"I really don't know where you came from. I believe that I don't believe that I am slap in the face, no one will dare to shed tears on you?"

At this time, the ending of Zuo Liang has already been fixed, and Ye Zichen, who is extremely confident, simply wants to play with him.

He was very curious, why did he still laugh when he left to this time?

"You do not dare."

The left-hander standing half a meter in front of Ye Zichen is still holding a smile, and there is no panic between the looks.

"I almost forgot at the beginning, you are now a member of the Holy Land. Then you should know that Xiantian Holy Land can't rush into any matter of ordinary family outside Xianyu. ”

"Say then."

"Then there is nothing to say."The left corner of the mouth is full of playful laughter, said, "Then you should also know that in fact, outside the Xianyu area, there has been a patrol of the Holy Land Holy Land."

The voice did not fall, and in the absence of everyone's awareness, there was a fat and thin man in front of Zuo Liang.

The people around him were full of mistakes watching the two brothers. Not long after, the man whose face was thinner took a step forward and greeted Ye Zichen.

"Yellow Emperor."

"you two……"

Ye Zichen smashed his eyebrows. He went to the Holy Land after fully merging all the memories of the Yellow Emperor, but he stayed there for a long time, and the high-level did not recognize it, let alone the small shrimps.

"We are the patrol of the class outside the Xianyu area recently."

The thin man opened his mouth, and the short fat man next to him was very cramped and stood on his side. Seeing that this short fat man is a bit nervous.

"What are you doing here?"Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow.

"We just noticed that someone mentioned the Holy Land of the Holy Land, and then I looked at it. I didn't expect you to be here too."The thin man replied.

"This can be perceived."Ye Zichen was surprised to raise his eyebrows. At this moment, Zuo Liang standing next to him was smirking. "The inspection will make the adults want to be the people of the small people. Your Yellow Emperor wants to intervene in our secular family. thing."


The thin man stunned and looked at the left side of the complaint.

"Look at him, you both have to go to the side."

Ye Zichen waved his hand toward the two patrols, and the two patrols actually made him go to his side.

Seeing this scene, the left side of the face was a bright color, and immediately began to frown.

"Why, the Yellow Emperor wants to intervene in our worldly things, don't you have a fairy domain?"

"Sorry, our permissions are not enough."The thin man kept a smile and nodded, and left to hear the asthma that was almost mad!

Not enough permissions!

He had specially inquired before, and the patrol made him more than anyone in Xianyu. Now these two people actually told him that the authority is not enough, play with him!

"A good place in the Holy Land, we are convinced that you are convinced that you have been in the field for tens of thousands of years. Everyone in the field was a person with a facade outside the fairyland. Everyone saw it. The fairyland that we have been convinced is like this. Doesn't that mean that in the future, Ye Di, who saw who he was not pleasing to the eye, would kill him, and if he saw the family, he would rob it. We didn't even have a reasoning place. Such a fairyland, I can't seem to be rebellious! ”


The left-handed words have not been finished yet, and a shadow that turns into a streamer appears in front of him. When he returned to God, he saw a dagger with a cold light coming to his throat.

"Cracking people, when you are!"

Speaking of this sentence is the little fat man who has been nervous before. It is really a person who can't look at it. He looks very fat, but he still thinks it is still very fast.

The blade is close to the throat, and a stream of blood flows down the knife.

Zuo Liang squinted his eyes and panicked, but he didn't even dare to swallow. He has already felt the tingling sensation that the blade is close to his throat. He is really afraid of the ups and downs of the throat, and really let this fat man cut his throat.

"Don't scare people, we are the people of the Holy Land, not the bandits. Hurry and put the knife down, what are you doing? ”

Ye Zichen took a hard shot of the fat man's arm, and the left light was scared when he saw the action.

Fortunately, the fat man held the knife more stable, which did not let Ye Zichen cut his throat.

"Ye, what you said is, that…Can you give me a signature when you take the time to go? I grew up listening to your story and I have always been your fan. ”

The fat man's face was red and a little nervous, and Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile as he saw him.

"no problem."

"Thank you so much."

Until the blade really left the left neck, he had a gasp of the rest of his life.

Just then, he happened to see the scene where the fat man was going to sign for Ye Zichen…


The body quickly receded toward the back, lying on the ground, distracted from the blue sky, and saw that he had to retreat back to the turtle shell, and immediately uttered a speech.

"Ye Zichen, don't let him in."

Hearing this exclamation, Ye Zichen just turned back and found that Zuo Liang was just a few steps back.

He looked at the blue sky with a sorrowful look.

"Why are you making a fuss?"

"not him……"I don’t know how to explain it, but I can only stretch my hand and hammer it down.


"Ye Zichen, now I see how you deal with me?"

The left-handed smile that came to the inside of the tortoise shell, Ye Zichen stretched out his hand to the front and felt the existence of the turtle shell.

After a few pushes, he gave up.

"I really don't know what you are excited about, even if I can't get in, can you come out?" You can only hide in the turtle shell, isn't it? ”


The left side of the face is a stagnation, which seems to be the truth.

Immediately, his gaze flickered, and finally fell to the look of Zuo Hongde.

"Left, what do you want to do to me?"

Seeing that Zuo Liang was playing the idea of ​​Zuo Hongde, Zuo Mo directly spoke.

"doing what."The left-faced face was accompanied by a hazy smile. He slowly walked toward Zuo Hongde. When he came to him, he smiled. "Maybe I really can't get out, but you can't get in." . Don't force me, can you have so many elders and former patriarchs from the left family to accompany me, then I am not sure whether to make a profit or not? ”

"Left light."

"Don't talk nonsense with me there."The eyes of Zuo Liang suddenly became cold, and immediately reached out and buckled Zuo Hongde’s neck with a red eyes and shouted, β€œIf you don’t want him to die, listen to me.”


Ye Zichen, standing outside the tortoise shell, laughed inexplicably. He shrugged his shoulders, but he didn't know how much it caused the left light.

"It seems that you want him to die, Zuo Ma, don't blame me, blame you for blaming Ye Zichen around you!"

The arm suddenly exerts force, but at this time…


The inexplicable slap was drawn to the left-faced face, and when he returned to God he saw that Ye Zichen, who had been standing outside the turtle shell, appeared in front of him.

"I really don't know where you come from, how do you know that I can't get in?"

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