Chapter 759 is finally here.

The whispers in the ear and the hands on the shoulders let Zuo Liang converge on the smile on his face.

Who will it be?

He appeared behind him without his knowledge, especially in this tone.

"People must be grateful, the left family is not thin to you, why are you so ungrateful? Can you say that your conscience has let the dog eat? ”

The person standing behind the left is wearing a black robe, and the wide hat obscures his entire face. = The surrounding guests want to see each other's faces, but they can only see the shadows.

However, Xiaobai was a bit uncomfortable and frowned. Why do you want them to back the pot at this time?


The tip of the nose swayed slightly, and the person standing in front of it smelled so good.

"I don't know who you are. Here is my left house. Please ask me to talk about these things."

Left Liang did not look back but only threatened to speak, while at the same time kept gesturing towards Zuo Hongxin.

"Are you threatening me?"The black robe people smiled.

At the same time, Zuo Hongxin, who received the gesture, burst into a brow and immediately shouted to the surrounding guests.

"This black robe is definitely an accomplice of Zuo Mo, who wants to be unruly to the patriarch. The guest was obeyed and the speed was taken. ”

All the surrounding guests were rushing toward the black robes. For this, the black robes only raised their hands.

The group of guests were all as if they had been restrained by the neck, and they stopped in the air to reveal the painful lame.


With a stern drink, the group of guests who have the strength of the heavenly level all let the black robe people throw it out.

The people around are all looking silly, this is the fairy!

Even now is the golden age, there is a great improvement in the strength of the support of the Dragon Pulse. Tian Tian is the ultimate fairy, but it is still the top strength in the Three Realms.

This black robes have turned out nearly ten celestial masters without any effort. Is there such a person in Xianyu?


It is true that such a person exists.

"You are finally here."

Xiao Yumei, sitting on the guest's seat, chuckled, and as soon as the black robe appeared, she knew the true identity of the person.

She is too familiar with him.

"The man must be a child."Xia Keke smiled and smiled.

"Well, he is here."Su Yan also nodded.

These women all have an inexplicable perception of Ye Zichen, or they have an inexplicable familiarity with him.

"It turned out to be the boss."

When I heard a few dice around, Xiaobai nodded and couldn’t help but nodded.

"Just rely on them, do you think I can deal with me?"

At the same time, the black robe behind the left is also smiling and shaking his head to take off the hat.

When the face with a smile on his face was exposed, the surrounding guests raised their salutes.

"Ye Di."

"Ye Zichen."

In the eyes of Zuo Mo, there was also a sudden burst of hot light. When the black robe appeared, she also had doubts that it might be Ye Zichen. However, Ye Zichen was not in Xianyu recently, and she was not sure that he was coming.

Until she really saw him, her heart was suddenly dropped.

If he is there, there will be no accidents.

On the ground, the blood-stained indigo sky was also a glimpse when I saw Ye Zichen. Immediately, he subconsciously looked at Zuo, and when he saw the smile on her face, he had to show a sadness. wry smile.

Then he seemed to think of something and stretched his hand forward.

The barrier is still there, but Ye Zichen has entered from inside the barrier.

"I really can't compare you."

The surrounding guests saluted Ye Zichen, and Ye Zichen, who saw this scene, just smiled at them, and immediately raised his eyebrows to the left, with his hands in his pockets, half-bently looking at his eyes filled with panic. he.

"You can't move me. Now I am the patriarch of the left family of Xianyu. Even if the people of the Holy Land come, there is no right to kill me. ”

The left is holding the handprint and holding it as a talisman in the middle of him and Ye Zichen.

Reaching out and handing over the handprints in his hand, he grinned at him.

"Now this hand is printed in my hand. Does that mean that I am now the patriarch of the left family?"

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen threw the handprint toward Zuo Ma. Seeing the fingerprints flying over, Zuo Ma carefully caught it and heard Ye Zichen.

"Now the handprint is in the hands of Zuo Ma. Does that mean that she is now the patriarch of the left family? I have to say that your left family leader is really casual, whoever has a handprint is the patriarch. ”

Ye Zichen's tone is full of sarcasm, and on the way he came to know something from Xue Qi's mouth.

The position of the patriarch turned out to be left-lit. He was really unbelievable when he heard the news.

Before the left Liang gave him the feeling that he had always been a younger brother of sunshine. No one could think of what he would hide.

Until he really got here, he witnessed all the actions of Zuo Liang at that time…

"If you admit your mistakes now…"

The voice did not fall, Ye Zichen suddenly noticed that there was still some fear of the left, but it was calm.

Not long after, he actually laughed.

"Of course, the patriarchal status of our left family will not be so casual. It is a pity that if you come early for a quarter of an hour, maybe the position of this patriarch is not mine. But I am very sorry, just now, I have taken over the fingerprints from the hands of the old patriarch. It is the left family leader who has gone through the formal way and is recognized by the world. ”

"Ok?"Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow.

"No matter who is in the hands of the current fingerprint, I am the patriarch of the left family. So many guests are watching here, even if you are expensive for the Yellow Emperor? Can you say that you can decide who is my left family leader? ”

Ye Zichen looked at Zuo Liang inexplicably, and he really doubted the confidence of the child from where he came from.


For a moment, I couldn't help but laugh. For a while, Ye Zichen stopped laughing and looked at Zuo Liangdao.

"Where is your confidence coming from?"

"This is not self-confidence, I am just talking about things."Zuo Liang is also a grin and smiles. "You are the Yellow Emperor of the Holy Land, you are not qualified to intervene in the secular family outside my fairy land." What's more, there are so many people present, are you not afraid to discredit your Xianyu? ”


Ye Zichen, standing next to him, couldn't help but smile. He looked at the left light like a mentally retarded person. He really had some doubts about whether the child had frightened his brain.

No way, he can only take a class for him…

A class about strength and status.

History is always written by the winner. In the face of absolute strength, everything is vain!

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