A very straightforward sentence, for these Ye Zichen is just a nod of understanding.

Indeed, it is normal for Jade Emperor not to be assured.

Judging from the situation just now, Jade Emperor ordered the group to arrest him, but there were so many immortals in the field but no one stood up.

Not to mention that some immortal strength is not enough to capture Ye Zichen, let Jade Emperor chill should be…

They didn't even catch Ye Zichen's **.

On the contrary, when he was preparing to suppress this group of immortals, some of these immortals wanted to deal with him.

This is the place where he is chilling.

It is also a place he is afraid of.

Heavenly Court is pointing to Ye Zichen, who is considering whether to give up this hidden danger before he leaves.

"Then you have solved it for me directly here."Ye Zichen shrugged and shrugged. "There are no outsiders here, you will solve me, then it will be a hundred."

"Do you think I don't dare?"Jade Emperor looks gloomy.

"Of course you dare, why don't you dare?"Ye Zichen smiled affirmatively and smoked cigarettes. "Now you, no one can stop you. I am also not your opponent who has broken through the supreme." I am a knife, I am a fish, how can I doubt if you dare not. ”

"Then you still come with me?"

"Why don't I dare to come over with you?"The cigarette in his hand was squeezed hard on the ground, and the ash on his body was photographed. Ye Zichen lazily stretched out. "I don't have a ghost in my heart, why should I be afraid?" To tell the truth, I really have no interest in your Heavenly Court. Xiannian is also one of the three realms. I am not willing to ask me to go back to the leader. Do you think I will run to your Heavenly Court to grab the position? ”

"You said so, I can't trust you."

Jade Emperor's gaze is still locked in Ye Zichen's body, which is unpredictable.

He couldn't be sure if Ye Zichen was really not interested in Heavenly Court, or whether it was their fairyland plan.

"If you say this, I will tell you about it."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

"I believe that you knew my identity at the beginning, or when I didn't touch your Heavenly Court, you know me, right!"

Jade Emperor is silent.

"If you don't talk, I can know. My Yellow Emperor was the stab in the eyes of your Jade Emperor. The people of Xianyu could find my reincarnation. I believe you can definitely. ”

"Don't mention the past few days, the place where I lived in this world is the abandoned place of your Heavenly Court, also known as the world. The reason why I came here is that there is a problem in the world. I have no choice but to go to this place. And my goal has always been to return to the world. ”

"You broke through to the gods, I can tell you, I am also going to break through." Now I am already standing at the peak of the Three Realms, but I still can't find a way to go back, then I can only go to the realm of the gods to seek the way back. ”

"If the realm is not good, I will explore it. I am sure to go back to the world, where is my root, do you understand? ”

"I don't care if you believe or don't believe, my words are here. To be honest, I can't let you kill me. Lin Ru will come to save me the first time you do it. If you are not worried about me, then sorry, I can't help you. I have to live, I have to live back to the world, and there are a group of people around me who want to follow me back to life! ”

During this time, Jade Emperor listened quietly to Ye Zichen's thoughts in his heart.

At the same time, I also want to find some disclosures from the lines of his words, or what I can see from his looks.

It is a pity that he actually moved these words.

From the emotions revealed by Ye Zichen, he actually believed.

It may be that Ye Zichen has invested too much emotion, and this emotion is also rendered to him who is about to leave.

Maybe, after he gets to the realm of the gods, he will be like Ye Zichen…

I want to go back if I am desperate.

Anyway, here is his root.

Ye Zichen also bit his lip and smashed into a line.

The words just made can not let Jade Emperor believe him, he is not sure.

Jade Emperor can break through is Ye Zichen's credit. If Jade Emperor has a little conscience, he shouldn't do it to him.

Of course, if you stand on the highest point of the Heavenly Court affiliation, Jade Emperor wants to get rid of him.

The fairy of Heavenly Court is too close to him!

However, his life is sure to be saved. He can only say that if Jade Emperor is really determined to let him do it, he is somewhat disappointed and still understands.

The palm of the front Jade Emperor was lifted high and Ye Zichen's nerves were tight.

Immediately, the palm fell and landed on his shoulder.

"I will believe you once."

In the words of Jade Emperor, there was still an unbelief in his eyes. He looked at Ye Zichen with his lips and brows.

"You help me break through, this seat is definitely not the kind of ungrateful person. But I also want to tell you, if after I fly, Heavenly Court falls into the hands of your fairy domain…Don't forget that people in the realm of the world can be in the lower bounds. If you are really merging my Heavenly Court, don't blame me for washing your fairyland. In the realm of the gods, don't think about life. ”

"Do not worry."

Ye Zichen, who has been stretched with strings, has a long sigh of relief, and he is right.

Of course, he can't believe all about Jade Emperor until now. He has never been to this situation.

The ghost knows if he wants to give him a big gift at the moment he relaxes his vigilance.

A single blow will kill, and Lin Ru can't save him if he wants to save him.

Perceived Ye Zichen's vigilance, Jade Emperor shook his head and smiled.

"It seems that my character in your place is really quite bad. It was indeed my fault. But now I have to go, I want to make a good impression on you, and you will never move you if you can't move. Of course, don't let me down. ”

"I can compare 10,000 times better than the character, you break the Heavenly Court white and give me no."

Ye Zichen kept the right distance with him, and Jade Emperor just nodded his head and said.

"Well, I choose to believe you once. OK, since all of them are open, there is no need to stay here. There are still many immortals in Yaochi waiting for us to go back. I am really worried that if I don’t go back, my group will kill you and save you. Huang Dixiong, I really admire your means. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Jade Emperor walked over to Yaochi.

Not long after he left, Ye Zichen’s cell phone suddenly shook.

Taking the phone out of his pocket, he saw that Jade Emperor sent him a message.

"All gone, these are all for you."

After this sentence, it is a piece…

Red envelope!

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