indeed so.

After half a year of silence, Heavenly Court suddenly became active, and Jade Emperor rarely added you to the Lingxiao Hall for a meeting.

After that, the group was directly announced to the Immortality Peach Garden, saying that there was a big event to announce.

The gathering of Immortality Peach Garden has to be announced, based on past experience, this is a big happy event.

Although I don't know what the Heavenly Court has to offer, the hearts of Heavenly Court are all panicked.


They don't know how to prepare gifts.

Some deities are wondering if they can't do it, or they will stop at home.

Jade Emperor issued six announcements within the group.

The general meaning is that whoever does not come will want to mix in Heavenly Court.

In desperation, the group can only rush to Immortality Peach Garden, and other immortals will also ask each other what gifts they bring.


Yan Di’s look has always been dignified on the way. Jade Emperor’s breakthrough is definitely not good news for them.

Although the relationship between the next three worlds is now in harmony with each other, the struggle can not stop.

"Don't always have a bitter face, Jade Emperor is a breakthrough, and he certainly won't know about Xianyu."

Ye Zichen, who had long noticed the change of Emperor Yan, couldn't help but smile. Jade Emperor broke through, and his urgency to the realm of the gods will surely fly to the realm at the fastest speed. He will definitely not fall in love with this dust.

What's more, this guy can break through, but there are many of his credits.

Don't look at the Buddha's face after seeing it, and seeing Jade Emperor on his face will not affect the fairyland.

Besides, he still has a trump card!

Lin Ru.

Patted his shoulder and Ye Zichen went straight to Nantianmen. It is also a coincidence that this time it came when the same group of people he came last time was guarding.

"Leaf master."

When I saw the deputy captain Ye Zichen rushed out, he was the vice captain, but there was a lot of credit from Ye Zichen.

"It's your guard, why didn't you see the captain? By the way, you won’t stop me from letting me in. ”

"You don't want to take a small opening."The vice captain smiled bitterly. "Jade Emperor summoned the group to the Immortality Peach Garden and said that there was something to announce. You are sure to do this for the sake of it. Small is not here to delay your time, you have to go. ”

"Yes, then I will go in."

"Let's release!"

The vice captain turned to the guard behind him, and the guards at the south gate were all evacuated. They also accepted Ye Zichen's favor on the same day. Even if the vice captain did not let him in, this group of guards would never stop them.

β€œIt seems that the breakthrough of Jade Emperor has been confirmed.”

After entering Nantianmen, Ye Zichen couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. The news he received before he came was from Jade Emperor.

The message is simple.

Two sentences.

I broke through.

Come to Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen had some suspicions at the time, but now that he has been so aggressively going to buy it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I don’t know if he is with him, Tian Qiren, the Holy Emperor, is now also breaking through to become the Supreme.

Coming to Immortality Peach Garden, as the vice captain said, the fairy tales of Heavenly Court were almost all present.

Whether it is the next fairy or the upper fairy, the entire Yaochi is almost full.

The presence of Ye Zichen also made the group of immortals all greeted with enthusiasm. Of course, most of them just looked at the toast and only those who were able to walk to him.

"Tian Zun actually came to the scene."

The barefoot deities came over with bare feet and bare back. He was a stranger in the Buddha's domain. He was not in the Western Buddhism every day, always following the ghosts of Heavenly Court.

"Can you come, Jade Emperor has a dead order. If I don't come, it's not going to be a problem. ”Ye Zichen said half-jokingly.

"Haha, but God knows what Jade Emperor is doing this time?"

"How can I know?"Ye Zichen looked helpless in the hand. "You guys who are in the Heavenly Court don't know, I'm always in the lower bound, can you know?"

"Tianzun, you are not right."Barefoot deities eyebrows pick one, said, "You are sure to know the internal news, revealed that hehe."

Ye Zichen was just a grin, and it happened that Yang Hao, the God of Thunder and other military officers came in from the outside.

After seeing Ye Zichen, the group also smiled.

"Brother, you are here too."

Ye Zichen, who had turned back, suddenly stopped. He looked at Yang Hao’s costumes and didn’t respond to him in the first place.


The most common costumes of the world's banquets, check out the now Heavenly Court…

It is a replica of the world.

For a time, he really missed the life of the world.

But time has passed and the strength has climbed. After he came, he wanted to improve his strength and return to the world as soon as possible, but the fact is that he is farther and farther away from the world.

For example, this time Jade Emperor is soaring, he must fly to the realm of the gods.

If he breaks through, he will also fly to the realm of the gods. Then when will he return to the world and go to the life he once hated most but now most missed.


"in."Under the call of Yang Lan, Ye Zichen returned to God. He chuckled and patted Yang Hao's shoulder and nodded. "This tuxedo is quite handsome on your body!"

"Then look, your brother, I am the number one male goddess of Heavenly Court."Yang Lan did not answer modestly.

"I'm the."Nezha, dressed in a small suit, wrinkled his nose.

"Don't fight with me, I am a big male god, you are a little male god."Yang Lan said.

"The grandfather of your grandson is a little unhappy."

Just then, the laughter of the Monkey King was in the air.

The smug Yang Lan heard the monkey's words, and the smile on his face suddenly disappeared. The whole face was black-faced and looked down from the sky wearing his beautiful Monkey King costume.

"Monkey, Lao Tzu has endured you for a long time."

"So what is the plan?"

Da Sheng did not hesitate to show the golden hoop.

"Stop it."

Seeing that the two men picked up again, Ye Zichen couldn't help but support. These two people obviously care about each other, why do they want to meet up.

The two of them said that they didn't do it, but the two of them were still big eyes and no eyes.

The immortals around have long been eccentric, and in this time the sky has drifted through the clouds, only to see Jade Emperor next to a man falling from the air.

"See Jade Emperor."

The group of fairy beheads, only Ye Zichen just smiled at him with a faint nod.

Jade Emperor's mellow smile made the people around him feel impolite, and immediately he walked straight to Ye Zichen.

"Thanks to Ye Xiong, I don't know when I can get to this step."

"Do your best."Ye Zichen smiled faintly, but saw Jade Emperor's face suddenly change, and frowned at the immortals around him. "Take him to me."

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