Jade Emperor's mutated face made the immortals who were always smiling around. They looked at the gloomy Jade Emperor and looked at Ye Zichen, who was smirking at the corner of his mouth. I didn't know what to do.

"Jade Emperor, what do you want?"

Yandi stood up for the first time, and his eyes glared at Jade Emperor, and his look was not good.

When he came, his heart had been playing drums. I thought this might be a banquet. It is very likely that this will happen here.

Ye Zichen is very important to Xianyu, and even if he is here, it is absolutely impossible for Ye Zichen to lose a little.

"You were not my opponent 10,000 years ago, Yan Di, now you think it can pose any threat to me?"

The surrounding atmosphere suddenly condensed, and the Jade Emperor standing in front of it was like a beast, pressing the nerves of Yandi.

He really broke through.

In the heart of Yan Di’s heart, it’s definitely not wrong.

He took this step.

"All right."

Just then, Ye Zichen patted Yan Emperor's shoulder and walked out from behind him.

His look was full of indifference, just a chuckle towards Jade Emperor.

"Yang Yang, what are you thinking about, don't take Ye Zichen yet!"

Jade Emperor, who was gloomy, screamed and screamed. Yang Lanmei, who was ordered, was filled with a heavy look, but his body was still unmoved.

"Do you want to resist this, Lei Zhenzi, you go!"

In this regard, Lei Zhenzi just bit his lip, but did not come forward.

"It's good."Jade Emperor gloomy nodded and said three good words. His eyes kept shaking around the immortals around him, and immediately smirked. "If you let me go and take him, will you be like them?" ?"

The group of immortals did not speak, and the rest of the lower emperors standing on the outside also looked forward to this side.

When they learned that Jade Emperor wanted to take Ye Zichen down, the gods were all horrified. In their opinion, they don't understand why Jade Emperor will make this decision.

Ming Ming Zun can be called the number one red man next to Jade Emperor, the head of the Cabinet of Heavenly Court.

Under one cent, above the fairy.

But now I have to buckle Tianzun. Is it true that Tianzun is in the same way as Taibai Jinxing before, and is there any place to annoy Jade Emperor?

If you let them be a group of immortals, most of them should stand on the side of Ye Zichen.

Not Ye Zichen, it’s really Jade Emperor hasn’t done anything for Heavenly Court in recent years.

Of course, they can only be embarrassed in their hearts, and they dare not speak out brazenly.

"Well, I really have a group of loyal immortals."Jade Emperor sneered at the immortals around him, including the next singer who had seen it all over.

The old man did not speak, and Old Lord Taishang stood up at this time.

"Jade Emperor, I want to ask you why you want to catch Tianzun."

In this case, the rest of the immortals do not speak. Old Lord Taishang He is one of Three Pure Ones anyway, and he naturally has no problem at this time.

"Do you need a reason now to want to catch a person? Don't forget, this seat is the master here. Three Pure Ones is on, I respect you as Three Pure Ones. I don't want to care about you. If you want to catch him now, ask if you listen or not. ”

Jade Emperor looked at Old Lord Taishang coldly and saw that he was really angry.

Still, the group is not moving.

Jade Emperor suddenly smiled and shook his head as he gathered the look of the immortal around him.

"This seat operates Heavenly Court for hundreds of thousands of years. I didn't expect it to be so difficult for you to catch an outsider now. This Jade Emperor is really good! Well, since you all want to stand on his side, then this seat will simply suppress you all. This Heavenly Court is not a seat. ”


The supreme pressure instantly swept the entire Yaochi, and the Jade Emperor at the moment was like a demon. The spirits encouraged the sleeves, and the eyes were filled with blood and staring at the surrounding people.

The immortals around him are also dignified, and the heart keeps wondering whether they should resist.

"All right."

Ye Zichen, who kept smiling, shook his head, and he looked at the Jade Emperor in front of him.

"The person you want is me, then I will go with you. You must definitely not come to Taiwan now. I will give you this step and see if you want it. ”

"it is good."

Jade Emperor, who was still in the air and wanted to suppress all the immortals, suddenly took up the momentum. He turned without hesitation and walked outside Yaochi. Ye Zichen did not hesitate and followed him.

"Leaf brother."

Yan Emperor was not at ease, Ye Zichen just handed him a reassuring look and smiled at the surrounding immortals.

"Why do you want to go, I don't want to hear anyone talking about this matter?" I am going to talk to Jade Emperor now and I should be back soon. By the time Jade Emperor should also announce a very important thing with you, stay here and wait for us to come back. ”

Out of Yaochi, a slightly secluded location, Jade Emperor stood in front and stared forward.

"It was awkward at the time."

Walking to the position next to Jade Emperor, Ye Zichen took the cigarette out of his arms and licked it in his mouth. He looked at the position of Jade Emperor's gaze but found nothing but couldn't help but speak.

"What ghosts are you looking at, I can't see anything."

"There is the place I just came. At this time, Jade Emperor didn't have a chance to catch Ye Zichen's strength. The look was full of nostalgia. "I stayed here for too long, and I became tired of everything here." But when I was really ready to go, I suddenly couldn’t bear it here. ”

The look of Ye Zichen who smoked was inexplicable, and this sentence really said his heart.

Just like he was in the world at the time, he infinitely hated it, but now he wants to return, but he is extremely disgusted.

"Can understand."

Ye Zichen smiled lightly.

"How long does it leave."

"About half a month."Jade Emperor said calmly.

"If you look at it, you already have a candidate."Ye Zichen said, "Or else you can find one now, and the person who inherits your position will be in a hurry."

"If you choose, I really have it."Jade Emperor smirked and nodded. "I have already set the future to inherit my position long before 10,000 years, but I haven't soared for so many years, so there is no way to let the position go."

"Is that not very good?"Ye Zichen shrugged and smiled. "I am really afraid that you will let me manage it for you. Do you know that this half year, you Heavenly Court really wants to drive me crazy, now I can finally step down, I am no official. It’s light. Of course, having the right heir is also a good thing for you. If you are flying in the province, you will always remember this. ”

"It is true that this is true."Jade Emperor nodded, and as he turned his head, he looked at Ye Zichen with a sharp look. "But I don't trust you!"

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