Ye Zichen, lying in a fairy, looks at the phone in his hand, and the top of the screen corresponds to his chat box with Jade Emperor.

The red envelope on the screen has already been checked, and the above shows is a 200,000 prestige.

"Why are you giving me this?"

I couldn't help but think of Ye Zichen, who had just received the red envelope. His face was full of words that could not be said.

Prestige value!

A full 200,000 prestige value!

"Don't you always exchange prestige with the group of immortals in the group? This seat really does not like to pay attention to these, but it does not mean that I don't know anything."

Jade Emperor, who was walking in front, looked very free and easy, and he smiled with a sigh of relief.

"I am waiting for you in the realm of God."

Thinking of Jade Emperor's faint look at the time, Ye Zichen couldn't help but shake his head.


He now understands the purpose of this intermediate.

The level of prestige is the most intuitive data in your position in the three worlds. That is to say, the three worlds each choose the most prestigious person in the world to be the leader of the world.

As for the most prestigious person, there is a chance to be elected as the Lord of the Three Realms, of course…

This also requires the approval of others on the prestige list.

He did trade prestige with the immortals in the group. This was given to him by the white robe. He never forgot.

I thought it was enough to conceal it. I didn't expect Jade Emperor to be aware of it.

What made him most strange was that he gave him the prestige after he noticed it. Why didn't he give these prestige to his successors?

"Three Realms Prestige List."

The list was whispered, and Ye Zichen, above the prestige list, was second in the list with a prestige value of 290,000.

This also means removing the 200,000 that Jade Emperor gave him. He worked hard before collecting the prestige value of 90,000.

Raise your hand and put the prestige list away, Ye Zichen turned over and laughed.

"What should you say in the end?"

For Ye Zichen, for their existence, half a month is like a finger.

During the half-month, Ye Zichen did not leave from Heavenly Court.

He was invited to stay here to watch the Jade Emperor soaring ceremony, and Jade Emperor wanted him to know the next owner of Heavenly Court.

Ziwei Emperor.

To be honest, I will come to him, and Ye Zichen is not surprised by this.

The nature that can make the group convinced to come to choose from among the six royalties, the Ziwei Emperor is the most prestigious person among the six royalties, and he will naturally not refute his campaign.

Jade Emperor's soaring is really too sudden, which makes the Heavenly Court's crowds feel a little off guard.

It can be ascending to fly, and even if he is Jade Emperor, he can't control the rules.


Jade Emperor put the location of the ascent here.

Nantianmen is the first line of defense for Heavenly Court, and his immortals at Heavenly Court will naturally be there.

In order to avoid the sneak attack of the Devil, he simply placed this flying place here.

Of course, this is actually irresponsible to himself.

If the Devil really wants to make trouble at this time, then his ascent may be affected.

Before this, Ye Zichen told him about this possibility, but Jade Emperor still decided to do so.

Obviously, for him.

Heavenly Court is the most important thing in his heart.

"The future will be handed over to you."

Before leaving, Jade Emperor couldn't help but swear at the Ziwei Emperor, although he knew that Ziwei the Great would not let him down.

"give it to me."

Wearing a purple robes and freckle white, the purple dagger can not live the dagger.

With the affirmation of Ziwei Emperor, Jade Emperor turned his attention to this group of tens of thousands of people who worked with him, and even hundreds of thousands of colleagues.

The faces of the immortals around him were very sad, and Jade Emperor looked at them with a chuckle.

Finally, I left my eyes on Ye Zichen.

"Don't forget your commitment to me."

Nodded to him with a chuckle, any answer now is actually not as real as the actual action.


The holy glow fell from the sky and landed on the most central Jade Emperor.

Perceived by the glow of the sun, Jade Emperor's mouth was lightly glimpsed.

"The hour has come, see us in the realm."

Jade Emperor, standing in the glow of the sun, floated up uncontrollably. The following immortals waved toward him until he disappeared from the sight of the crowd. The immortals still refused to leave for a long time.

Especially the seven fairies, they are even crying into tears.

From Jade Emperor, they never tried to separate. Now that Jade Emperor has soared to the realm of the gods, I will definitely feel very uncomfortable.

It seems that the recent concert of the Seven Fairies should not be seen.

"Well, Jade Emperor is a wish for his life. We should bless him now if we wish. He handed it over to us before he left, and we must not let him down. ”

The Ziwei Emperor spoke in a timely manner, and the rest of the immortals nodded.

Jade Emperor is soaring.

Declined the retention of the Ziwei Emperor, Ye Zichen and Yan Di left from Heavenly Court.

On the way back, Yan Di’s look is hard to be fatal, and some yearning is a bit lonely.

After a while, he suddenly sighed.

"Jade Emperor, he really rose."

"Of course, let's see the process of his ascent. You should not worry now, he will not have any threat to Xianyu. ”

Ye Zichen grinned.

In this regard, Yandi shook his head and said: "Now I don't care too much about the threat, I think it is the future we should also fly."

"of course."

"Having lived here for so long, suddenly it was a strange environment. And there are those people who have been together for so long, I really can't think of what kind of scenes will be. ”

Yan Zi’s sorrow also made Ye Zichen wonder if he would fly, what would happen?

After thinking for a long time, he just smiled a little.

"There is no banquet in the world. Since it is a cultivator, it is natural to get used to parting." These are the things we have to go through. If you can see goodbye in the world. ”

"makes sense."

The two returned to the outside of the fairyland. When they arrived at the gate of Hongfeng City, Yandi said that he would return to Xianyu to handle the matter and leave.

Ye Zichen returned to the Longevity Garden alone, and as soon as he entered the promenade, he saw the steady pace of the stone and Xue Qi.

"What happened?"

I went up to the two people and saw the two people look good after seeing Ye Zichen.

"It’s finally back."

"You are waiting for me?"

Ye Zichen pointed to the nose, and now the matter here is generally managed by Zuo Mo, who is quite cool when he throws the dispenser.

Under normal circumstances, all things can be solved by Zuo Ma. If Zuo Ma can't solve it, it is not very useful to find him.

"Looking for Zuo Ma, what are you looking for?"

After listening to the two, they suddenly shook their heads, and Xue Qi was more eager to look.

"It’s a problem with Miss Zuo Mo!"

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