Zuo Liang, who had been nervous and nervous, couldn’t help but pinch his fist. After he was hopeless, he prayed for the rejection of the Lord God, and the light rekindled in his eyes.


Praying for the unexpected response of the Lord God, Ye Zichen was stunned.

How could he refuse?

In terms of strength, Ye Zichen's strength is higher than that of Zuo Liang. In coordinating the relationship between him and the Dragon, it is definitely his priority to fly to God.

"I didn't quite understand what you said, you said refuse?"

In order to avoid praying for the confusion of the Lord God, Ye Zichen deliberately repeated his answer.


Pray that there is no slight movement in the look of the Lord God, and his indifferent look seems to be mixed with disappointment.

"If you say that you let me return to the realm of the gods, just waiting for you to fly, then I am really sorry, I can only refuse your kindness. And according to the agreement between me and the host left, the left family owner can only inherit from him, and no one can change. ”

In this passage, I have been able to feel the inhumanity of the Lord God, and the scorpions have gradually become cold.

The faint pressure of the gods was released from his body, and the surrounding guests could not help but fall to the ground when the pressure appeared.

Even if it is infinitely close to the supreme Ye Zichen, the body actually appears this same.

I have to know that this situation has never happened when he saw the Bohai Sea…

"You turned out to be the true God!"

Ye Zichen's brow was scornful, and he was also aware of some of the realities of the gods because he followed the white robe.

Supreme does not mean that it is God.

The sage also does not represent the true God.

These titles are just affirmations for those who are strong, but this does not mean they are gods!

The true God can only live through the gods, and the God of God grants the title of God the real God.

Maybe some gods can't compare with those saints and masters…But they enjoy the highest courtesy of the gods.

"My name prayed that 300,000 years ago, I would have passed the gods and gods, and gave the gods the gods and the gods of prayer. Maybe my strength is not as good as the saints of the gods, but I am the true God. ”

Pray for the indifference in the eyebrows of the Lord God, and gaze from Ye Zichen's body.

"Your strength is indeed at the top of this face, but I have to say that you and the host's flight time, you are behind it."


Xiao Yumei and other women are all exposed to the color of their movements, and they immediately gaze at the left.

This guy will be faster than Ye Zichen's ascent.

Ye Zichen was very clear in his heart, or when he set foot on the king, he noticed it.

He wants to fly, it is hard to go to heaven.

"You have the luck of the sky, you can make a lot of lives." Because your air transport is so strong that every step you take is more difficult than others. Now you can break through the king of the king because of your ninth reincarnation. ”

"If you want to break through now, the air transport should be categorized as one, and the people of the gods will feel your air and will not let you fly so easily."

"In contrast, Zuo Liang is the life of the grass. It may be difficult for him to fly to God, but with my support, it has become much simpler. ”

"What, good luck or wrong."

Xia Keke couldn't help but beside him, Su Yan shook her hand and motioned her not to bother Ye Zichen, but with a worried look at him moving around.

"I don't know how God feels how I can fly to the realm."

For a long time, everyone thought that Ye Zichen might say something strong, but he didn't expect him to ask for advice in an open-minded manner.

Close your eyes.

Pray that the Lord God closes his eyes and defies his fingers.


Suddenly, a blood spurted out of his mouth. He was full of mistakes and looked at Ye Zichen, and he could even feel a little fear from his look.

The people around me were also shocked by the prayer of the Lord God to vomit blood, only Ye Zichen…

"Can't God be?"

"you……"Pray that the Lord God will look at him straight away, and for a time he does not know what to say. He just shook his head and sighed. "So good luck, if you can fly, the map of the gods will be moved. The saints and the witches may have to bow to you, but unfortunately I can’t play it! ”

"This is the case."

There was a drop in the look of Ye Zichen. When he broke through to the king, he had almost a direct breakthrough.

But he felt a resistance, and he suppressed him.

It is pressure!

Not rejection, it is suppression!

At that time, he felt strange. He thought that his strength had not yet arrived. Now he listened to the Lord God, saying that someone in the realm is obstructing.

"Pray for the Lord God, tell him so much." Now that I am your host, since he has no way to make you fly, I will not help you quickly. ”

Left Liang struggled with anger, and Ye Zichen glanced at him faintly, shaking his head.

At this moment, he has no mood to tease him.

"Lin Ru."

A low call came from Ye Zichen's mouth, and a woman wearing a sailor suit appeared in the middle of the crowd.

"This……"Pray that the Lord God is also a stagnation, and his strength does not even sense the existence of this woman.

"She is the ruler of the next three realms, praying to the Lord God, you should know what the ruler represents. Awaken everyone in the left family, and wake you up and send you back. ”

Ye Zichen's tone is very dull, which is a disheartening expression in his heart.

Pray that the eyes of the Lord God will give off the light, and he stares at Lin Ru, as if to eat her.

"What do you think, look at the aging mother to dig your eyes and slap it down."

Lin Ru is still the sultry appearance, praying that the Lord God will suddenly turn his eyes to the side and say with sincerity.

"See His Royal Highness Lin Ru."

"I also know that I am called Your Highness. It seems that you are a true god."

"Yes, the Father gave the small title as a pledge."

"I know, I know."Lin Ru waved his hand in disapproval. "What did you say just now, what do you do? I will send you back to the realm."

"no problem."

Pray that the Lord God almost hesitated to go back to God and made a snap to the elders and guest of the left family. When Zuo Liang wants to stop, everything is too late.

With the falling of the ring, the left family leader and the elders got up from the chair almost at the same time.

He was always worried about Zuo Hongde’s Zuo Ma, and he flew into his arms in the first place.


"Little mom, this is…"Zuo Hongde looked at everything in the wrong direction, and immediately looked shocked. "Is it just the handover of the patriarch?"

Zuo Mo cried with tears and tears, but he still said everything that happened just now.

"Bold, let Zuo Hongxin give them to me."

With the anger of Zuo Hongde, Zuo Hongxin was arrested as many times. At the same time, Zuo Liang also hangs his head like a frosted eggplant…

"Ye Di, thanks to you."

Accompanied by Zuo Ma, Zuo Hongde came over with a smile, and Ye Zichen just nodded faintly, and he heard Zuo Hongde squinting at the group of people around him.

"Ye Di, what do you think of this group of people?"

"Of course, the housekeeping of your left family is solved by your patriarch. Let me decide that it will be too embarrassing."

Ye Zichen shook his head indifferently, and immediately looked at Zuo Liang and other humanities.

"But I am still willing to give you your opinion."

"You say."

"All……Kill it! ”

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