The moment the voice falls, you can clearly see the change of look from the left bright face.

Even the person holding his arm can feel the trembling of his body.

The rest of the guests are also constantly looking around and praying for the Lord God, can they say that they will see one here…


The guests present were indeed very knowledgeable, and the strength was also in the name of Xianyu.

God's words, they have never seen it.

A quarter of a quarter of the time passed, and everyone was disappointed that they did not see the praying Lord God in Ye Zichen's mouth.

"Oh, I really don't give face."

Ye Zichen couldn't help but lick his mouth after seeing the praying for the Lord God to appear.

Lazy and stretched, he raised his eyebrows at the corner of his mouth.

"It seems that you have signed some kind of agreement? OK, this time you don't let him hide, just come out. Just let everyone see what God is like. ”

"I don't understand what you are saying."

Zuo Liang replied vaguely. This is not his intention. It is just that Xia Keke kicked him. There is no way to say a complete sentence clearly.

"Still in this."

Full of helplessness, Ye Zichen walked up to the void.

"Hurry up, if you still want to go back to your once gods!"

"This is true."

Almost at the same time, Ye Zichen just said on the front foot, an urgent answer appeared in the void.

The surrounding guests are all a glimpse, even if they look more closely at the void.

Really there is God?

Not only was this group of guests stunned, but when the answer appeared, the body of Zuo Liang also trembled fiercely.

"I didn't say that you can't come out without my approval?"

As everyone knows, Zuo Liang’s words confirm the presence of God that Ye Zichen said before.

On the side of the left, the brow is scornful and prays for the name of the Lord God. She seems to have heard it somewhere.

Soon, her eyes suddenly lit up and opened to Ye Zichen.

"Is that praying for the Lord God?"

"Yeah."Ye Zichen nodded his head.

"Can the stone not be in your hands?"Asked left.

"Then you have to ask your good brother."Ye Zichen is full of playful mouths. "At that time, did Shenshi not have been in your left house for a while? In fact, I also blame me. This god stone has never been used in me. I didn't even notice that the stone was thrown out."

The two of them chatted with each other, but they did not know that the Lord God of the void would be insane.

"Hey, wasn't the topic on me just now?" What you said just now can make me return to the realm of the gods, is it true? ”

In the void, the prayer of the Lord God was eagerly questioned, and Ye Zichen's mouth was slightly tilted, and immediately shrugged.

"Is it true that you should not try to seize this opportunity? If you still want to go back, let's show up now, let's talk. ”

"it is good."

Pray that the Lord God almost did not hesitate to directly agree, so that Zuo Liang, who is bound by the guest, is struggling with madness, but only gets a direct hook from the guest.

"be honest."

The strength of this boxing is not small. Originally, the body bones are relatively weak and the left side is directly on the ground, and the mouth is constantly spitting sour water.

It can be said that he is also holding his hand and holding his eyebrows at the empty road.

"You can't come out, we signed the contract."

"Sorry, then I can only breach the contract."

In the void, the answer to the Lord God's apologetic appearance appeared. In a short time, in the eyes of everyone, a man dressed like an Aladdin lamp appeared on the knees.

"It’s finally out."

Looking at the praying god, Ye Zichen grinned.

The surrounding guests were also squinting at the man, and Xia Keke couldn't help but vomit.

"Is this not a Xinjiang person?"

Sitting in the void, the Lord of God prayed directly, and Ye Zichen listened and smiled.

"Don't say it, it's a bit like it."

"Oh, I am right."

Xia Keke smiled and spit out his tongue.

"Can we not discuss Xinjiang people who are not Xinjiang? Just now you said that I can return to the realm of the gods, is it true?"

It is very urgent to see the Lord God in returning to the realm of the gods. From his eyes, he can almost see a hint of praying.

It is too long for him to flow to Xianyu. It is his deepest wish to return to the realm.

"of course can."Ye Zichen smiled and smiled.

"He is lying to you."At this moment, the left-hander on the ground suddenly shook his neck and shouted, "He actually wants to cheat you out, let you recover the group of elders and patriarchs of the left family. He is actually using you, he has no way to return you to the realm. ”


Pray for the brow of the Lord God, seeing his rhetoric work, and the left bright look is bright.

"You don't forget the agreement between the two of us. You can help me get everything from the left. I can help you return to the realm." If you reject Ye Zichen, then the contract between you and me is still counting. Otherwise, it is your forcible tearing of the contract, which has a considerable impact on your future miracle. ”

"What did he just say is true?"Pray for the Lord God to speak.

Ye Zichen wrinkled his chin and said with a sigh of relief: "I really want you to rehabilitate the elders and patriarchs of the left family, but I do have a way to get you back to the realm. Don't mention me, let's talk about what you guys say, how can he get you back to the realm? ”

"He said that he would take me when he was flying."

"It's that simple?"

Ye Zichen thought that Zuo Liang could tell how insulting, and I didn't expect the final result to be so unpretentious.

Fly up and take him up.

It seems that this method is also a method.


"If this is the case, then you don't have to wait for the left to light up, and directly recover the elders and patriarchs of the left family."


"Is your brain not very useful?"

Seeing that the Lord God had some doubtful eyes, Ye Zichen really wanted to give him a slap and let him wake up.

"Isn't he promised to take you back to the world when you are flying?"


"That's not going to work. He is now the strength of the immortal. How long will it take you to wait for him to fly?"


"Then you will quickly solve the contract with him."


Pray for the Lord God to look at Ye Zichen with a look of incomprehensibility, watching him stay cute…

"My current strength is already the level of the fairy king, only one step away from the ascent. If Feisheng can bring you up, then…Do you choose to work with me, will you be faster to return to the realm of the gods? ”


"What are you waiting for?"

"But I refused!"

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