Zuo Liang faint smile, his own strength is actually not particularly strong. Even with the blessing of the Dragon Pulse, he is just awesome.

The suppression of him by several masters of the heavenly level is naturally that he has no way to resist. He can only let the group of guests be suppressed on the ground, with the corners of his mouth accompanied by the sneer of maintaining the last dignity.

"history……Indeed, now you are winning. I said but you, but how can that be, the elders and patriarchs of the left family are under my control, you can kill me now. But before I die, I will definitely let them die with me. ”

I got the answer that Zuo Liang was so determined. Looking at his calm smile on his face, no one suspected that he was false.

What's more, the elders present are indeed controlled by people.

The tension of Zuo Mo’s nervousness became more and more obvious. She seemed to turn to Ye Zichen for help, but she got a peace of mind.

"You just said that the elders and patriarchs of the left family are under your control?"

"It’s no good to say that other things are going to happen at this time. I will pick it up. The elders and patriarchs of the left family were under my control. What happened? ”

Zuo Liang was full of playful squatting, suppressing his guest, and immediately angered.

"We felt weird long before, and it turned out that you are making a ghost."

"Ah……This group of people is also very fast against water. ”Zuo Liang smiled and said, "But I don't blame you, everyone wants to live, and I do the same. Of course, I am not afraid of death at this time. Anyway, I will have a group of people to bury me for my death. I have valued in my life. ”


Just as the left is full of fun, and even when it’s a little smug, Ye Zichen asked.

"I am sure, what you just said is actually to say that this patriarch was originally designed to grab the right one."

"I just used my brain very well. Why is it not enough now? Yes, that is what I designed to grab. What can you do with me? ”

Zuo Liang’s sly smile, he is not in the heart now.

"Without my thoughts, they can't wake up. Then if you want them to recover, you should be good to me, not let me have a half-point difference pool. Hey, it’s ridiculous that Nuo’s left family has let me control this little person. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he looked at Ye Zichen with a smile.

"You don't have to look at me, how? Isn't it particularly mad in my heart, even if you are a Yellow Emperor, how can you do it all the time? Do you dare to kill me? ”

This provocative tone is a glimpse of the people around you, arrogant!

I can think about it, he does have qualifications for arrogance.

The guests present did not know how many people tried to wake up the elders and patriarchs, but they did not have any clues.

If you want to restore this group of elders, it seems that you can only let Zuo Liang do it.

"The old lady has long seen that you are not pleasing to the eye."

Just then, a squeaky sound. After a short while, I saw that Xia Keke's kick kicked in the left-handed chin, and spit out a few teeth from time to time.


Xiao Yumei and Su Yan also ran over to drag her, but Xia Keke was still struggling to squat in that leg.

"Don't stop me, the old lady will kill him today."

Zuo Liang seems to have let this foot give up, and for a while, he only returned to the shackles of the gods.

"Smelly woman, you dare to fight Laozi, do you want to die?"

"I want to die……You dare to marry me…Don't stop me. ”

Xiao Yumei and Su Yan can be said to have been able to hold Xia Keke, and Ye Zichen is also looking at the black line.

How is this temper so big?

To say that the most heart-breaking here is Zuo Ma, if the left is really annoying, the victim is her father.

"Cocoa, look at my face, you can…"

Zuo Ma said cautiously that she is now the most uncomfortable in the middle. Seeing the worry on his left face, Xia Keke also came back and stretched his hand and scratched his head.

Then the ancient spirit turned his eyes and secretly hid behind Xiao Yumei.

But when she was hiding, she shouted.

"Tell you, you can't do bad things to her family. I just hit you, if you are not happy, you will hit me! ”

"Cocoa, don't say it!"

Zuo Mo is really going crazy now, if you don't know that Xia Keke is the heart. She really doubts that cocoa is watching her not pleasing to the eye and deliberately wants to hang her.


Xia Keke also shrank her tongue and spit her tongue. She didn't really think so much. She just looked at the left and she was so arrogant that she couldn't see it.

"I……I'm wrong. ”

Full of grievances hiding behind Xiao Yumei, Su Yan watched her helplessly shaking her head. But at this time, the left is bright, but the haze blinks, and spit out a few bloodways from the mouth.

"I don't want to talk nonsense with you now, just let me go, if you still want to see the elders and patriarchs of the left family still alive."

Because of Cocoa's foot, his speech is somewhat unclear.

"Okay, let me go."Zuo Mo almost opened for the first time, but Ye Zichen grabbed her shoulder and shook her head at the moment. "Why let him go."

"Zi Chen…"

Zuo Mo has to cry awkwardly, just like Cocoa, how can Ye Zichen do the same now.

"Reassuring."Gently patted him on the shoulder, and Ye Zichen looked down at him and immediately opened his eyes to the guest, "Give him a look."

The guest Qing quickly grabbed Zuo Liang, and the two of them looked at each other. Zuo Liang, who was not in the mouth with blood, could still see his embarrassment from his eyes.


A slap in the face, and Ye Zichen twisted his neck.

"Seeing your face, I want to marry you."


"I am what I am, I just slapped you a slap, isn't it particularly uncomfortable in my heart?" Do you want to threaten me again, you want to let the patriarch and elders of the left family share the yellow spring with you? ”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"There is something to do with you, who are you scaring? A total of mourning Huang Quan, you believe that I can give you the shrine of the Tenth Temple and the four ghosts in the minute, and scare you to scare you. With the death threatening Laozi, are you really long-hearted? ”

"Ah……Is this your confidence? ”Zuo Liang is also a playful smile. "Then I can let them go through this life forever. Do you believe it?"

"Wow, why can't you tell me?"Ye Zichen is full of speechless roads. "Don't you think about it, how did you get into the turtle shell?"


When Zuo Liang suddenly looked awkward, he saw Ye Zichen snap a finger at the void.

"Pray for the Lord God, don't hide it, come out!"

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