pull Liu Qing behind him, Cui Tuan group raised his eyes and threatened. At the same time, he kept taking Liu Qing toward the back and left the place.

"I don't want to go…"

“Liu Qing said she didn’t leave!”

From the beginning Ye Zichen felt that something was wrong, and the conversation between them mentioned too much time.

If Liu Qing wants to go, he will naturally not stop. But now she cried and said she didn't want to go, then he would never let her go.

"Liu Qing can't take her if she doesn't want to go."

Ye Zichen squinted and stopped Cui Twelve.

The right hand leaned toward the arm where he grabbed Liu Qing, and Cui's twelve arms were lifted, and Ye Zichen's hand was directly shot down, while the palm of his hand patted his shoulder and shook it back a few meters.

"I have warned once."

Cui Xie looked at Ye Zichen, who was shocked by his face. He did not use too much spiritual power, just to persuade him.

Whether or not Ye Zichen might resist him with his supreme strength.


At this point, Ye Zichen didn't say anything. All he had to do was to let Liu Qing stay.

As for the warning…

The right fist suddenly kicked in the past, and Cui Xie, who was holding Liu Qing, stepped back toward the rear and was able to escape the attack.

The punches passed by and left a blood mark on his face.

Without a hit, Ye Zichen simply wrapped himself up. The position of the punch became more and more smashed, while preventing Liu Qing from running away, and also responding to the attack, Cui Xing’s heart was inexplicable…

The spiritual power suddenly moved, and the fist did not hesitate to wave.

He could react at the moment he waved, he could not.

It’s hard to recover 30% of the strength, even if…


Blood vomiting.

"Are you too arrogant to put your old lady in your eyes?"

At this moment, Lin Ru suddenly appeared on the edge of the cliff and glared at Cui Xie, who still kept his punching action. She followed Su Yan and Xia Keke, and they both ran to Ye Zichen.

"Zi Chen."

"Zi Chen brother."

At almost the same time, Liu Qing, who had been crying and not going, was also screaming and screaming.

"Ye Zichen."

Cui Xie was also staring at his fist, looking at Ye Zichen who kept bleeding in his mouth.

What the hell is doing, he obviously just wants to take Liu Qing, why did you just punch? Even if he has recovered three successes, he can…

"leaf……Ye brother. ”

Suddenly lost, Liu Qing took the opportunity to break free from his hands and ran to Ye Zichen.

Cui XII also wanted to go forward, but let Lin Ru stop.

"The old lady knows that these guys will not be so safe. In the aging mother's territory, the power of the supreme power is used. You really don't put the old ruler in the eyes of the old lady. It seems that the old lady is really good. Lessons teach you."

Lin Ru said that he would carry his sleeves.

"Lin Ru, forget it."

Behind him came Ye Zichen's faint voice, and Lin Ru stopped and looked at him inexplicably, only to see him keep shaking his head.

Immediately, he reached out and touched Liu Qing's blue silk.

"If you don't want to go, stay here."


In such a simple sentence, Liu Qing hesitated.

"I will treat you first."

About a quarter of an hour, Ye Zichen's injury was stabilized.

"Small seventeen!"Cui Xie frowns.

"Why should I always urge her to go, she doesn't want to go…"

Ye Zichen squinted and sipped, and immediately he looked at Liu Qing when he wanted to tell her to stay, but he saw that Liu Qing had stood up.

Her eyes were still red, but there was no hysteria at the time.

"Sorry, I made you hurt. I don't want to go, this is my heart, but I…Must go. ”

"why?"Ye Zichen asks.

Liu Qing just laughs and doesn't speak.

Turn around.


This time she did not go as before, and went to half to repent.

She hung her head quietly to the side of Cui XII and nodded gently toward him.

A Hongqiao abrupt building was built on top of this mountain.


Liu Qing, who stepped on Hongqiao, always fell on Ye Zichen's body. She could see the distress and incomprehension on her face, and the indescribable grace.


Ye Zichen He is very puzzled, but he believes that Liu Qing has her own reasons.

The reversal at the time was her impulse. When the impulse subsided, she had her own thoughts.

What he can do now is to watch her leave.

Farther and farther away, Liu Qing can no longer restrain the emotions in her heart from crying and crying.

I don't know why, she cried, she suddenly didn't know why she was crying.


She can't cry anymore.

She just looked at the man under Hongqiao with tears and watched him wave to himself.

"Hurry and wipe the tears, and I will go back and let my sire see that I am bullying you."

A handkerchief was handed over, and Liu Qing blinked and looked at Cui Twelve.

"Twelve brothers, why do I cry?" Really weird, how did I suddenly cry? ”

Cui Twelve gave her handkerchief a face, and he smiled.

"Have you forgotten to hear a particularly touching story?"

"What story, why didn't I have an impression?"Liu Qing blinks.

"The story is that a girl has been a long time ago…"

With half an hour of time, Cui Twelve finished the story, but Liu Qing was always indifferent from beginning to end.

"I will cry for this story?"

Immediately, she kept shaking her head and smirked.

"love? Oh, that’s ridiculous. ”

Hearing this cold tone, Cui Xie’s body was inexplicably trembled.

For a long time, he took a sigh of relief and touched Liu Qing’s head.

"Okay, don't care about this, crying and crying, what is the use of these now?"

"makes sense."Liu Qing shrugged with a smile, and immediately she was slightly frowning. "Who is the person who has been waving to us?"

"he……He is a friend of his brother! ”

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