The patriarch campaign.

Due to the invasion of the Mozu, the patriarch election that the Zuojia had long held should be held now.

The Zuojia can be regarded as the first family to be well-deserved outside the Xianyu area. The ceremony is naturally grand.

The people in the fairyland who are close to the treasure tower, or who have a face and face, are all present, in order to witness the true master who can manage the future of the treasure tower.

Of course, most of them have a fixed number in mind when they come.

Zuo Shi does have a lot of sidelines, and there are only direct lines that can become patriarchs. In this direct line, Zuo Mo is the only daughter of the current patriarch, and is very close to Ye Zichen.

The presence of the audience is very clear, and no accident will be the future owner of the treasure tower.

Among the people who came to observe the ceremony, many people came to the face of Ye Zichen, in order to congratulate the left lord as the patriarch.

It’s already a matter of sticking to it, and Zuo Mo himself thinks so.

But no one thought of…

"Elders, I need you to give me a reasonable explanation."

Zuo Ma Liu’s eyebrows erected, and she stared at the elders sitting in the Chamber.

Just now, the result of the elders’ vote for the patriarch is not Zuo Mo, or even Zuocheng!

It turned out to be left.

After glaring at the patriarch, Zuo Mo also cast his gaze on Zuo Liang's body.

At the moment, the left is wearing a luxurious black satin robes, which he never dared to wear before.

As if he had waited for this day, he also specially dressed up.

Under the deliberate decoration, he appeared so handsome in the eyes of everyone.

"Zuo Mojie, the results have been announced, and it is difficult for you to be these elders."

The left corner of the mouth tilted up, and he was very proud of it. He couldn’t cover his inner excitement very well.

He looked a little indifferent and still had some playful look at the left side of the pupil who kept beating in front of the pupil…


This day is finally here.

"We are brothers and sisters, even if I inherit the position of this patriarch in the future. Zuo Mojie, you can rest assured that I will definitely make you rich and prosperous in your life. ”


Zuoqian apricot is full of incomprehensible looking at the front, she really can't believe it now, why is this left leap actually jumped out, or use this kind of look, say this.

"Sister, I have had enough."

Zuo Liang, wearing a robe, took a few steps toward the front. He smiled and shook his head and couldn't help but smile.

"Do you know, I really have enough."

In an instant, his look became cold, and he smiled coldly as he whispered in front of him.

"Do you know how long I waited for this day? Zuo Ma, in fact, about business talent, you are not as much as one tenth of me. Do you know that when I talked about the first big business, you were just a little girl who would cry with a doll. ”

"Actually, I am very grateful to your left family. You brought me to the left home and made my life change. In order to repay you, I keep on studying the way of doing business. In order to let your left family look at my adopted child, do you know how much I paid? ”

"what do you want to say in the end?"Zuo Momei.


Inexplicably, Zuo Liang suddenly laughed out, and his proud hand looked at the group of elders who looked awkward and smirked.

"I don't see the door, I want to be this patriarch…The position of this patriarch is mine, it is my left! ”


The surrounding audience is stunned, what is the situation.

Family fighting.

The competition between adopted children and prostitutes?

Seeing this result, this group of spectators have seen it, and Zuo Liang did not plan to plan for it before.

It’s just that this group of elders is a bit strange. They are all looking at the front with their eyes, so they control the mind.

Many spectators secretly used the elders to calm down, but still have no effect.

"Let's not manage it."

Xia Keke looked at the scene with her big eyes and looked at Ye Zichen's face, and all of these girls came over.

"Not so good."Su Yan Emei Road.

"That can't let that guy be a patriarch."

Although Xia Keke doesn't like Zuo, it's only limited to the competition for Ye Zichen.

She didn't want to let it belong to Zuo Ma and went to other people's hands.

Especially that left, she doesn't like it a bit.

"How to manage?"At this moment, Xiao Yumei, who is sweet, said, “There are left homes in any case. They have no right to intervene in their family affairs. There are a lot of people who have a good relationship with Zuo Mo, but can you look at them? ”

Looking around, the most intuitive is the blue sky.

His relationship with Zuo Ma can be called a close friend. At this time, he looked at the left side with a sullen look, and he held his fist, but he just sat in his position and did not move.

"We are all outsiders after all, and rushing to intervene will only be bad for Zuo. I saw that Stone and Xue Qi had just rushed out. If there were no accidents, they should go to find the morning. When the morning came, they would solve it. ”

Xiao Yumei is the big sister among these women. It is more detailed and detailed.

"This way, then wait for the morning brother to come."Xia Keke stunned and nodded, and immediately pouted his fist and said, "I am so angry, I want to punch the guy into a meatloaf and give it to Xiaobai."


Next to the human form of the handsome young white face 懵b.


The stunned left jazz gnawed his teeth and ran towards the left, but at this moment, the left-wing city was a smile, and the number of angels at the level of the fairy was stopped.

Seeing this scene, there are also many guest secrets behind Zuo Mo, and both hands look at each other.

"Are you even joining hands?"Zuo Ma said.

"There is no way to let Zuo Liang be a patriarch than to make you stronger."Zuo's city smirked, while Zuo Hongxin also came out and said, "My good niece, the campaign patriarch, whoever is likely to take office, you don't need to care."

As soon as the voice fell, he opened his way to Zuo Hongde, who was sitting in the most central position.

"Big brother, who do you say this patriarch should be?"

In an instant, the current patriarch Zuo Hongde became the focus of everyone.

The group of elders may give only opinions. As for the final result, it depends on Zuo Hongde.

The sharp-eyed person instantly found that Zuo Hongde, who was sitting in the chair, looked at the front with the elders of the previous ones.

When he heard the question of Zuo Hongxin, he opened his eyes and said.

"The patriarch…Position…Passed to…left……bright! ”

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