The VIP entertains the room, and the waiter leaves the camphor and leaves the reception room.

Ye Zichen smiled and smiled as he saw the door closed.

"I haven't seen you for a long time. Is it better for you to manage the future heirs of this treasure pagoda?"

"You also know that we haven't seen you for a long time. If I didn't let Xue Qi go to see you, would you forget me?"

He glanced at him, and Zuo Mo licked his mouth but still poured a cup of incense for him.

A faint smile appeared on Ye Zichen's face, and he immediately deliberately shifted the subject.

"I just saw that you seem to be talking about business. Just hanging people there, isn't it?"

This is the case.

Zuo Mo was stunned in his heart and glanced at him with a bad mood. Looking at the smirk on Ye Zichen's face, she sighed in her heart and said something easy.

"Not a big customer, and the details in the middle are still to be discussed. Even if I stayed there for a while, I wouldn’t be able to say a result for a while. It’s better to let him think about it. It’s not always the best way to go for it. Sometimes you will dry it for a while, maybe the effect will be better. ”

"Well, I don't have any professionalism in business management."Ye Zichen smiled and smirked. "Looking out, the treasure tower is now mixed in the fairyland."

"That's not thanks to your great god."

"Who makes the relationship better?"

The atmosphere of a conversation at a time became easy.

"Right, you must come to me when you come to me."After talking about each other's irrelevant topics, Ye Zichen couldn't help but open his mouth and said, "You can't talk to me if you don't have anything to say, no matter how much you know, you can let Xue Qi and Stone Brother Looking for me, there must be something to discuss with me."

"It's smart for you."

Handed him a blank eye, and immediately left the mouth to open.

"I want to report to you about work."


"I have already invested in mass production in the production of gunpowder. The Heavenly Court technicians you provided us here should see the finished product in three days. ”

The invasion of the Mozu and the escaping of the Fairyland allowed Ye Zichen to notice that it was compared to the combat power.

Xianyuan or the people of the Three Realms have a big gap for the Mozu.

Regardless of the top strength, the gap between the high-end strength is too wide. In fact, it is the most common soldiers who can influence the occupation.

To compensate for the distance between the two parties, Ye Zichen began to make Heavenly Court and Xianyu jointly produce gunpowder.

The threat of gunpowder on the heavens may not be high, but those immortals are quite useful. At that time, the Mozu invasion was the Heavenly Court. The gunpowder was not manufactured at all. If there was gunpowder at that time…

They will not leave their tablets.

Now the treasure tower has started to invest in research and development, which is absolutely perfect news for people in Xianyu.

"That's great, but remember to be careful when storing." Don't underestimate it, the amount of explosives is enough, and the destruction is destroying the earth. ”

"I will marry them when I get there."Zuo Mo nodded, and her face changed slightly, biting her lips. "But I am looking for you this time, but I want to tell you something else."

"You said."Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

"in fact……"


Ye Zichen, who had just been carrying the fragrant scent, dropped it on the table. This sudden scene shocked Zuo Mo, and immediately she saw Ye Zichen's brow standing up from the chair.

"What's wrong?"

"Miss, there are people outside…Hey, how hard are you guys! ”

The waiter outside the door exclaimed, and soon the door of the room was pushed open, and Lin Ru was squinted, his eyes swept from the left and Ye Zichen.

"You are very leisurely."

"what happened? I just noticed a strange energy fluctuation, very intense. ”

Ye Zichen ignored her if she didn't know if she was ridiculing or ridiculous.

"Your old nest space is broken, Susu asked me to come over and find you back to see what the situation is. Really, I am the master of the rules, I have to give you these little mortals to run errands. ”

Lin Ru, who was also talking about the serious things in front, started the Tucao mode directly after the arrival.

Ye Zichen, who could hear the news, had a sudden change, and there was no time for him to hesitate. He rushed out to the outside of the treasure tower.


Lin Ru looked at him with a look of b.

What the kid is doing, she actually gave her this.

Taking a few deep breaths, Lin Ru took the fire under pressure, while wrinkling his nose toward the left, he also hurried away from the room.

Zuo Liang, who just came to the treasure tower, happened to see Ye Zichen, who was in a hurry. He wanted to say hello, but found that the other party did not pay attention to him.

Seeing that he was going to the door of the Zuo Mo VIP room, he saw a woman coming out from the inside.



what's the situation?

When Lin Ru disappeared into the stairway, he returned to the room and raised his eyebrows.

"Sister, I just saw Ye Big Brother, but he seems to be very anxious." And who is the woman just now, it won’t be…Catching and catching…"

"Catch a big ghost and catch it."He glanced at him with a white glance, and immediately left the eyebrows, "How come you?"

At the same time, Zuo Liang was a condensed, positive color.

"The elders in the family asked me to go back to you."

"So early, shouldn't it be after half a month?"Zuo Ma’s Liu Mei’s eyebrows erected, and immediately nodded. β€œI know, I’m going to arrange a little here on the Hui people. I’m going to see what they can do.”

"What is the situation?"

"How the space suddenly broke."

"what happened?"

Near the plains of Hongfeng City, about a hundred miles away, a group of people looked up at the broken space in the void.

It is not the three realms that have collapsed, but the dimensional space left by the white robes.

In the first time of the space collapse, they all safely withdrew. Although there were no casualties, it was all too sudden.

Especially when they were walking on the road, suddenly they stepped on the air and found that the ground disappeared. In this case, the number of scares is still somewhat.

call out.

Ye Zichen, who was on the emptiness, rushed back, and the people around him saw him all bowed to him. As for the few women who have been with him, they have come together, and Xiao Yumei still holds the sweet candy in his hands.


When I saw Ye Zichen, sweet wow cried out. When the space collapsed, she was playing with the pterosaurs. When she was running, her feet suddenly emptied and fell straight from the air. .

If there was a little blue to catch her, she might have to fall to death.

Forced to hold the sweet, and stretched out his hand to rub her hair, Ye Zichen is also at this time the brow is locked to look at the space.

The space has collapsed!

But he is very clear that the only way to make the dimensional space collapse is…

The founder is fallen!

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