This slap in the palm of the hand can be said that there is no retention, Zuo Liang directly let him smoke, and look at Venus.

After half a minute passed, he was stunned by a half-turned face, looking at Ye Zichen standing in front of him in horror.


Zuo Liang's swaying and moving back and forth, may be due to too tight relationship, in the process of retreating directly on his legs and fell heavily on the ground.

"You can't come in here."

"If you say that your card is this turtle shell, then I can only mourn for you."Ye Zichen smiled and looked at the left side of the ground lying on the ground, and the words were full of disappointment. "Whether you may not be possible, I am standing in front of you now, what else do you have to say?" ?"

"Absolutely impossible."

If there is some hysteria on the left side of the ground, he seems to have committed malaria and his body is irregularly shaking.

As for Ye Zichen who entered the turtle shell, he walked over to him with a chuckle. As long as he took a step, Zuo Liang left the back in desperation until his hand caught a person's foot.

Zuo Hongde.

He didn't know that he had already hid here, but suddenly there was a crazy thought in his heart.

Without hesitation, he jumped in the depth and restrained Zuo Hongde's throat with both hands at the fastest speed.

"Left light, stop."

The left-money standing outside the turtle shell ran to the front and did not run a few steps…


The turtle shell is still there, and its existence limits the activities of everyone.

Zuo Liang saw this scene as a brow, and since the turtle shell is still there, Ye Zichen came in.

But these are not important!

"I warn you not to take a step forward, or else Zuo Hongde will die before me."

Left bright and sullen smile, fingers pressed hard at the throat of Zuo Hongde.

Standing outside, Zuo Mo kept hammering his tortoise shell with his hand, and his mouth was full of shouting.

"Xiao Liang, you are sensible."

"This is the end of the matter. I admit that all my plans are at a loss, but I still don't want to die."Zuo Liang licked his lips, and his eyes stared at Ye Zichen, who was only one meter away in front of him. "You don't want to blame me for not being me, I can tell you if I am dead. It will definitely make Zuo Hongde die with me."

Ye Zichen spread his hand to him, but he said nothing.

The outside of the left, but the non-stop patted turtle shell, eyeing Ye Zichen.

"Zi Chen, let him go, I don't want my father to be in danger, just come over here."

As soon as the voice fell, she turned to the left.

"I can promise you any request, as long as you can put my father, no one here will deal with you."

"Do you really?"Left bright eyebrows.


"I do not believe."Left-faced face sinks, and Ye Zichen, who pointed her hand in her pocket, yelled. "I want him to swear here, and all of you will pledge not to kill me."

"This……This is a bit too strong for people. ”

Zuo Mo was hesitant, and of course she could not hesitate to say such an oath. But the rest of Ye Zichen, and so many guests present…

She feels unrealistic.

"Then you want to see this old guy dead."

The left-handed hand suddenly exerted a force, and Zuo Hongde, who was buckled with his neck, coughed up sharply.

"do not……"

Just as Zuo Mo didn't know what to do, Ye Zichen in the tortoise shell shook his head inexplicably.

He looked indifferently at the madness of his left, and kept shaking his head.

"Do you think that the chips you hold now are quite important, can you use this chip to threaten all of us?"

"what do you want?"

To say that for Ye Zichen, Zuo Liang is still very scared.

Concealed swallowing a spit, the forehead kept sweating the left side of the sweat, directly with his arm to stop Zuo Hongde's neck, posing a pair of want to die with the same way.

"You don't provoke me. Now, as long as I use a little force, his neck will make me break. When I am left, I will definitely remember you for a lifetime."

"Then try it."

Ye Zichen smirked and stepped forward in the sneer. He walked out of every step and left him with a strong pressure on his heart.

"You don't come over."

"why not?"Ye Zichen chuckled.

"You forced me."

It is really unbearable for this kind of oppression. Outside, Zuo Mo’s voice was exclaimed, and the rest of the guests all stood up.


The left light that locks the left Hongde's neck is like a person who is fixed, and can't move when standing there.

His pupils kept beating, and he could read from his look that he was panicking in his heart.

"In fact, at the moment I came, you have no chance to turn over, do you know?"

Ye Zichen tilted his left arm away from Zuo Hongde's neck.

Throwing him out of his collar, a few of the guest officers immediately buckled him.

As for the person standing on the left side of the light…

Don't mention, at the moment Ye Zichen appeared, they were already thinking about how to fight back.

"Really, when I came, you pleaded for mercy directly, saying that you are a ghost, maybe I can let you know, do you know? But you have to make so many moths! Also the Holy Land Holy Land can not intervene in the world, but also look for inspections to sanction me! Brother, I tell you that the rules are to bind those ordinary people. In the face of absolute strength, the rules are a fart? ”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, his hands bent half and bent over and looked at the left light that was pressed against the ground.

"Now I will put my words here. I will intervene in your secular left family. I will announce here that Zuo Mo is the next patriarch of the left family. Who dares to say no words, stand up, let me see Look!"

The audience was silent.

The nature of any of Ye Zichen will not refute his face at this time, as for those who are not familiar…

Even if they eat the bear heart leopard, they dare not stand up!

This is the Yellow Emperor of the Holy Land of the Holy Land. The inspections did not dare to control them. The small people who are within the jurisdiction of the Holy Land of the Holy Land dare to say something.

Very satisfied with a nod, Ye Zichen simply smirked on the ground.

"Did you see it? This is the result! In fact, it should not be said that when I came, it should be when you plan this matter, you lose, understand? Left me has me, so it means that no matter what happens, the patriarch is her! Even if it is not a formal way of inheritance, even if I am forced to take it…Young people, you have to know that writing history is always the winner. Those who fail are written history! ”

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