The people around me are inexplicably watching the eyes of Ye Zichen and Zhao Zikai.


What is this talking about?

"I don't know exactly what you are talking about."

From the eyes of Zhao Zikai, Ye Zichen clearly saw the color called fluster. He smiled at him with a light smile.

"You should be very clear in your heart, isn't it?"

As early as the Sui and the Great, they rebelled the Three Realms, and when they let Ye Zichen fight back, Bohai saved them all.

Ye Zichen has always suspected that among the group of people left behind, there are still people of the Mozu.

At that time, he did not look for it with great fanfare, but only secretly noticed some people.

Fortunately, Zhao Zikai is one of his people.

It can be said that for a long time, Zhao Zikai’s behavior is very pleasing. However, sometimes it is very strange, for example, he will inexplicably go to a place where no one is at some point, and come up with a jade…

Ye Zichen, who found it all, still had no sound, and he followed him silently.

See what action he will have in the future.

But you have to say a word, Zhao Zikai’s behavior is really quite…Mentally retarded!

I feel that I have no brains.

He has been biting the life and death of the white robe, which has no effect on the three realms of the golden age.

Even if the white robe is really dead, how can the ruler be…

Can the people above come here to let go?

Or the death of the white robe is the signal of the Mozu invasion?

If this is the case, then don't worry, there is a dragon pulse to support the strength of the current three realms, but this is not the same.

Ye Zichen can say without hesitation that as long as the devil is willing to come, there must be no return.

"It makes sense, you are really too anxious. I am so anxious that I can't help but wonder if you have a brain. Forget it, I don't want to talk to you more. If the space is broken, then it will be broken. Everyone will return to each other, and the matter will come to an end. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen turned and left.

He didn't clarify everything. Others may not know what he was saying. Zhao Zikai's heart is definitely clearer than anyone else.

This is indeed the hidden chess that the devil has buried, but it does not mean that Ye Zichen can't use it.

"Hey, don't let me down."

The departure of Ye Zichen left countless question marks in the hearts of everyone. The people who left behind looked at Zhao Zikai and wanted to get some information from him.

"Xihe, let's go."

Zhao Zikai ignored the eyes of the people around him and grabbed Lin Xihe’s arm and walked outside.

He must know.

On the way back, Zhao Zikai’s mind has been haunting Ye Zichen’s meaningful smile.

"How did he know it?"

The current Zhao Zikai's mood is a little messy. He can't understand why Ye Zichen has already suspected him, but there is no point in it.

Do you want to cause panic?

In the circumstances just mentioned, it is in line with the influence of Ye Zichen.

Even if he is refuting, everyone will definitely stand on Ye Zichen.

"Zi, why did you just say that?"After leaving, Lin Xihe couldn't help but open the door. "I just said what you said, I can't listen to it. Are you not deliberately picking things up?"

"It’s really what I said."Zhao Zikai put on an apologetic look. "I don't know why, I just watched the kid feel bad, blame me for blaming me, I shouldn't say that."

"you really……"

Lin Xihe shook her head. She knew that Zhao Zikai was under the influence of his younger brother. The feelings of Ye Zichen were not special friendliness.

The explanation just mentioned is not impossible. For this, she can only sigh and shake her head.

"In any case, he is also the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. If you are unhappy, stay in your heart and don't ask yourself for trouble. I don't want you to annoy him, it is not good for you. ”

"I know, I will definitely pay attention later."

Zhao Zixiao smiled and took Lin Xihe into his arms. At the moment of his enlightenment, Lin Xihe’s face showed a pink peach and tweaked.

"You said when are we going to be married?"

"Let's wait, I want to wait until all the storms have stabilized, and I will come back to you in the phoenix scenery."

Zhao Zi’s smile was mellow, but he did not know that his pair of eyebrows became gloomy.

Almost, it is the person who contacted the other side.

"Leaf brother."

Ye Zichen's forefoot just entered Red Maple City, and Yan Di chased him from behind.

"what happened?"

"Is there over there?"

"There is nothing to manage, the space is broken, I want to manage it?"

Handing Yan Di's eyes, Ye Zichen covered his face and walked forward.

Yan Emperor tightly followed his back, and he had to go to the Longevity Garden. Ye Zichen couldn't help but look back.

"I can't control it. What are you doing with me?" Are you busy? ”

"The ones you just said over there…"

"What did I say?"

"You tell me the truth, is that person who is behind the devil?"

I did not expect to really understand people.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile, but did not confirm his words: "I don't understand what you are talking about."

"How can you not…"



Yandi’s words have not been said yet, and the phone in Ye Zichen’s pocket is constantly showing a tone.

The brow is scornful, and to be honest he wants to shut down the phone more than once.

It is really annoying.

For half a year, Jade Emperor went to the Dragon Wave to break through, but he threw all the Heavenly Court's mess onto him.

At first he didn't care too much. But after a long time, he was really annoying. Inexplicable, he also admired Jade Emperor.

It’s really Heavenly Court. There are too many people.

After three or five, he asked him for advice. He said that he was given full responsibility, but the group of guys still annoyed him.

“Jade Emperor is really crowded.”

It was said that it was not necessary to break through the Supreme for a month. Now it has been half a year.

Besides, he is a fairyland person. He didn't want to manage the messy things in Xianyu. Now he has to work hard to manage the break of Heavenly Court.

He really wants to pick up the child now, but he promised Jade Emperor anyway.

The heart is reluctant to take the phone out of the pocket, and squinted at the phone screen…

In an instant, the look changed.

"I just told you that you heard it."Yan Emperor also frowned at this time. When he noticed the face of Ye Zichen, he could not help but ask, "What?"

"It's nothing."

Ye Zichen's mouth was gently lifted, and he immediately stalked Yan Yan's eyebrows.

"I am going to Heavenly Court now, are you going to follow me?"

"Where are you going over there?"Yandi had some incomprehensible openings, and in a flash he looked at him and said, "He…Breakthrough? ”

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