Chapter 758 Handover

Just when Xiao Yumei negotiated that they should not help, the two sides had already played against each other.

Zuo Ma stood in the center of the military field and didn't know what to do. From her heart, I didn't want to see this happen.

"Do you stop."

At this time, her swearing is obviously so insignificant.

Both sides are their masters, and the brilliant spirits are constantly being released.

"Qingtian, hurry to let your people stop."

Since she did not listen to her, Zuo Mo could only turn to Qing Tiantian.

But the other party just grinned at him, but did not let his followers stop, but resolutely rushed out to the position where the handprint was handed over.

"This patriarch is not what you can do."

The gloomy darkness of the gods blew, but what surprised him was that Zuo Liang didn’t even look at him, as if he didn’t put him in his eyes.

"Don't he say he still has a backhand?"

In the wrath of the sorrowful blue sky and for the loss of reason, he looked alertly at all the factors that might threaten him.

But until he had to go to the left, there was still no one to shoot him.


At this moment, a loud bang crashed, and the rushing blue sky suddenly fell back, and it was clear that a blood ran down his forehead.

"There is a spirited division."

Falling in the darkness of the sky, I saw that he was going to the front of Zuo Hongde.

But in the position half a meter ahead, his body touched an invisible barrier.

"Blue sky."

Seeing the blue sky that fell back, Zuo Ma also screamed and ran over. Especially when I saw the blood marks on his forehead, she even took out her handkerchief and carefully wiped him.

"You are hurt."

Slightly whispered, face to face.

The heart of the blue sky, which was carefully wiped by Zuo Mo, suddenly trembled, but in an instant he left the hand of Zuo Mo, and he did not dare to look at it with his hands and stood up on the ground.

"I don't have to take care of you. The position of this patriarch is yours."

He deliberately replied in a cold voice, but his mind appeared involuntarily.

The tremor of the heart became more and more obvious. He could only keep warning in his heart that he should not think about it. He also wondered how to break this spirit.

The layout of the general spirit array will have a base and a line of sight. As long as he can find it, the formation will break.

Spiritual release, he carefully explores every place, but the result…


He didn't find any clues at all, even if it was not found.

In this regard, Zuo Liang seems to have been informed for a long time.

He just smiled and shrugged at him, his eyes filled with playfulness and sarcasm.


The fists forcefully waved over the invisible barrier, and the huge roar made the surrounding guests a glimpse.

There is a spirit!

"Where are there spiritualists here?"Xiao Yumei suddenly spoke.


Zhuge Kongming opened, he came with Xiaobai to find Ye Zichen, but Ye Zichen was not in Red Maple City, they followed Xiao Yumei to participate in this left family event.

"Can you break this spirit?"

"Not very clear, I need some time to observe this array."When the voice falls, Zhuge Kongming is the lock eyebrows closed. Xiao Bai also sneered at this moment. "Xiao Ming He Ling made a good rumor, especially when they were mastered by the Qimen family. This spirit array is simple for him."

"Do not."Zhuge Kongming, who was closed with a scorpion, suddenly shook his head. "This spirit is very strange. In fact, I noticed it at the very beginning. I have been looking for ways to break the battle. But now I have no idea."

"No, you can't?"Little white.

Hearing the exclamation of Xiao Bai, Zhuge Kongming was just a closed voice but not speaking.

As everyone knows, relying on Xiao Yumei's shoulders, the sweetness of the lollipop in his mouth is a brow up, even if he doesn't care.

"Give me a break."

In front of the spirits, Qing Tian kept swinging his fists above the barrier, and the loud noise of the roaring did not stop. His hands did not know when it was already bloody.

The madness of the early stage led him to be extremely lacking in spiritual power, but he kept overdraw the spiritual power of the body and wanted to break the spirit.

He doesn't care.

Even if he became a waste in the future, he did not want to see the helpless eyes of Zuo Mo at the time.

The position of the patriarch, he must help her to take it back.


Outside the spirits, Qingtian was madly destroying it, and the handover ceremony in the spiritual array was still carried out step by step.

Although everyone sees it, all of this is led by Zuo Liang.

But now he is like a normal handover ceremony, kneeling on the ground, holding his hands high, waiting for the handprint to be handed to his hand.

Just to make him a little impatient, this is a quarter of an hour, Zuo Hongde still clinging to the handprint is not willing to let go.

Especially when he saw the left side of the ground, he still hesitated between his looks.

"Father, since you have chosen me as the patriarch, give me the handprint."

The left face on the ground couldn't help but open his mouth. His words were like endless magic. At the moment when the voice fell, Zuo Hongde, who had been standing still, moved.

The handprint slowly passed towards his hand, and as the handprint became closer, the left-handed scorpion became more and more bright.

Until the handprint is handed to his hand…


He wanted to hold the handprint and get up, but he felt a resistance from the opposite side of the fingerprint.

When he looked up, he saw that it was a handprint, and Zuo Hongde, who looked like a sly, was holding the top of the fingerprint.

"Give me your hand."

Zuo Liang smiled and took the fingerprints, but Zuo Hongde still clung tightly.

Suddenly, the look of the left face sank, and he grabbed the bottom of the fingerprint with a force.

"Since let me be the patriarch, don't be holding a handprint."


The handprint was removed from the hands of Zuo Hongde, and Zuo Liang also had a real handprint at this moment.

He squinted his hips, and immediately got up and turned his hand to lift his hand.

"From now on, I am the new leader of the left family!"

The sly smile came from the mouth of Zuo Liang, and the madness that destroyed the barrier was seeing this scene stagnation, even if it was more crazy to destroy it.

Zuo Mo was also looking at the fingerprint, and shook his head toward the left.

"Small light."

"Xiao Liang is not what you can call Zuo Majie, now I am, you have to call me a patriarch."

There was a low-pitched squat on the left side of the ear, and Zuo Mobei’s teeth bite the corner of the mouth, and the fists were tightly held.

Next to Yan Qingtian, he saw that he dared to poke his head, and his fist waved without hesitation. But the left light at this time is that the head has been retracted, and the look is indifferent.

"Zuo Mo colluded with foreigners, and I was the leader of my left family. Specially, Zuo Mo was driven out of his left home, depriving his left surname, who is weak…"


Just as the left-faced gloomy slogan gave orders, his shoulders suddenly had one more hand, and a low and sarcasm whisper.

"Little guy, doing a good job."

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