When I said this, Cui Xie himself did not believe it.

His Majesty.


Looking at the nine domains of the gods, the square is located in the center, and it can become the strongest domain in the realm of the gods. The reason is indeed geographical, but more important is the embarrassment.

Why did the devils dare to attack the gods, why the witches who are beyond the three realms are afraid to point to the people in the square.

The strongest in the realm of the gods, it is definitely not boasted.

It is such a strong person who actually coughed up blood at this time.

But when Cui Twelve will speak, he will know him…Lost words.

The sharp eyes were mixed with Cui Twelve, and he felt like he was falling into the ice cave.

I couldn’t help but shudder.


There was no hesitation in time, and Cui XII did not want to kneel on the ground.

"Your Majesty, nothing under his possession."

He has no way to ask for mercy, even if he is now the Highness of the Sifang Hall.

Under one person, the existence of hundreds of millions of people.

But he is very clear that his life is never his. If you want to take his life, you only need one sentence.

Or, just one thought.

Time lapses.

The sweat on the ground of Cui Twelve's forehead has soaked the ground, the intense heartbeat and the fearful eyes.

He has a thought now, why did he say this at the time?


After a long time, there was a slightly indifferent tone in the hall. Cui Xun’s fear of raising his head revealed that he did not know when he had come to him.

A sense of oppression.

This strong sense of oppression almost made his heart stop, he had to suffocate, but he still trembled and grabbed the hope that he could call it awkward.

"Subordinate to."

"You have been with me for a hundred years."

"Yes."Cui Twelve hardened the scalp.

"To tell the truth, you can become the Highness of the Sifang Temple. I was really optimistic about you. You are proficient in prophetic techniques. Among these nine domains, there is only the prophecy of the Lord God in the far north field, and because of his existence, our central field status is somewhat embarrassing. It is the first to say that in the end there is a far-north field that predicts the Lord God, and they are not weaker than us. ”

His gaze has never been removed from the eyes of Cui Xun. Under the gaze of this gaze, Cui 12 has long lost the ability to think.

"You have made me more disappointed for so many years, but I will give you a chance…If you can predict now whether I am killing you or leaving you, then I will leave you a life. ”

Seemingly contradictory, Cui Xie is unable to give any results directly.

In this passage, you have already given a definition. Can you really predict whether you will have a life?

will not.

With a few deep breaths, the mind is flattened, and Cui XII's body also emits holy fluorescence.

Yes, he is indeed deducting.

In the consumption of his efforts to deduct.

Numerous kinds of results passed through his mind, and gradually his eyes and ears began to ooze blood.

He does have the prophetic talent, and can predict his future. This is also involved in the middle, and his current strength is simply unpredictable.

During this time, I looked so quietly, waiting for the results of his deduction.

At this moment, a curious person with a look of Cui Twelve suddenly appeared in the book of an old man. When I saw the old man’s moment, I laughed.

"His Majesty."

"Are there results?"Hey chuckle.

"You will kill me, but after the death you will resurrect me, let the gods under the Great Hall occupy my body."

"You go."

"I need to take poison after half a day?"

"you……Say? ”The face replied with no expression.


The space collapsed and broken.

Ye Zichen stared at the speed of the space breaking, and the white robe had an accident, which he did not want to believe.

He wants to judge the survival of the white robe by the speed and extent of the space breaking…

The result is very pessimistic.

"Ye brother, do you think this thing…"

Yan Emperor was somewhat unpredictable and turned his attention to Ye Zichen. In any case, the relationship between the white robe and Ye Zichen is the closest.

"The people in the space have all withdrawn?"

Ye Zichen didn't pick up the words, he asked.

"All are out."The main city of Baihua City, Lincheng, locked the eyebrows. "The people who stayed in the space were not particularly special. In the first time when there was a break, we all retired. However, there are many materials that have not been withdrawn. ”

"There is nothing to worry about in this aspect of the material. If the space is broken, the materials will naturally fall." However, I have never seen material for so long. I can only say that space is self-destructive in space. Everyone who represents the self-destruction model believes that there is some understanding. ”

When I heard this, Ye Zichen’s face was black.

He didn't want to mention this in order to let others discover this, but…

Looking at Zhao Zikai, I did not expect this person to be here.

What is his heart?

Both eyes looked at Zhao Zikai, and the rest of them noticed Ye Zichen's gaze, and all of them fell on both of them.

"Ye Di, Zi Zi, he has no bad thoughts, he is straightforward, what is said."

In the past six months, Lin Xihe can say that the relationship with Zhao Zikai is heating up, saying that women are negative in the process of love.

In this case, there is only one and she speaks for Zhao Zikai.

"what."Ye Zichen laughed inexplicably. He couldn't help but nod his head and eyebrows with a taste of play. "I have to announce the truth here. Space self-destruction will indeed destroy everything in the space. can……This is definitely not the person who created the space. It may also be a serious injury. It is necessary to withdraw the spiritual power for recuperation. I believe everyone is clear. ”

"Ye Shi said this."


Seeing that Zi Zikai jumped out again, Ye Zichen’s smile was even better.

"Don't talk, I know what you want to say. If the space owner is really seriously injured and needs spiritual power to withdraw the spiritual power and let the space self-destruct, then he will not recover if he withdraws the spiritual power, right? Fang Cai Lin Chengzhu excuses you, I will be straightforward, but now…Why do you have to bite the life and death of the space master? ”

"What's wrong with the matter?"


Lin Xihe is also a frown, and he keeps rubbing his hand.

"It's very strong."Ye Zichen grinned and watched Zhao Zikai, who was also accompanied by some playfulness, standing in the face and smirking. "Are you eating something that broke your mind yesterday and jumped out at this time?"

"A little anxious?"

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